Venture & Sterling Bootcamp - Stockholm, August 2013

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    Venture & Sterling Bootcamp - Stockholm, August 2013

    Hi everyone. What follows will be my take on the bootcamp, and how this curriculum let me evolve so much over the weekend.

    This will be a fucking long one. Firstly because its a great way for me to capitalize what i learned this weekend. But also because there seems to be so much confusion and thoughts about how this curriculum differs from the other material thats out there. Now i do NOT claim to know the differences from normal bootcamps etc, since i havent taken one.

    This is my point of view of this weekend, from my experiences with game.

    It will be divided in 4 parts:

    1. Some about me
    2. The bootcamp and the simplified natural/game 3.0 curriculum
    3. How and why this curriculumwas able to take me from feeling stuck at aproaching/transitioning, to comfortably teasing and having edgy conversations + (half)comfortably physicaly escelating with hotter girls than i ever approached before. (Ties together with 1).
    4. Instructors / Rockstars

    1. Some about me:
    In short i basicly spent all my life (>10hrs/day) in front of a cumputer untill i was 18 years old. Got banned from the game i was playing and had no friends what so every because everyone i knew was playing. Got a few friends in my highschool class and through this met a girl that became my oneitis just because she showed me the slightest sign of interest.

    I was as social as a rock and had the bodylanguage of a caveman after all the years of slouching infront of the computer, so i decided to do something about it to get this girl. Started googling "pickup-lines" etc and found some David D material which led me to finding lovesystems. Read magic bullets, was amazed and took a day-game bootcamp in 2009. Didnt do any approaches after the bc but started going to more parties with some new friends i found and tried really hard to be social, which took me to being "normal" in social gatherings. Lost my virginity, slept with a few girls through my social circle. Also focused like a motherf*cker on my posture during this time(still do to this day 5 years later, a 10 year habit takes a long time to get rid of).

    Moved to another city to study, got into a longdistance relationship with my oneitis(#winning(not)) and broke it of after a year because i realiced she was just the prittiest girl i never had. Immedietly after i started hooking up with another chick in my class and we got together and had a relationship with her for 2 years allmost, untill it ended in april cus i found out she cheated on me.

    I had so much limiting beliefs about myself (i'll never do as good as her etc) that i allmost forgave her. But i realiced how fucked up that was and decided that i never wanted to be in the same situation again, making decisions from that standpoint.

    So i signed up to the bc, read shitloads of material and started going out sarging on my own during the 2 months that led up to the BC. I was pushing Indirect openers, inprinted coldreads and transitions into my brain to get that stage handled, and still was untill the bootcamp.

    2. The bootcamp and the simplified natural/game 3.0 curriculum

    The first day of the bootcamp was focused on masculinity/femininity and organic/normal conversations. The masculinity/femininity focused on the differences of being a man and a women and how they come together and play their different roles.
    Venture talked alot about you being the man/masculin so that she can be the girl/feminine and elaborated with diferent examples. This part was kind of hard for me to grasp. I believe its like it is with everything else, you can read it or have someone explain it to you, but you will never truly understand it untill you experience it.

    The second part about organic/normal conversation was taught by Sterling and this is where the magic started to happened for me. It felt like a 2 hour long lightbulb moment. Sterling had broken down how normal conversations between friends etc work and then applied it to talking to a stranger/girl in a club so that you easily could see what the problem was and how to fix it.
    If you (like me) have had big problems like "what do i say next?/i run out of things to say" while talking to girls, Sterling will make you understand why those problems occour and how to fix it. I caught myself smiling / allmost giggling because it just hit so much home for me. #Lightbuuuuulb

    The last 30 minutes or so i think was spent on direct opening. Focus was on delivery. If i dont remeber wrong we were taught like 3 "lines":
    - You are fucking gourgeous (or similar variations)
    - Your cute i had to come say hi (or similar variations)
    - Hi (or similar variations)

    Gimmicky as fuck, aint it?

    So i get to the venue about 5 minutes early. I get really nervous and dont dare to go inside cus then i'd be alone and would have to approach (scary yes) so i walk around outside for a while but then say fuck it and go in and start approaching.
    After a while the instructors + rockstars arrive and we all hang out some and then get to work. The goal of the night was to get sevral 10-15 minutes long normal conversations. I apply the mindset of the "organic conversation" that we had been taught and it works good for me. I found myself being quiet from time to time in the first sets but v´Venture would come up behind me and tell me to just keep talking, which i dit. After a while iit just clicks for me. I get in state and words are just flowing. I had plenty of long conversations but there is no edge to them at all. Its just normal/boring. But that was the goal for the night so i didnt think too much of it. I work some with the rockstars Husefa, Avery and Peter spread out during the night and get some great feedback on my subcoms and how to handle a few situations that arose.

