Fader is one of the most eccentric and most well known of instructors here at Love Systems. He is the definition of success in the dating science field, having overcome many hard obstacles in his life. At a young age, he realized he did not have the success that he wanted and decided that he needed to do something about it. Fader completely re-shaped his self identity through many self improvement techniques which he is known to love.

Because of Fader’s thirst for self improvement, he is able to tackle anything that is involved in game, whether inner game or the mechanics of outer game. Fader has taught students of all ages, nationalities, and of various lifestyles, helping them get the goals they want, whether it be that one special girl, a girl in the bar that night, or marriage (12 of his former students are married now).

What Fader is most notable for here at Love Systems is his Stripper and Hired Gun game. Fader specializes in meeting the hottest of the girls that you see when you go out -- usually the cocktail waitresses, shot girls, promo girls, models, bartenders, and strippers. Using his massive knowledge of Psychology, Fader is able to understand the mentality that these girls, who get paid for their looks, have and how to over come these challenging obstacles. Fader’s satisfaction is apparent by the over 100 reviews he has on The Attraction Forums.

Catch what really goes on in his life, and a peak into the excitement of what goes on at bootcamps, by following him on twitter. You can also check out his complete Classic Writings archive with over 25 articles to identify and solve the problems that you currently have. Fader also has two Interview Series, both on advanced topics. The first one is Intro to Stripper Game with another Love Systems instructor, Calabrese. In this interview you learn the differences between gaming normal girls and gaming strippers, how to get out of the customer frame, the do’s and don’ts of stripper game, the importance of club layout, and how to recognize when you’re succeeding with a stripper. In his second advanced interview, Braddock and Fader go over Hired Gun Game -- Bartenders. These two experienced instructors teach you basic psychology of a hired gun, good routines and one-liners for use with bartenders, how to separate yourself from other male customers in the bar, how to build rapport with a hired gun who is “all business,” and good strategies to build Jealousy Plotlines with bartenders.