My approach on baldness

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    My approach on baldness

    Hi guys, I had a breakthrough moment last week and I wanted to share it with the community, or maybe I just want to clear my thoughts regarding this issue :P.

    Here's a little background. I began thinning at 21. After the depression phase, I buzzed my hair short (#1 on the clippers) every week and didn't worry so much about it, partially because I had a girlfriend.

    At 30 on the other hand I went back to the dating scene, and this thinning thing began to haunt me again in some perverse ways I didn't even realize for the moment.

    I continued to buzz my hair with #1 and I took some minoxidil based drugs, which helped a little.

    My thinning is not very noticeable and some of my friends ask me: "Dude, you are not bald, why do you cut your hair so short ? "
    But I know I am balding. And that put me in an ingrate situation. I didn't fully accept my baldness and it was eating me inside.

    So every time I saw a good looking girl, this issue pops up. Does she like me, does she find me ugly ?

    I thought of shaving my head but I think that is just another way of hiding your baldness. It's like saying: "Look at me, I have hair but I decided to shave it because I look cooler that way".

    No more of that!

    I decided to embrace my baldness. I realized that a lot of people with less hair than me are way cooler then me, more confident and get more chicks.

    I also realize that girls will generally find guys with hair more attractive, but that's a challenge I have to overcome. I need to dress sharp, get in shape, and accept hair loss a part of me that I cannot change. I have to make sure that the whole package is OK.

    And I think that if I solve the other aspects of my looks and life in general, my thinning will be my way of peacocking.

    Like Larry David said :
    Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. But a confident bald man - there's your diamond in the rough.

  2. I do the #1 thing myself. I don't hide it in a hat, unless I am outside all day long. I do pick a classier hat to wear, other than a ball cap. Or, I pick a ball cap that could invoke an ice breaker.

    Peacocking and eliminating problem areas in your life, bouth physical, social, mental, and other areas; is really more about you than your image to others. If you feel something is off, it distracts you.

    If your making strides into the seducation phase and she brings it up, baldness is caused by high testosterone levels; just keep that in mind. It seems bald guys seem to be real hornballs more than full head of hair folks for some reason.

    If a woman brings up the topic in non seduction levels of conversation. I say I am comfortable with it, I just wish I had some hair so I'd cover my skin. It's a developer of higher value being mindful of your health. IF you can take care of yourself well, you can take care of others. Good alpha midset.

    It is also a good frame changer. Then you can compliment her on ther skin, maybe couple it with a kino by touching her a bit.

    you can harp 10 minutes on something, or do a self neg on it, and then reframe it. Like a complaint and compliment. Or a problem, but a solution to it as well.

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    That's a stainless approach... A Penny Shaved | Best Electric Shaver Guide, admirable.

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    here what I suggest I noticed my hair were thinning at 24 I was fighting it for a while then I found a good specialist that show me a way to fight it, of course the "way" had a price . The main product that he prescribed is propecia which is available in pharmacies without prescription with few vitamins and better shampoo, conditioner, as well as minoxidil 9% after 3 month my thinning was gone , I reduced intake of propecia from one tablet daily to once every 3 days to keep the results and going like that already 3 years
    This is just my suggestion because thinning hair was damaging my confidence and not that girls didn't find me attractive when I shaved it off but I was more stressing about it myself

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    If you are in a problem with hair fall, I would recommend you to use best clippers for shaving bald

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