    Goal for the first night accomplished and pulled a cute blonde as a cherry on top of that. I fucked her on the trampolin at my parents house, which was fun, but heed my warning: You may break your dick. I allmost did.

    Day 2: Started of with debrief and feedback from instructors + rockstars. My biggest takeaway from this was that my passive subcoms were much more in check than i thought and that i didnt need to work on them. That was great to hear since i have been working on them so much, and being able to free up that space of mind when im out so i can focus on other stuff is great.

    The day focused on passive+active subcoms and funny/flirtatious conversation.
    Passive being bodylanguage etc and active being touch + proximity etc.
    The part about active subcoms was golden, and the biggest focus of the seminar. It focused on how to spike attraction and showing your intent by using touch, priximity, eyecontact etc in a certain way, rather then waiting for you to have attraction and then touch. We got some examples of ways to touch etc ranging from subtle ways of showing your intent to ballsy fucking moves, such as HOD - hand on dick. Yes you read it right.

    The fun/fliratious conversation focused on different ways to take something a girl said and then turn it into something funny, aka Trigger words that was invented by Braddock. The focus was on the principles and the thoughts behind it rather then on what specificly to say. Ofcourse we got some examples but the main takeaway was the thoughts behind it all.

    We ended the seminar-portion with a excersice on how to bounce of eachother and have fun when we were out. It was great because it got your brain working alot to come up with fun/fked up things to say. We picked a topic and got nittygritty with it. We were like 15 guys in the room and things just got out of hand. One topic started with a Christian mingle-party and ended up with an alterboy being baptized in male and female bodyliquids. Fucking hillarious.

    We went out to the same venue on day 2 and it was just so many people there, crowded as hell. Awsome for gaming. I got there a little later and met the students, rockstars and instructors. We chatted for a bit and then got to work. The night was awsome for me. I got sevral long conversations like the day before and added the fun/flirtatious and active subcoms. It was great to have gotten the normal conversation down the day before and then adding the stuff we were taught on day 2. It really increased the quality of the conversation and made it fun and i could see the possibilities that arose when you pushed it hard physically. I didnt pull of any of the ballsier moves which i regret but i will definetley push for it more from now on.

    It was kind of hard to understand how the active subcoms with proximity etc worked together from just being told about it, but watching the instructors and rockstars pull it of made it very clear. This is another thing that made the bootcamp so golden for me. Its a big eye-opener to see how smooth it flows and the best way to describe it would be like a dance. Saw Venture doing his thing aswell as some of the rockstars, especially Avery, and it was just awsome to watch them "dance" while the girls melted.

    Overall i had a great second night and had some awsome experiences. I was bantering and having fun with girls hotter than i ever approached before and felt confident doing so.

    Got some great memories from the night.
    I opened a blonde late at night that i quickly realized was a tranny, damn Pride-festival...

    At one instance i was walking around a corner looking down in my mobile and i bump into a girl. Instead of looking down at my mobile i find myself staring down at a pair of perfect tits. I think to myself "thats an awsome pair of tits" and realice i am saying it as im thinking it. I look up and her face is like "did he just fucking say that?". There's like 2 seconds of silence and my brain goes highwire to come up with something to say, so i go "I know I got the tits of a 14 year old girl but you dont have to make me feel bad about it, thats just mean". She looks at me and then just burst out laughing. Before i get to say anything more some guy comes and drags her away to the dancefloor and starts mouth-raping her. Shame on you tit-girl.

    The last day the seminar was about adding warmth and sexualisation to the conversation, making the curriculum comming to full circle. The warmth was about how to talk about your life / experiences and what filters to tell it through. This part was was mostly usable for dates and such where you have deeper conversations then you'd normally have at a bar/club. But also how to take experiences and tone it down to make it suitable for bartalk etc. A great skill to learn!

    The sexual part was about adding sexual topics to the conversations and how to ping and lead the girl through it. It was also about screening sexually among other things
    This part was awsome and this was where the instructors and rockstars told stories about all the crazy shit they had done using this curriculum. And when i say crazy, its seriously crazy. Read the Rockstar journals and you'll understand what im talking about. Fucking gold. And especially look for Saturday 3rd august, saturday of bootcamp night. You will not believe it.

