Daxx was introduced to the Community at the young age of 16, which really gave him a head start on the techniques that guys learn later in life. Daxx quickly gained experience and understanding well before most guys were even finding out about this stuff, which gives the initial perception that he is a Natural. However, this is not the case. Daxx put in the time and effort much earlier than anyone, practicing much more than people his age, studying anything he could, and modeling from the best around him. Daxx is originally from the United Kingdom, but now lives in Los Angeles with another instructor, Braddock, who he wings for very often, and DaHunter.

Being an instructor that was able to start learning at a young age, he was able to relate to much younger guys, making it easier for him to relate and be relevant to questions such as “What do I do with my Facebook status?” and “Is it possible to get out of the friend zone?

Since Daxx was able to work closely with other high level instructors such as Braddock and Samurai, his skill level and learning curve shot through the roof. Constantly being around and working with such high performers, Daxx learned some advanced game that deals with Shit Tests, Beliefs, and How To Learn Game Correctly.

Daxx has written great articles available here in the Classic Writings section that cover beginner topics like Approach Anxiety and other Common Questions and Answers that show up in game often. A true pioneer of Inner Game, Daxx talks about How To Learn Game Without Treating It Like Work. In this he says that the major breakthroughs are going to come as long as you’re putting in the effort, but not treating pickup like work, otherwise it’ll turn in to something you dread as opposed to something you love doing.

Daxx has done quite a few Interview Series on topics that he specializes in: Advanced Attraction: Push-Pull, with fellow instructor, Braddock, which covers how to utilize push-pull and the main concepts it consists of; Gaming With and Without Alcohol with newer instructor, Intrigue, discussing pros and cons of drinking while gaming, how to get in state without drinking, and how to get comfortable in a bar/nightclub without drinking; advanced material such as Takeaways and Boundaries, again joined by Braddock, which goes over the types of takeaways, different lines of boundaries, and examples of each; and That One Special Girl, with Bonsai, which discusses causes of “that one special girl” syndrome, how to avoid losing a girl who really likes you, and how to get over that one special girl.