Fader Bootcamp - Seattle, January 2014

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    Fader Bootcamp - Seattle, January 2014

    I wanted to point out three things that thoroughly impressed me about Fader at the Seattle workshop:

    First, Fader wasnít scared to give individual members direct feedback about themselves. It been my previous experience that most people (even ones getting paid to help you make improvements to your life) are rarely invested enough in their clientsí success to be willing to offer blunt observations and provide constructive criticism. Direct feedback is akin to telling someone how they come across to others, telling someone Ďthe cold hard truthí and generally offering advice that an individual might not be open to receiving. Fader gave me lots of valuable Ďfeedbackí over the weekend boot camp and Iím grateful he that he has the compassion and the balls to speak his mind.

    Second, Fader did a fantastic job of highlighting key pieces of information, and distilling large, detail oriented concepts into specific highlights and bullet points. I was not prepared for the barrage of information that was directed my way. We covered a ton of material in a very short timeframe. At times the sheer amount of info/knowledge being thrown at me was overwhelming. However, Fader always did a great job of summarizing things afterward and highlighting the most important point to remember or the most critical actions to take. Also, he was always willing to repeat himself if the group members wanted to hear something said over or said in a different way.

    Third, Fader comes across as a solid human being with a strong sense of integrity. This one was huge for me because I have a hard time taking advise from some I donít respect, or who I canít look up to or see as an equal on some level. If Fader had seemed like a sleazy guy, or a dirtbag, I donít know if I would have been as open to hearing his information and constructive criticism, and I definitely donít think I would be motivated to put his advice into practice.

    The other things I wanted to say - about how Faderís advice goes way beyond just improving your value to women and actually targets how to improve your value to yourself - have been mentioned by most of the previous reviewers so please read the other reviews from previous workshops/bootcamps.

    Fader, I canít thank you enough and I hope you accomplish everything you want in your life!

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    Fader Bootcamp - Seattle, Jan 2014

    I was originally hesitant to follow through with the bootcamp because I had a concern that the much of the material taught might be gimmicky or wouldn't jibe with the person I want to be, and that I would be hesitant to adopt some of the advice.

    Fader completely surprised me by being very blunt, clear, and insightful, and I would say that the bootcamp is really about simply being a better person in every dimension, which really struck a chord with me. There wasn't any nonsense, no secret words to make a woman fall in love, no gimmicks--it's just learn to be more awesome and plough through attempt after the attempt, and learning from each. Enjoy the process for the sake of the process, because that naturally will lead to more success.

    I also liked hanging out with Fader, as his passion is contagious. I can see why women can be drawn to him; he's a voracious learner which has given him a wide gamut of knowledge so he can easily talk about anything at length and give people plenty of "Aha" moments.

    Lastly, his guidance in the field was also really helpful. Just his desire to get us to go out and approach made the whole night a ton more successful because there was that extra push to get over the initial hump for most of the people in the bootcamp. He also provided good feedback and was diligent at observing our interactions. He definitely gives it his all.

    Would I recommend a bootcamp to anyone? Yes, to everyone--single, married, taken, old, young, etc. If you want to be a better person overall, pay up and listen to these self-improvement instructors.

    The real goal is to improve one's self, and dating / love will improves as a side-effect. Fader nailed this point home. (Granted, it is still important to practice approaches, dating, etc)

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