    3. What this bootcamp did for me
    I personally believe that the best way to create a fad/hype product is to claim that its THE best way no matter what you want to get out of it and no matter what point you are starting from. Diets and new concepts to working out is a perfect example of this. If you ask someone that recently has gotten in to the Crossfit-era for example, he will tell you it’s the cure of all your fitness problems.

    I wanna burn fat? Crossfit bro!
    I wanna build muscle? Crossfit bro!
    But im in a wheelchair? Crossfit bro!
    I have cancer? Crossfit will cure it bro!

    You get the picture. So as for this curriculum that I was taught this weekend, I will not claim that it’s THE best way for anyone no matter what.
    The concept about organic conversations that we were taught the first day is the ground pillar that the other stuff revolve around and blend in to. Now if someone would have lifted me out of my dirty World of warcraft chair five years ago and put me in that seminar room I wouldn’t have been able to apply much of what we were taught. For the seminar portion all I would think about was that I needed to get home and work on my blacksmithing.

    If I was told to approach a girl and talk to her I would proboably say something like “You know what I really hate? When some douche Rogue over-DPS on a boss when your in a raid so that he steals the agro from the tank and the guild wipes. Then you have to rebuff and waste portions and it takes like 30 minutes before you can go again. I had a friend that did that all the time so I had to kick him out of my guild, I just cant roll with those kind of people. You know what I mean?”. She’d be like “Ehm.. no?” and I’d just think “omg what a noob, I’d like to see her apply to my guild lolololol.” Solid game bro.

    That wouldn’t be money well spent. I maybe would have gotten more out of paying random dudes to come to shitty house-parties and just be around people to become “normal”.

    So if you are an awkward person with next to 0 social skills and cant shoot shit with your friends then I will not claim that this curriculum is the solution to all your problems. Then maybe its better to take a normal bootcamp. Or memorize the routines-manual vol 1 and 2. Or maybe pay people to get into shitty house parties. I don’t know.

    What I will say though is this: If you are a fairly social person, not socially awkward and you can shoot shit with your friends like a normal dude, but not with girls/strangers I STRONGLY belive this curriculum will work fucking WONDERS for you, as it did for me. Just read other reviews from the 10-day bootcamps, or the Rockstar journals. You can argue on forever or you can just look at the fucking crazy results people are getting with this curriculum.

    Before this bootcamp I had been out sarging for two months. And that’s not a lot at all, I know that. What I found though and what I found so frustrating is that Im a fairly social dude. I don’t run out of things to say with my friends. I can shoot shit with them. Why cant I do it with girls? I looked to the “holy grail” Magic Bullets and the answer is pretty clear; you gotta follow a linear model and open transition attract qualify etc. I found all this crazy terms for stuff I wasn’t doing. It’s cool how they had broken everything down, but it was just soooo fucking much. But I started doing it and opinion-openers was THE way to go. It felt fucking weird but hey that was the way to go. And after just 2 weeks of going out I was “caught” as I approached a set that I had approached the week before using the same opinion opener. That fucked me up and I thought if im gonna be in this for the long haul, my reputation in this town will be “the guy why read The game and now tries to pull it off”.
    So I started going more direct. And that went much better for me but then instead I ran out of things to say. What the answer I thought. Holy bible says attraction routines. And attraction routines it was. But that also felt so got damn weird and all I was thinking was that the people I know that pull chicks to the left and right isn’t doing any crazy routines.

    So what this bootcamp did for me is the following: It made me realize that shooting shit with a girl at a bar is different from when your doing it with your friend, but also that ITS NOT. This curriculum taught me how to apply my “normal” social skills to the Game, and its just sooo NATURAL. It didn’t take me from being stuck at opening/transition/attraction and bump me up 5 steps a linear process. This curriculum allowed me to apply the normal ME to the game, into the interaction. And as it turns out, ME don’t runt out of things to say, ME don’t need routines. ME need to work on active subcoms, and then I will fuck lots of hot bitches. (Please take this last sentence with a grain of salt. I do not suffer from hybris, I know its not that easy).

    4. The instructors and the Rockstars

    The "sucsessfull" people i've met have usually just been born with a diamon spoon up their ass. They take money and an easy life for granted, and they are usually douchebags to some degree because they dont apreciate what they have..

    Now i wont go into the stories of the of the instructors, you can read that at PUA Training | Pick Up Artist | Love Systems: get better with women, but these are guys that you have to meet to see what true sucess is.

