Fader Bootcamp - Denver, August 2013

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  1. Fader Bootcamp - Denver, August 2013

    I signed up at the last moment not knowing what to expect. My game hadn't prgressed even after reading tons of material over the years.

    All told, It was a game changer for me. There were so many gems in this workshop, it was a non-stop note taker.

    Some highlights:
    First of all, Fader is a relaxed guy. Super smart but never once does he make you feel like you're an idiot/newbie. All questions were welcome and he would even check for understanding. Also another big win was his lack of bragging about who is and what's he's accomplished which is rare in the community.|
    His resource list is extensive which adds further to his credibility.|
    He knows a lot about stripper pickup too.|

    Highly recommended.

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    Fader Bootcamp - Denver, August 2013

    -I've been reading about game for years. I've read the books, watched the videos, and tried to absorb anything I could get my hands on. Unfortunately, I never had the balls to go try this stuff. Before this bootcamp, I've cold approached maybe three girls in my entire life. One day, after feeling down on myself, I decided I needed a drastic change.

    -I signed up for a bootcamp with the hopes that it would cure my approach anxiety. That would make the experience worth it for me. Not only did it crush my approach anxiety, it has instilled in me confidence and renewed motivation in every aspect of my life. I went in thinking that I needed to learn some routines, but it was the inner game issues that were key. I approached at least ten sets a night. By the end of the second night, I was feeling confident and had quite a few numbers from some attractive girls.

    -Seeing Fader in action showed me what was possible. He navigated through social situations with ease. On my first approach, I felt awkward and I ejected. He immediately went back in, took me with him, and had the girls laughing in less than a minute. The man is unphasable. No matter what happened that weekend, he had a positive attitude and it was infectious. It's one thing to read how to act in books, but it's another thing all together to see it being demonstrated in real life.

    -Fader's theoretical knowledge is as strong as his practical knowledge. He was able to break down any interactions. Any possible question that we had, he knew how to handle it and he knew the psychology behind it. He has been an instructor for years and has held a bootcamp nearly every week this year. I went through instructor training at my job the week before my bootcamp where we went over learning techniques. I can honestly say that Fader is a good teacher who reached all of his students that week.

    -After taking this bootcamp and reflecting on all that I learned, I would have to say that it truly is life changing. No matter what skill level we came in with, Fader was able to teach us and mold us into better more confident men. After an amazing week with fun girls and some new friends, I would definitely recommend taking a bootcamp.

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    It's been about 2 years since I first stumbled in to Fader in a local Denver bar. Back then I was just one of those guys who dabbled, but he gave me some advice while on a bootcamp (that I wasn't a part of) and it set me on my path to where I am today.

    It took me a few months to get in to going out consistently, then I took the plunge for a Love Systems program and have never regretted it. Since then I've gamed with Fader in high end strip clubs, night clubs, and just hung out with and got his insight in life.

    Love Systems is full of amazing people, which one of the reasons they are the best in this industry. I've worked and met many of them and I can say there's something prolific you can learn from every one. Fader is no different, so if you're looking to get your love life in check, you won't regret taking a bootcamp with Fader.

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    SHORT VERSION: I am lucky to have taken a bootcamp with Fader before he retires. You would be too. I would do it again. I probably will. I can't wait to see him at Super Conference. Watch him here for a sneak peek The Essentials - DISC09 - Frame Control - Fader - YouTube (this is very advanced though).

    I've taken bootcamps with Nick Hoss and Big Business. I've done 1-on-1's with Gil Rio. I've worked with lots of other instructors who were at the bootcamps. They're all awesome.

    And so is Fader. His knowledge of game is encyclopedic. His energy in unstoppable. We went to the strip clubs until 4am every night. He taught me stripper game. I got a stripper phone number. I got a stripper to come back to talk to me when it was clear I wasn't giving her any money. Fader gave me tons of realtime coaching as he watched me in sets. He was just fun to fucking hang out with and we hung out the next day and got sushi and held hands and looked each other deep in the eyes. Plus I did the whole thing sober. He taught me how to have a master frame that I'm awesome. He is very precise and didactic.

    I ran ideas by him, he entertained them, he analyzed them and often said we should test them. He gave me an unbelievable amount of realtime feedback. I can still remember the whole bootcamp in detail. I've never used scripted routines before until this bootcamp. Fader laughed at the routines I was using like it was the first time he was hearing them. I think that was my favorite part.

    Fader is legit. I'm looking forward to working with him again at Super Conference.

  5. Fedor big pimpin' Denver

    I attended the bootcamp in Denver, Co with Fedor August 9-11. This was my second camp with Fedor, the first was in Seattle three or four years ago. I wanted to brush up on the intellectual foundations of the art, and also see how Fedor had improved the class with updated information. The camp was fantastic, Fedor is an exceptional professor with a seemingly limitless supply of information and insight. Fedor is very enthusiastic about the material, extremely focused and perpetually helpful and available as a prof. It is readily apparent that he cares to see his students excel, and always walks the walk while putting on fearless pickup displays infield. Fedor does an excellent job of relaying a vast quantity of information, welcoming and answering any and all questions so that the concepts are clear and implementable.
    Moreover, Fedor is a lot of fun to be around and is careful to help students progress at the level they are comfortable with. The infield experience is something to remember, and I would also like to thank the entire crew, they were all a great group to go out with.
    I highly recommend Fedor to anyone looking for first rate instruction, and I wish him the best with all his goals and endeavors. Peace!

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    Great Reviews. Denver is a favorite city. Crazy enough I am flying in Sunday for 11 days to take care of some business (non pickup related_. Will be great times!
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