Fader Bootcamp - Washington D.C., April 2013

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    Fader Bootcamp - Washington D.C., April 2013

    If I had to name one thing (other than cats) that could be defined as my kryptonite, it would be writing. How I abhor writing…. Nevertheless, I am 3.75 months late, and this has been long overdue so here, we, go:

    I. My Background
    II. Fader’s Teaching Ability
    III. Workshop Structure
    VI. Concluding Thoughts


    While being quite sociable and charming during my college/grad school days, a series of unfortunate events during the past 3-4 years had hurled me down an arduous and spiraling vortex of depressing doom… which unfortunately stripped away lot of my social skills (w/ women and people in general) alongside the tough mental fortitude I once had. I finally decided to start my journey of self-development circa fall 2012 to rebuild myself from the ground up as many people on this forum do.

    I discovered the ‘pick up’ world shortly thereafter and was perplexed and somewhat confused at the vast amount of information and conflicting information that was out there. I decided to start going out myself 3-5 days a week to try to implement much of the theories I found. Alas 5 months in, I was all over the place and extremely inconsistent. Coming from a mindset and heavy background in genetics and science in general, not being able to reproduce consistent results was extremely frustrating. At this point I became quite skeptical to everything related w/ cold approach pick up.

    Over the next month, somehow or another, I discovered a podcast interview which dealt w/ strip clubs and approach anxiety. I was thoroughly surprised at the realism and very analytic approach and way of thinking the person being interviewed used. This said person was Fader. Did a search, found he was teaching a program in that week in D.C.; decided signed up for the seminar hoping to get some direction and learn the fundamentals properly.


    I was thoroughly impressed by Fader’s depth of knowledge on topics such as female/evolutionary psychology and self-improvement. What impressed me the most was his ability to take theory from things he read/learned throughout his career, and convert them into actionable items that one can use to implement change in ones habits and beliefs quickly/efficiently. While there are many instructors out there who are excellent in the arena of pick up, there are few that can perform AND teach well at the same time like Fader can. Fader has what seems to be an innate ability to pick up on body language and often time stop lecture often to answer questions or reiterate points when he saw hesitation or perplexed looks on the other students’ faces. In addition, he took the time to answer any and all questions presented by all students (regardless of the students’ skill level). Instruction took place in his hotel suite instead of a formal seminar room, and w/ a maximum cap of only 4 students on each workshop, it made the whole experience quite personalized.


    The seminar was broken into three days and two halves. Each day consisted of a seminar portion, and an infield portion. Friday was completely on Inner Game and ‘Opening’, whereas Saturday & Sunday dealt w/ the rest of Outer Game which was further broken down into ‘Attraction Theory’, ‘Transitioning’, ‘Qualification’, and ‘Comfort’. Total seminar time was approximately 15+ hours and from my estimates from the other students, infield time went way over the allotted 8 hours w/ around 2+ hours of extra infield time on Friday and Saturday.

    A. Inner Game & Opening (Friday)

    Each instructor of Love System has their own unique twist/way of teaching their material based on their experiences. Fader’s bootcamp focused on three pivotal points which included: Inner Game, Outer Game, and Identity. These three pillars when worked upon will guarantee results and cause drastic improvement in one’s quality of life if one pursues excellence in each. On the first day, there was a heavy emphasis on Inner Game (6 hours, fully loaded information from everything on how people form habits, changing your own belief systems, evolutionary psychology, efficient ways of learning, and much much more).

    A list of mandatory sources/reading was also provided to us, w/ over 20+ books pertaining to breaking down our cognitive thoughts alongside material on understanding human psychology. In addition, on this day and throughout the rest of the bootcamp, he gave us a handful of actionable exercises to be practiced to help us learn and crystalize material presented on bootcamp to form long lasting changes.