    Venture and Sterling have worked so fucking hard to be where they are. They have their shit together and life is firing on all cylinders for them. Everything they have is well earned and nothing has been taken for granted. So when they now are at the top "looking down", they are just so humble and cool guys. When they teach its from years of experiences and hard work and its done with passion. They simply know what they are talking about. Sterling has an amazing ability to break down things and teach it in a way that just makes it easy to learn. Ventures is also great at teaching and watching him "dance" with the active subcoms that we were taught was awsome to see.

    I didnt see Vybe work his magic but he's great at teaching aswell. You could tell that when he was teaching it came from experience and hard learned facts.

    Two of the Rockstars, Husefa and Samir also taught some parts. They have been blasted with this for the last two months and they also had their shit down when it came to teaching and speaking from experience. It was also great to have these guys around since they had to overcome many of the stuff you face at the beginning and they had recently overcame just those stuff. They were happy to share they expriences and how they overcame the stuff they faced.

    The Rockstar-crew was made up of a bunch of cool guys. I didnt get the time to meet/spend time out with all of you but you all seem like straight-shooters and cool people. Special shoutout to Husefa, Samir, Avery, Peter, Vybe and Vici. Thanks for your help and it was great to meet you guys!

    The other students on the bc was making a LOT of progress with this curriculum. They were green to all of this and they were having great interactions with legit hot girls. So cool to see.

    Thanks for an amazing weekend!
    Best of luck


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    My Review

    My review has ended up ridiculously long and maybe a bit too focused on my experience rather than the content. So any questions just ask.

    First a bit about my background

    My background in game: I had never gone out and approached girls using “game” before in my life but I had been aware of it for a while. I had flicked through the book “The Game” years ago in a bookshop and since then had read bits and pieces of Magic Bullets and read some of the “best of” and “classic” posts on the forums. Some of the material made reasonable sense but it seemed quite complicated and honestly like it came from a pretty geeky state of mind. The recommended way to start a conversation with a hot girl, the “opinion opener”, did not sit well with me at all. An opinion opener is basically going up to a girl you find attractive and saying you want her opinion on some fictitious situation in order to break the ice. This doesn’t feel at all natural to me and I would kind of cringe at the thought of doing it. If a girl came up to me with one of these I would definitely think, “You want an excuse to talk to me.” That’s not to say they don’t work, I don’t know. What I do know is that I have friends who are hooking up with really hot chicks and never do anything like that. [Needless to say it was a real relief when Sterling said more or less these exact words when explaining his early impressions and experience with game.

    So it’s fair to say I was pretty skeptical about the whole thing. Why then did I sign up?

    Reason 1: The sheer volume of people claiming it gets results, amongst them legit media sources.
    Reason 2 (and much more importantly): I was desperate. I wasn’t hooking up with the chicks I wanted to, not even close. I have lots of friends who are women, some of whom are really hot. Every single one of them I had met through class, work or mutual friends. I have also dated and slept with a few women but basically all of them had to throw themselves at me rather than me making the move. I used other areas of my life to try and compensate for and hide from that fact. I actually didn't realise I did this until Venture said he did it when telling his own story. Overall I felt pretty pathetic when I eventually decided I needed to pay to be taught how to talk to girls.

    Course content

    Day 1

    This bootcamp was somewhat unique as there were 6 instructors, more guys from project rockstar than I can count and just 3 students.

    After being taken to the suite where the seminars were being held, we got into introductions of instructors and students. I was the first student and was quite uncomfortable revealing the extent of my insecurities to a bunch of people I had never met before. Over the course of the weekend this became a non-issue as I discovered that everyone in the room came from a similar place. This made me feel a lot more free and honest with myself when I got on my return flight from Stockholm.

    The first topic we went through on the theory side of things was masculinity – what it is to be a man and how this is different from being a woman. For me, the real meat of the content for the first day was organic conversation. How to have a natural conversation with a stranger the same way you do with your friends. Sterling presented a neat model of how conversations develop. It helped me to visualize what I was doing wrong when a conversation with someone I don’t know dies and taught me the technique to remedy that. The ability to hold a natural conversation is a fundamental skill not only when talking to women, but also when meeting anyone in your life. I personally have a problem with girls and guys who I don’t immediately click with because I:

    1. Run out of things to say
    2. Am too scared of offending people to use the same kind of humour I do with my friends.

    The first of these was the focus for day 1 and the second was tackled on day 2. As well as the theory, a massive part of developing this skill is practice. So we did a couple of conversation exercises, both of which made me talk for longer than I was comfortable. They illustrated the point of the theory as well as pushing our boundaries a bit to help us begin to develop the skill. I was given good feedback from the rockstar I had been paired about my hand gestures and speed of talking. I was somewhat aware of these things before but him pointing them out to me really drove home what they convey about my level of confidence and personality was it very helpful in beginning to rectify them.

