Big Business

Big Business has always had a knack for being a star performer. He went through his high school and college career being notable for his superior music skills. Big Business lacked confidence with women, even though he was used to being the center of attention. This became even worse when he moved to New York, without any friends and no status.

Big Business finally made the decision to get this area of his life handled. He attended a Love Systems bootcamp and caught on quickly. Shortly after learning the techniques to meet and attract women, Big Business got his first Same Night Lay. Now Big Business is able to have the women he wants in his life that meet his standards of humor, intelligence, and attractiveness.

Big Business is known for setting extremely sexual frames with women and prides himself on his energetic teaching style and ability to identity and overcome his student’s limiting belief’s, such as Approach Anxiety. Like every other instructor, he knows what his advantages are and uses them whenever possible, making humor one of his prime tools. You can learn how Big Business uses this to advantage by checking out one of his Humor, Improv, and Attraction seminars at the Love Systems website.

All game comes down to Inner Game at some point, and Big Business is aware of this. He teaches you how to be a man and Own The Interaction; How to stay with a set and not eject, even if you’re discouraged; and the Proper Attitude when you’re going out and practicing game.

Big Business’ Classic Writings includes answers to crucial questions such as How to Close at Her Place, How to Talk About A Touchy Subject, and even an in depth interview with one Love Systems instructor interviewing Big Business about game, comedy, and some of his best tips and advice.

He also has a vast amount of other online resources such as his blog, Twitter, and his Interview Series. In these interviews, Big Business teaches you How To Use Love Systems In Everyday Life, which teaches you how to incorporate game anywhere and everywhere, how to get over the myth of “not having enough time to game,” and how to tweak your lifestyle to be more social. He also goes over Callback Humor, which discusses good and bad callback humor, examples of callback humor for beginners, and examples of more advanced callback humor. In his last Interview Series, he talks about Intrigue-Based Attraction, clarifying the difference between Intrigue-Based Attraction and State-Based Attraction, how Intrigue-Based Attraction affects the rest of your game, and the fundamentals of Intrigue-Based Attraction and how it works in game.