    Here are some of the points that were covered during this day:

    1. The importance of your identity, and how it relates to your lifestyle.
    2. A brief primer on “survival” and “replication” value, and how it differs in men vs. women.
    3. How to overcome your own psychology, and break your own patterns to induce change.
    4. Concepts such as the power of self-talk, personal evolution paradox, and victim mentality.
    5. Hot air balloon theory, and how it can be used to nurture your strengths while destroying things that you don’t find to your liking about yourself.
    6. Brief introduction to frames, frame control, and how they form on top of each other to form roles.
    7. Process vs. Outcome orientation and dependence.
    8. Power of habits, blind spots, belief systems, perception vs. reality, how we take actions, and how to counter/neutralize limiting beliefs to reprogram ourselves.
    9. Opening structure and approach, how to open, and the proper frames to have while doing so.
    10. Direct vs. Indirect opening, strategy, their pros and cons, type of physicality to implement, time constraints, rooting, and vocal magnitude.
    11. Top 5 opening mistakes to avoid that can often times butcher your approaches.

    B. Outer Game: Attraction, Transitioning, Introduction to Qualification (Saturday)

    The first hour or so of Saturday and Sunday were spent on student debriefs from the previous night of infield. I unfortunately could not take part in the infield do to prior engagements, but I sat through while Fader broke down what the other students did throughout the night. He went over each students’ good and bad sets, his own demo sets, gave out pointers, his thoughts on what went wrong on the bad sets, strategies to improve/implement to help break past sticking points. All questions were answered, and pivotal/important scenarios were discussed to outline important tipping points. While I wasn’t present during the infield, it looked like the rest of the students were pushed into sets quite hard during their allotted time out; my advice for all future students is to take this opportunity to pay close attention on what is being corrected and take it upon yourself to be active and ask questions as you approach throughout the night. The rest of Saturday was spent on attraction (in extreme depth), transitioning, and qualification. Topics include:

    1. High level view of attraction theory, the triad model, and the three tracks for escalation.
    2. How to understand attraction from a biological, psychological, evolutionary, and cultural perspective.
    3. Animal mating and its relevance to human attraction.
    4. How to use humor to take edge off a value spike.
    5. 6+ different kinds of state based attraction methodologies and ways to implement them.
    6. Importance of evolutionary value based attraction switches, and the four levels of impacts when displaying them
    7. 9 additional attraction switches on top of the ones outlined in Magic Bullets + specific examples on how to display each through the four levels of impact.
    8. Thorough coverage on fashion and grooming.
    9. Fader’s overall model of pickup “V=C”; what vibe one should be subcommunicating during Attraction vs. Comfort.
    10. A full demonstration of a ‘pick up’ from start to finish, the importance of communicating through subtext, and extrapolating stories from your identity.
    11. 5+ types of transitioning off of the opener.
    12. The purpose of qualification, its relationship to compliance and value/attraction.

    C. Outer Game: Qualification (cont’d), Comfort (Sunday)

    Sunday was spent on wrapping up the workshop, continuing ‘Qualification’, and finishing up w/ ‘Comfort’. Topics covered include:

    1. Purpose of qualification, how it relates back to attraction, statements of intent, mini vs. full isolation.
    2. Details on the evaluation vs. screening frame during qualification.
    3. Hoop theory and 5 different kind of hoops to use during qualification.
    4. Accusatory teasing/framing, and different variations of qualification to screen for traits one is looking for in the girl.
    5. Definition of ‘Comfort’, sign posts and when to know you’ve reached this stage of the interaction including 5+ ways to build comfort.
    6. The importance of having a ‘shared reality’, setting the conspiracy frame/vibe, 7+ ways to do so.
    7. How physicality and touch differs in ‘Comfort’ vs. ‘Attraction’ phase.
    8. The 3 stages of comfort, wide vs. deep rapport, grounding & vulnerability.
    9. Setting time bridges for dates using Fader’s quick and easy method on acquiring solid numbers.
    10. How to bounce the girl, setting up your place and scene for seduction.


    One of the many things I liked specifically about Fader’s workshop was how he would integrate all the theory by first teaching it from the perspective of why things worked by examining the underlying principles of psychology at play. Fader would connect the dots w/ evidence from scientific studies, his readings, and life experiences. Alternatively, he would take concepts and give multiple contexts in which they could be found. e.g., examining different animal species where the principles occurred. As I gain new reference experiences, I like to sit down every Sunday evening to review/meditate upon the notes (34 pages, single spaced, size 10 font) I took during the workshop. Every time I review them, I find something new that clicks w/ something I did infield, and to this day (almost 4 months later) blows my mind on how much value and information is efficiently compressed in each and every bullet point that I wrote down.