    The final segment of the theory for that day was about opening. It was a much more direct and much more natural approach to the opinion opener stuff I talked about above. It basically involved telling a girl you thought she was hot, or even just saying “hey”, and then entering a normal conversation. All of this while conveying yourself in a confident but fun way with your body language. It was a whole lot easier for me to buy into this than the opinion opener stuff. I had definitely seen guys hook up with hot girls in a bar/club with a really simple introduction but had literally never seen the same thing happen when a guy came up with a lame excuse to talk to her.

    Night 1

    The aim for the night was to use the direct approach and then have long conversations with as many girls as possible and not worry about too much else (i.e. the stuff we hadn’t been taught yet).

    I arrived at the venue promptly and the only guy there was France, one of the other students. I was fairly apprehensive about starting, mostly making the excuse “the instructors aren’t here yet”. France had more balls than that and was like “we should just start” and immediately approached two girls who were sat nearby. Impressive stuff buddy! Having never done anything like this before I was pretty relieved when it seemed it was really easy to just transition into a normal conversation. It was the first approach of the night and the instructors warned us it takes a while to get warmed up. So the conversation was a bit clunky but overall it was a fine interaction. I would say the girls were definitely happy we had come over, despite the fact the they had been deep in conversation with each other before the approach.
    At some point that conversation ended (still stayed beyond the point it was comfortable ☺) and the instructors and rockstars had all arrived so I went over to chat to them. Soon after, a rockstar, Samir, asked me “See any girls you like?” I saw one hot Lebanese looking girl smoking on the stairs with her friends. She looked kind of unfriendly but when I told her I thought she was gorgeous her face lit up and it was really easy to get into a normal chat.

    From that point on I was never hesitant to approach a girl for the whole bootcamp. I had never done it before and somehow had some false expectation that girls would be kind of freaked out and want to get away. When I think about it, it makes sense… in my experience girls spend soooo long making themselves beautiful when getting ready to go out. And for what? How many guys tell them they look good? If they have a boyfriend, one (him). Otherwise, the average, rounded to the nearest whole number, is probably 0. Instead, a lot of time the best they will get are some guys creeping around them, maybe awkwardly trying to grind on them when they go to the dancefloor with their friends. So of course it’s nice to just get paid a genuine compliment by a normal guy. The reaction was also a nice feeling for me, I could tell 90% of girls were really pleased and for the most part their friends just kind of giggled and were happy for them to talk to a normal guy who thought she was hot.

    Anyway I talked to Miss Lebanon for a bit (she was actually Swedish but whatever) and we had a few things in common in places we had been and stuff we had studied so it wasn’t too difficult to keep talking. Before the seminar earlier in the day I would have been stuck at “You are gorgeous” and probably awkwardly made an excuse to find my friends. I made her laugh once or twice but I didn’t feel the conversation was going anywhere, nor was there a particularly great chemistry. Eventually I left (a mistake I wouldn’t make now) and Samir was like “Did you get her number?” I hadn’t so I went back and asked for it. She said she had just ended a long term relationship so didn’t want to. In reality, I’m sure if I had done some of the body language and conversational things differently based on what I learned the next day the whole interaction would have gone much in a better direction.

    This review is already beginning to look like my first novel so I’ll not go into so much detail with all the girls (more than I can remember) I talked to except where I made significant breakthroughs. I had long conversations with at least 50% of the girls I approached and that was my mission for the night accomplished. I also got a lot of phone numbers having missed the opportunity for that initial one. On the other hand I felt none of the conversations were going anywhere sexual. Lots of the guys picked up on this and gave me the feedback that my subcommunications were far too neutral and I need to work on having that conversation as well as the verbal one. Labyrinth, a big guy who has a quite intimidating presence where it felt like he was about twice my size, actually turned out to be one of the most helpful guys I have ever met. On both nights he took me aside and was like, “I’m going to work with you, lets do it”. On the first night he nailed my problem of not being aggressive enough with subcomms, pushing me to grab a hot blonde girl I was talking to, try and kiss her and generally push the boundaries. While it didn’t work out this time it gave me a lot of direction and doing similar things the next night ended up getting me much better results.

