Keychain is one of the newer Love Systems Instructors, being brought on the team after he was a part of Project Rockstar, which is an eight week intensive program led by Love Systems (for free!) where they master not only social dynamics and how to meet women, but health and fitness, and financial aspects of their lives, bringing them to a whole new level where they’ve never been before. Being in this kind of environment, Keychain was immersed with people day in and day out, boosting his results quicker than you could on your own, which makes him a specialist in how to get good, fast, and Upgrade Your Lifestyle.

Keychain prefers mostly Daygame, as it fits his lifestyle and identity better, but is a master at night game, like any other instructor, and can give you advice on any topic in that realm, including How To Get From Intermediate To Advanced Game.

He specializes in Identity and can break down why some people have specific traits about them that make them famous ladies men. He is also an expert on Fashion which is a sticking point for many guys and also sheds light on the Truth About Looks. Keychain was also voted as the number eight pickup artist in the world according to the Thundercat list 2009.

You can stay up to date with Keychain by subscribing to his blog, following him on Twitter, and liking his Facebook, Keychain is also featured in Beyond Words: The Art of Body Language and Physical Escalation alongside Cajun, Vercetti, and Mr.M, as well as four Interview Series. These include Overcoming Physical Obstacles, which discusses how to turn a perceived physical disadvantage in to an advantage; Voice and Tonality, going over why voice and tonality are important, common problems, and specific tips and exercises to overcome your challenges; Rapid Escalation, with topics such as instances when rapid escalation does and doesn’t work, dominance spiking, and the various levels of compliance; and last, Sex Tips, which goes beyond the typical area of game-related questions and teaches you answers to topics like the importance of building sexual tension, practical sex tips, and effective ways to get girls to orgasm.