Nick Hoss Day Game Workshop - Las Vegas, October 2013

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    Nick Hoss Day Game Workshop - Las Vegas, October 2013

    I want to give my unqualified endorsement to Nick Hoss's post-SuperConference Day Game Workshop/Infield.

    I am very comfortable approaching in bars and clubs, but day game had always been a huge sticking point for me. Although I've gotten over approach anxiety in the evening, I had always been uncomfortable approaching girls in the daytime. Given that in-field training has been invaluable in taking me from zero to Alpha Papa in nightclubs, I decided to give it a shot with respect to day game. A week afterwards, I'm sure I made the right choice.

    Nick Hoss is a consummate professional, with a down-to-earth style and empathy that makes him an outstanding teacher. He is extremely observant and insightful, and his lectures provided practical guidance that was firmly grounded in mainstream research. There was no pseudo-science or gimmicks. Although many of us were exhausted from SuperConference, Hoss did not let up at all, giving us three nights of valuable lectures.

    The in-field was also excellent. Hoss has a natural, easy rapport with girls. I always like it when the instructors demonstrate approaches for students, and it was inspiring to watch Hoss put his skills to work in the field.

    Also excellent were the assistants. Darwin is a stone-cold pimp, and an excellent guy to boot. On our first infield, while talking to Darwin and another instructor, Darwin suddenly bolted to go open a girl he had seen coming down the escalator. Of course he got her number. This put me in the right mindset for the rest of the infield, and I had no trouble approaching for the rest of the sessions. Darwin was unfailingly positive and encouraging, which also helped a lot. I also loved working with Darwin because he is so calm and mild-mannered. It goes to show that you don't have to become an over-the-top douchebag to get good with girls.

    Samir and Jake (Bravado) also contributed to the fun atmosphere of the program. I am very impressed with how good Samir has gotten game-wise. He is incredibly methodical and has a deep grasp of Love Systems concepts. He was also a lot of fun to go in-field with.

    Jake was very friendly and helpful also. He shared with us his Tinder messages, which were very funny and really hit with the girls he was chatting with. They also demonstrated how powerful good text game can be.

    By the end of the infield, I was opening consistently and getting numbers. One girl, when I tried to take down her email, even insisted on giving me her phone number. I have approached a few girls back home post-bootcamp, and all the interactions have been fun and flirty (surprising even me), with one yielding a solid number. My day game has been transformed into something that feels natural and that I can be proud of. Thanks to Hoss's day game workshop, I know how to approach like a man, and it feels incredibly good.

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    Attended this after SuperConference 2013. Of all of the SC, Daygame was really the most beneficial add for me. Maybe itís also because it is taught after of all the great SC stuff that a lot of the basics while in set I could apply already. What I think is incredible is the specific way Nick and Darwin teach it makes huge differences. The littlest things matter in day game. If you get them wrong you mess it up but if you get it right you get huge bonus points. I have done daygame a lot based on interview series, notes, etc. Just by doing specifically what Nick and Darwin teach in the actual workshop you go 50 levels higher. That makes it easy to apply with great results. I could not attend the last day due to my flight but despite that I got 3 numbers during the sessions, and 3 numbers since Iíve been back home.
    More specifically, since back: Right after SC, before yet another work dinner I number closed a gal sitting alone using basically Nick Hossís daygame opener and then the male stripper occupation from various seminars. She asked me to take her number quick before her date arrived.
    Sunday, I number closed a beautiful 24 year old girl in the coffee shop using literally the exact sequence we learned in Nick Hossís / Darwinís Day Game seminar - the exact opener and close as well as the U-Why model. Weíve had 1 date and although she is very conservative and religious, she constantly texts me. I have found out since Iíve been back, that since we were gaming 9s and 10s in Vegas, doing this back home is a lot easier. At least so far.

    If you guys are ever in Northern VA / DC, don't hesitate, look me up. - Pentagon on the lounge. This was copied from my review in the Lounge.
    (note I'm trying to figure out how to contact the admins to synch my usernames to the one I use on the Lounge. If you know how please message me? Thanks!)

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    Review in two sentences
    If you want to learn how to successfully meet girls during the daytime, then you should do a @Nick Hoss Day Game Workshop. If you get the chance, do it in Vegas.

    Detailed review
    Iíve taken more than four months to write this review because I always wanted to be able to look back and describe how my life has changed since taking the workshop. So, here it is, I hope it helps someone whoís not sure whether they should do it or not.

    The logistics for this workshop were brilliant.
    We had four instructors on this workshop, Nick Hoss, @Darwin, @Bravado and @smitters. Nick obviously taught majority of the seminar but Darwin and Smitters also assisted by presenting certain topics and answering questions. All four instructors were excellent and Iíd happily work with any of them again.

    The seminar sessions were held in the meeting rooms right next to the Super Conference location which provided comfortable seating and plenty of room to do some practice approaches during the first seminar day. The infield portions were done in the streets and malls of Las Vegas.