    Day 2

    Day 2 started with a review of the previous nights. The students gave their own opinions then instructors and rockstars added their thoughts. One of the rockstars had been told to watch me without me knowing it and gave me very specific feedback about a habit of tilting my head in. I have done this when talking to people in loud places since I was 18. It was really useful feedback and he showed me exactly how to correct it. Fortunately, the vast majority of my issues were things that were going to be covered thoroughly in the day 2 seminar.

    Day 2 covered aspects of a conversation outside the norm. The first was subcommunications. I was really happy with how the first day/night had gone. However, I did feel like a bit of an idiot for never having the balls to approach girls before when it was so fucking simple. On top of this, I’m sure if I had done it regularly my conversation skills would have gradually increased. In contrast, there is no way I would have learned the stuff about subcommunications even if I had gone out every day approaching girls for a year. There are active subcommunications you would never think to do and boundaries you would never expect could be crossed. Then there are passive subcommunications you don’t even realize you are doing until someone points them out. This is where the experience of the instructors is really invaluable. I got the impression they had seen people similar to all of the students many times before and they knew exactly how to correct our problems.

    Next we went over what it is to be funny and fun in a conversation and how to develop the skill. I thought that it would feel a bit contrived breaking down humour. After all, the more you try to explain why a joke is funny, the less funny it becomes. In fact it was a really great session. We went over general ways to be funny and examples of each but were very much given permission to go our own direction with it and tap into what we found funny rather than steal lines. One rockstar gave the example of a technique where you pretend to run a google image search which helped me. The lead teacher gave a breakdown of delving deeper into something you were joking about and thus getting more specific, more ridiculous and ultimately more hilarious.

    Night 2

    We went to the same venue as the first night and again when I arrived the only guy there was another student, this time mad_alex. We chatted for a bit and then I took the cue from France the previous night and opened the first moderately attractive couple of girls nearby. Again I didn’t feel warmed up at the start and my conversation got quite boring/non-existant very quickly. Mad_alex on the other hand was in the zone and had some genuinely funny banter with them. It was particularly impressive when you know his background and that he worked his ass off to improve that skill. “I might have gone too far” he said afterwards, commenting on the part when he had told the girls they smelled like horse piss. Lolz. An important takeaway from this and the rest of stuff on humour is I should give a lot less of a fuck about offending people and just say whatever I think is funny.

    The instructors and rockstar guys arrived and were super encouraging and helpful yet again (more about them below). We were extremely fortunate to have 6 instructors to 3 students as well as more rockstars than I could count helping us out. On Venture’s orders, I complimented a girl (who I didn’t really find attractive) on her outfit and started a conversation. Her friend came and I ended up hitting it off better with her. Adding the active subcomms (i.e. a lot more physical touching) as well as a more fun conversation worked really well and I could feel she was more into me than any girl on the previous night. I ended up getting her number then making excuses and leaving her to approach some others. I wasn’t massively into her, mainly because she didn’t seem very smart. This was too quick a judgement and I learned over the weekend I should stay and just see how far I can go. It was never explicitly said to me but I heard a lot of the guys talking about “reference experience”. I guess that’s what it would be.

    Anyway I went into a bit of a lull for 30 mins or so pretty early the night and didn’t feel that comfortable. I told Sterling and he was quick to help me get back into the zone. He told me to approach the cutest girl in a circle of 4. It was hard to tell since they mostly had their backs from me so I just went for the closest one, who seemed pretty hot. She was really pleased with the compliment which by this point I considered standard. As it was my first approach since feeling a bit out of the zone I felt like my conversation wasn’t that great. As it turns out, that didn’t matter. I later got a lot of feedback immediately afterwards and the next day about how she was clearly pretty engaged with me but I just didn’t use aggressive enough subcomms to take things further. It ended up fizzling out and I told her I’d see her later.

    Results on the second night were more hit and miss than the previous night as I was trying to move things forward more quickly but when I had a good interaction it actually felt like it was going somewhere. I got a tonne of phone numbers and ended up having a great moment with a hot girl where it felt like there was a bubble around us because our chemistry was so great. This was something that had been explained to us in the seminar and something I had experienced before, just never with a girl I had approached in a bar. Venture really went out his way on the Saturday night to make sure I got enough attention and demos which was great and really useful. I then had a great chat with Vybe who had watched my progress and gave me some great pointers.

