Vercettiís story begins the same as many of the otherís that lead guys to discover dating science. He had horrible experiences with women early on in life, which eventually led to him being in a long term relationship for three years before he was cheated on multiple times. This gave him the will to go out and search how to meet and attract beautiful women.

Vercetti states, "I was desperate, man! I didnít understand women and I had NEVER done a cold approach in my life! The thought of approaching a woman I didnít know would send my heart racing and cause my bald head to sweat and shine. It was a nightmare back then."

Now Vercetti can seamlessly attract women anywhere he goes, and with extra help from his background as a train actor he combines these skills into meeting women as well. He used to be a shy and timid man who let his girlfriend walk all over him, but now he is a dominant man who knows what he wants and goes after it.

He says that he knows EVERY guy has this part of him that is assertive, interesting, charismatic, has emotional freedom, and goes after what he wants without shame . Vercetti prides himself on being able to relate with where guys are coming from and then being able to bring that part of the man out in each of his students to give them the power and options that they want.

Vercetti also stars in Beyond Words, the ultimate home training course in body language with fellow Love Systems instructors Cajun, Keychain and Mr.M. Vercetti updates his Facebook, Twitter feed, and blog too. He stars in Love Systems Interview Series Voice and Tonality, which covers topics like why voice and tonality are important, how voice and tonality should change at different stages of the interaction, and common problems that people voice with voice and tonality and how to fix them. In his second interview, Last Minute Resistance, Vercetti and Starlight cover points like why last minute resistance happens, how you can counter last minute resistance, how to properly execute takeaways which will result in the woman allowing escalation to resume, and how far you can push the interaction if you are actually receiving last minute resistance.