Fader Phone Consult - August 2013

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    Fader Phone Consult - August 2013

    It was 5 hour phone consultation

    First 2 hours phone consultation:
    More on mechanical of game, Fader go indepth about how he think in field, and how to tie in Identity into your game. Result: SNL a very pretty girl, 92lb, breast implant...dream girl lol

    Then I go into project rockstar and continue Fader's teaching, tie in Venture's teaching: Result shows on Project Rockstar 2013 thread, i wouldn't go any more details here

    Second: 1 hour phone consutation on my limiting believe in Girl and Sexuality. More of inner game issue. Yes i used to pretend i see sex as normal and I don't judge girl...etc, i said it to get into their pants (as because it is standard for SNL), but once i did, i actually start to judge her personal life and sex life. It was bothering me when I date a girl more in-touch with her sexual side

    Thrid: 2 hours phone consultation: More on inner game. I found out most of my issue is inner game. And that Inner game feed to my outer game! In addition fader shows me the way he lead on texting and phone game, which being a huge help. And it did work so well, tomorrow i am going on a date with an blonde girl met by day game (use the way Fader teaches me on how to lead over text), and today I met another blonde and pulled to her place. (all glories goes to Fader)

    Highly recommend the phone consultation

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    What can I say? J Lin is the real deal. He is one of the hardest working students i Know. He put resources into getting coaching, continued to improve, did rockstar, and is working on fine tuning his advanced game. Mad respect and props.
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