    For anyone thinking of taking a bootcamp, I would highly recommend in doing so as they will lay the foundation and accelerate your learning curve greatly.

    Some tips for future students:

    If you all check the schedule you can see Fader teaching bootcamp on almost every weekend. Each city he teaches has unique advantages, where in some cities he’ll switch up the infield to stripclubs as he is the resident expert at Love Systems for Strippers and Hired Guns (Cleveland, Houston, etc.). Other cities (Philadelphia) the infield will take place at one of the best clubs of the city w/ full access to the VIP section/full comps (gives you social proof & status right off the bat greatly increasing your chances of pulling during the bootcamp). I would advise you all to sign up soon, as this is Fader’s last year teaching as he is off to Colombia after this year!

    Ultimate Bonus Tip: If your set, or girl you’re talking to is going south & or horribly, immediately start talking about Ayn Rand and New York City psuedocultures. It will turn the girls frown upside down and pretty much guarantee you leaving the venue w/ her.

    With that being said, if any of you all have questions pertaining to this review, definitely feel free to PM me!

    The End.

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    Another review I missed. As I prepare to go to cities for what is possibly (probably) the last time I like to search through the archives and rip into evenote the reviews and reminiscence. There is not much I can say about this one as it speaks for itself. Out of it came a really close friend and for that I am super thankful. A lot of time the close friends that come out of these workshops have made more of an impression on my life then what little money I would make teaching it.
    View Full Profile: Click Here 200 + Reviews (Most In Company History): http://www.theattractionforums.com/t...iew_fader.html (watch my journey from student to approach coach, to instructor, to master instructor, to stripper destroyer).

    Best quote from a workshop review ever "Overall this bootcamp was a short colombian 10, his teaching ability is a 10, and his game is a 10."

    My Bootcamp Schedule:

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    : There comes a point in everyone's life where they either have their dreams or the reasons they dont. You're the hero of your own story..... write a good one.

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    Ruminations and reminiscings..

    If I travelled back in time, to this very time on this very day, I would be sitting in Fader’s hotel suite on Day 2 of seminar learning about all of the necessary components of Outer Game. This weekend marks the second anniversary of the very first workshop I ever took that officially and ultimately began my journey into self-development.

    Whatever Fader teaches comes from the culmination of invaluable experience mixed with actual personal study from countless books/texts from a wide array of topics including social, evolutionary, cognitive, and business psychology, and economics. Fader is constantly learning, improving, and I dare say goes through more books in one year than most do in a lifetime. He practices what he teaches and his model for his own self-improvement is the very same model he teaches his students.

    To this very day, every time I look back on my notes, upon re-reading, I discover new epiphanies and grasp an even deeper understanding of notes I took down during his workshop, in addition to answers to any questions I might have had. Each bullet point (23 pages worth of notes in my case) is compressed knowledge bomb that becomes unlocked as I acquired new reference experiences.

    It’s been a long 2 years, with numerous ups and downs, but I would mark this seminar as one of the handful of events that left an indelible and positive influence in my life. I think what makes Fader unique as an instructor (other than his teaching ability) is his empathy and genuineness. I was fortunate and am very grateful to have met and have Fader as my instructor/friend. He truly cares for the well being of his students, and will go above and beyond to try to help and make a difference.

    Out majority of instructors, and programs I’ve experienced, Fader’s workshop hands down was one which I never once have regretted spending money/investing on. The amount of value and knowledge that’s given is unparalleled even compared to some of the other Love Systems programs I have taken. Everything you ever need is covered in his workshop, and all one has to do to change his or her life is be willing to take action and do the things Fader tells you to do, which most people don’t, as the pain of staying the same hasn’t outweighed the pain of taking steps to change.

    For those of you on the on the edge of taking that first step, do it. I can tell you from experience that you will not, regret it.

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