    Day 3

    We had a debrief similar to the previous day and I got a lot of specific and useful feedback. Venture had witnessed me go into a monologue with one girl he introduced me to. I might not have noticed this without it being pointed out but it is definitely a tendency I have (as you might be able to guess from this ridic long review! Anyway I need to be careful to avoid that. No matter how great what you are saying is, it is always more fun for the other person if they are contributing too. As I had already been told throughout the weekend, my subcomms needed a bit of tweaking and particularly I need to be more aggressive with active subcomms. This was why my conversation had fizzled out with the girl I approached in front of Sterling. He broke it down for me and said that it was so frustrating to watch as she had stayed with me alone despite her friends coming by and leaving twice, so clearly had some interest. I just hadn’t pushed the boundaries far enough, soon enough. I definitely understood what he meant because he had whispered in my ear near the end of the conversation “try and kiss her” which I did and failed. It felt quite out of the blue to do that whereas when I began to implement the active subcomms in conversations later in the night, it felt more like a natural progression. So much so that one girl later on (whose boyfriend was in the club) couldn’t resist kissing me when the use of active subcomms had gradually built sexual tension between us.

    The seminar then moved onto sexualisation of the conversation. I am not very sexually experienced for my age and didn’t feel that comfortable with this kind of conversation in the past. We learned how to set the tone that sex is very normal/natural using both a serious and a more playful vibe. There was an interesting discussion about way sex is treated by society and how girls are very reluctant to reveal or act on their fantasies because of this.

    Sterling, who is a great speaker, then talked about warm and passionate conversation. To illustrate the theory, he told the story of my career (something I am often quite awkward about explaining to people) as if it was his own. He showed how to deliver the story in a passionate way. This demonstrated that it is a learned skill and he gave us some specific action items for how to develop it.

    By the end of the third day I felt like I had been given the full toolkit for how to improve out relationships with women. No doubt there are a tonne of specific areas that would need more time to be broken down in more depth – day game, dates, relationships to name a few. However, the most important principles were covered very well and it felt like a very complete course.


    I feel a lot more confident with an aspect of my life (girls/sex) that was previously lagging behind basically all other aspects. The bootcamp is probably the best investment I have every made. In the few days since, I’ve had more consistent success in meeting hot girls than ever before in my life. In no way do I feel I’m being melodramatic when I say that this weekend was potentially life changing for me. Still haven’t got laid here yet so there is a long way to go and a lot of work to do!


    To keep the structure of this review fairly organized, I’ve avoided going into depth on the guys who ran and participated in the bootcamp up until this pont. However as with a lot of things of life, the real key in making this experience so phenomenal were the people involved.

    Venture – I found Venture easy to relate to since he comes from a fairly similar background and culture as me. He added great anecdotal stories to illustrate the theory during seminar times. He will definitely tell you how it is, direct and to the point, but is a friendly and funny guy when you talk to him with. On top of this his attitude is very professional. He took responsibility to make sure we were all happy with the amount of demos and attention we were getting at night. He is inspirational to meet. In the context of where he was just a few years ago, the aura he has of the coolest guy in the club wherever he goes is unbelievable.

    Sterling – Lead the teaching in the seminars and has a real ability at it. He is obviously a very smart guy and a lot of times the smartest people don’t make the best teachers but Sterling is an exception. It’s pretty insane how he was able to break down how to be an attractive guy and good conversationalist into simple models. As I already explained, a couple parts of his story really hit home with me. A few years ago he was on his way to what society would judge as a prestigious, successful career. The fact that he has been able to transform his life and have the career that he actually wants is something a lot of people could learn from. Was also great at giving me feedback both during the night portions and the following day.

    Laby – Like Venture a very big guy with real presence, which is perhaps intimidating until you talk to him and realize he is a really cool guy. He took me aside both nights to work with me which was appreciated and was very quick to notice where I was going wrong (basically not aggressive enough.) He showed me how to rectify that and gave me a great advice about smelling a girls hair which I have used to good effect since! He was super encouraging throughout and also chipped in with useful insight during the seminars.

    Vybe – Instantly likeable guy. It was Vybe who lead the seminar session on humour on day 2 and it was clear why. He is a really funny guy laid down the foundations of humour in a way I had never seen before or ever would have thought about consciously. He basically teaches you how to joke with people you have just met the way you do with your friends. My conversations ended up being a lot more fun on the second night as a result of this. Had a great chat with him at the end of the second night. He was super encouraging of my progress and gave me a few pointer in things I would never have noticed I was doing wrong (e.g. tapping a girl on the shoulder rather than a firmer touch). It was also cool to talk to him a bit about my insecurities and apprehension in signing up and the pathetic feeling you get when you do so, something he was able to relate to.