    I donít think youíre going to find anywhere else in the world thatís as good as Vegas for learning and doing day game. Thereís an abundance of hot women, you donít have to consider whether theyíre too young, they generally arenít in a hurry and theyíre there to have a good time and meet people. But be prepared to adjust to a more challenging environment when you get home.

    There were 12 students on this workshop and at no point did I feel that I wasnít getting enough attention. Iíd go as far as suggesting that attending a workshop with a lot of participants is actually a good thing as you meet people who will become your wingmen. Even in Vegas, I met two wings, one who lives in my home town and the other who lives just around the corner from where I currently live.

    Day 1 - Seminar
    The workshop started with an overview of the differences between day and night game. Nick then proceeded to introduce some inner-game concepts that are important for success.

    In particular, he taught us some empowering mindsets, how to identify limiting beliefs and how to overcome these. He also reminded us that at times our energy/motivation may well drop but provided useful tips on how to reduce the chances of it happening.

    The first day concluded with approaching, opening and transitioning. Nickís method of approaching/initiating the opener is is slightly different to Jeremy Soulís but it has since become my default method of approaching.

    During this period we practiced approaching and opening on the other students with Nick and Darwin right there to provide instant feedback. If this was the only thing I got out of the workshop it would have been worthwhile as it gave me the confidence to know that Iím doing it right.

    Day 2 Ė Infield
    I knew it was going to be a good day when I got an approach in before the infield started Ė a real sweetheart from the south, weíre still in contact with each other.
    I was put into an infield group with the two other guys who live in my area and we headed off with Bravado. One of the guys did an approach before weíd even made it to our infield location, which certainly pumped me up a bit to get going. We spent a couple of hours with Bravado whoís a really chilled guy and a pleasure to spend time with. We regular approached and he quickly spotted our mistakes and provided us with advice to correct it. And although we were doing quite a few approaches, he seemed to notice anytime we spotted an attractive woman but hesitated to approach. Later we met up with Nick who was nearby and repeated the process with him.

    By the end of the day, I had achieved a bunch of goals that Iíd set out for myself Ė approached two sets, mother-daughter sets, seated girls, girls on the phone, hired guns, hired gun two sets.

    Day 2 Ė Seminar
    Nick started this with a talk on attraction, the different attraction switches and what you can do to improve it. Darwin explained how to use banter during the daytime and provided us with some exercises to practice at home. The presentation on storytelling covered a number of different theories and exercises and in my opinion was excellent. The evening concluded with Nick covering number closes.

    Day 3 Ė Infield
    The 9th of October was my sixth and final day of doing LS training in Vegas and as a special surprise @Intrigue joined us...although he wasnít officially teaching it was great to have him around.

    The second day of infield training followed a similar format to the first. This time my group started with Smitters. I really enjoyed working with him as weíd been paired up during @Vercetti ís body language talk at Super Conference and he provided some really great compliments. His advice during the infield session was just as helpful.

    What was possibly my favourite set of the weekend came during this session. I opened what I thought was a daughter-mother-father (or uncle)-aunt set. Unfortunately it was just a mother-daughter set as the others werenít with them. Despite it being a mother-daughter set, I was relaxed enough to finish eating my banana while doing the set and got a solid number close.
    We then met up with Bravadoís group who was being accompanied by Intrigue. By this time I think most of us were pretty well exhausted from SC and two solid days of walking. We finished off with a few more sets, including some supermarket game which wasnít successful, but it helped clear one of my limiting beliefs.

    Day 3 Ė Seminar
    The final seminar session was heavily focused on what happens after the day game approach Ė phone and text game, dates, sexualisation, relationships and breakups. This was some good stuff that you want to get good at if you want your approaches to lead anywhere.

    I donít have any significant regrets, only that I should have done this workshop earlier. I also should have accepted a couple more offers from the instructors to do demos...unfortunately, I was preoccupied trying to get my own approaches done.

    Post workshop experience?
    Prior to the workshop it was very rare for me to approach any girl. Since then, I have successfully approached women that I would have previously thought I didnít stand a chance of attracting. This is a lasting change and the improvement is continuing. Iíve also had some really fun and interesting experiences doing it.

    The most notable experience of how far my game has improved is that I have opened, attracted and qualified a cover girl in New York. Although, though I dropped the ball while getting her phone number, I use this as a fantastic reference experience Ė it was ME who stuffed it up by doing something thatís easily corrected but it was also ME that she was attracted awesome is that!

    As many other reviews have mentioned, I also feel a general increase in my confidence throughout my life.

    Take the workshop, youíll get a lot out of it.
    If you can, take your workshop in Vegas, the place is conducive to learning. But be prepared for things to be harder when you get back home.
    Come prepared with snacks, water and some comfortable shoes that go well with your outfit.
    Be ready to take notes. I took 43 pages of notes, though many of these are mindmaps so probably donít equate to a full page. Still lots of knowledge to take in and note down.
    Be prepared to put in some hard work when you get home, Nick will teach you how to use the tools and youíll get some great references experiences to give you the belief, but itís up to you to develop your skills.

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