Tenmagnet, aka Chris Shepherd, has been around since it all began in Neil Strauss’ book The Game, and is one of the top instructors here at Love Systems. Not only is he a senior instructor, and one of the best at this, he also trained other big names such as Cajun, Braddock, DaHunter, and Biskit.

Chris grew up in a small town and, while he always thought he was cool, he didn’t quite seem to fit in. Tenmagnet had an afro, read The New Yorker, hated sports, and could give you an Monty Python quote there was. Eventually, he moved to Toronto for University where he met people with similar interests, but he still felt somewhat isolated moving from a small town to a big city. He knew there was something different from the small town lifestyle compared to the kids raised in the city -- they could just relate and talk so easily to everyone compared to the people he knew before.

Chris eventually made a lifestyle change that made him more outgoing and achieved his goal of meeting more women, including hitting on actress Kirsten Dunst. He accomplished this by changing his attitudes and beliefs about the world, which would sum up why is he one of the Inner Game masters that is so apparent in articles such as The Real Secret to Self Confidence, 10 Steps to Real Self Confidence, and Rock Solid Inner Game.

Today, Tenmagnet is able to give you advice ranging from topics such as Phone and Text Game, Working out and Improving Your Posture, and Why the PUA scene is good for men.

Going from someone who was lousy with women to the Love Systems superstar he is now, Tenmagnet always has happy clients and full bootcamps, most of which sell out weeks beforehand. Tenmagnet provides a very active blog which deals with both inner game aspects and outer game advice that you can use tonight.

Tenmagnet also updates his Twitter and Facebook regularly where he discusses current events that interest him, gives game advice, and updates you about new programs. Having been around for so long, Tenmagnet is a personal encyclopedia of game, which is apparent in the vast amount of Interview Series located on the Love Systems website. He answers questions on popular subjects such as Dance Floor Game, where he discusses ways to meet women on the dance floor, effective openers, and escalation; Seduction, the often forgotten about last step of the model, where he gives you advice on how to make the transition to sex seamless; and Value, essentially the basics of Love Systems, full of examples of what value is and different ways you can convey it, non-verbal tactics to display value, and the different values men and women have.