Nick Hoss

Nick Hoss was one of those college guys who just didnít understand how all the other guys around him were meeting women. He knew there was something they were doing that he could do, he just didnít know what. This is when he found out about Love Systems. Nick took a Love Systems bootcamp, started going out and approaching, and ended up dating more women in the following months than he had in his entire life.

3 years of learning, assisting, and donating his time to the company he started helping out Jeremy Soul on Day Game workshops. Nick Hoss eventually became junior instructor, but had showed so much progress that he was promoted to lead Day Game instructor in less than a year -- the fastest ever in the company.

Nick was voted top instructor at the 2011 Super Conference and has outstanding skill in both Day and Night Game, making him a versatile instructor and worthy of top instructor. He gives advice on Day Game, which he learned from Soul, by showing you How To Meet Women At The Grocery Store, whether to use Direct or Indirect for Day Game, and Common Day Game Mistakes.

However, his skills arenít limited to being just ďThe Day Game Guy.Ē He can give you useful insights on valuable night skills such as Mixed Sets and Transitions from Direct Openers, as well as College Game specifics such as Social Circle Mastery and How to Maximize your Facebook Profile.

Nick Hoss has a blog with over 100 articles related to dating science, a Youtube channel full of interviews and live infield, updates his Twitter feed on a daily basis, and helped create Date! The complete home study course. Nick Hoss appears on several Interview Series starting with How To Be Cool (Social Intelligence), covering points like traits and interests women find cool, how to differentiate yourself, and how to be cool on a date; Becoming a Social Person, talking about ways to overcome shyness, the importance of being social, and active steps you can take to become a more social person; Dating Higher Quality Women, discussing where to meet higher quality women, differences between high quality women and club girls, and how to know when a girl is relationship material; and lastly, Intro to College Game, with differences from college game and night game, how to qualify college girls, and how to pick up a girl in your class.