    Vici – I didn’t work with Vici a whole lot but in the few brief chats he was a very helpful and cool guy. Watched me do one approach on the first night and gave good feedback. Also sent me a great meme to use on a girl whose number I’d got ☺

    Mr M – Again, I didn’t work with Mr M too much but he seemed a very cool guy. Bought me a drink on the second night which was appreciated. Cheers!


    We were really lucky to work with guys at a stage in Project Rockstar when their game had been fine tuned to a really high level. They were a very friendly bunch of guys and it was really great to meet people who were in similar situations to myself just a few months before. I could relate to a lot of their problems very well. So many of them chipped in with something useful or interesting during the weekend. Special thanks to (someone shoot me a pm if there is a better way to anonymise) :

    H****a – Taught some of the seminar sections (as well as regularly chipping in during other sections) and gave great explanations using both theory and examples. Talked to him a decent amount during downtime about life and he gave me some really good advice with where to go with game after the bootcamp is over. He also had a few problems similar to me that he has more or less totally ironed out which demonstrates what is possible. Cool guy

    S***r – another really likeable guy who gave me great tips throughout and answered a few questions I had very well. Taught during the seminar and was great at breaking down the material. Also went out of his way to encourage me during the night and gave me a tonne of good feedback

    A**n – Could definitely relate to this guy. Had a conversation with him on the way home after night two where we talked about our backgrounds and we have quite a lot in common. Helpful and a cool dude.

    B**d – another guy who went way beyond the call of duty in helping me at night. He even spent a tonne of time helping me improve me on the Sunday night when the bootcamp was officially over. Has a really aggressive style which I could definitely learn from!

    B****t – Didn’t work with him a huge amount but chatted and he was a very chill guy. He is coming to my city in a couple of weeks so hopefully will tear it up with him then!

    B***o – Watched me on the first night without me knowing it and subsequently gave me great feedback on what I was doing body language wise and how to correct it. Seemed a very friendly, cool guy

    The two other students were also great guys who seemed to get a tonne out of the weekend too. Watching them both in action was useful in encouraging me to push myself.

    Thanks to all involved, it was truly an amazing weekend!

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    My review

    Here is my turn.

    maad_alex and ontothenext1 said lots of great things so I will not repeat lots of things they say. By the way, maad_alex and ontothenext1|: it was great to be a student with you guys.

    Before the bootcamp I was stressed and I was asking myself things like|: «|What am I doing here ?|, «|Should I really go there ?|» …But after the bootcamp I can say that you learn a lot. Of course you learn logical things, but you also learn emotionnaly things and you can't learn them by reading only.

    I was also stressed because there were 6 instructors and all the rockstars (and 2 others students). So I thought it would be difficult to tell my story in front of so many people. Well it was, but they also shared a lot of personnal things we (the students) can relate to and they were really trying to help during the bootcamp by finding our difficulties and a way to solve them (well, the opposite of telling us we are stupid dudes doing everything wrong and that we would never be able to succeed and that they are gods ...).

    DAY 1

    Main focuse on the day|: masculinity, organic talk, openers and transition.
    I had problem with masculinity. I told the mentors and they explained again. I think it takes time to understand what they explained for that because it's more a feeling rather than something to do.
    Organic talk was great and explained how you would talk to a friend to apply it with women. I need to work on that but that was really helpful.
    Openers|: only direct for tonight which is what I want to do. But the part with how you deliver it was important and well explained !

    First night|: I was stressed and excited at the same time because I never opened a girl directly in a nightclub and because I had no success in nightclubs when I was younger so I stoped going there. But that's something I want to be good at.

    To keep it short|:
    - I never thought I would be able to open a girl directly but I did it 2 minutes after being in the night club.
    - I thought women would not react really well to a direct opener|: WRONG !
    - I opened lots of women, got rejected of course but had also great talks (The second women I talked to gave me her number without me asking for it). To continue to open after some rejections really help to deal with approach anxiety (but you have to live that, understanding it mentally doesn't help|: so do it yourself or go to a bootcamp if it is your problem).

    So it was hard being there but the goal for the night was simple (I mean it's good it was simple) and I learned a lot about approach anxiety (of course I still have to learn on it ...)

    There was always someone to talk to or ask advice during the night (6 instructors + rockstars !). They were giving feedbacks during the night to be better. They were also giving instructions while I was in some sets.

    Day 2

    debrief|: great explanations and great talk with Noor H. He had some of my issues (and even worse on others) and explained to me how to deal with it. From that point I'm doing the exercises he gave me everyday !

    Main focus|: subcommunication and fun/flirtatious.
    Subcommunication is really important and I learned a lot there. It was well explained.
    The fun/flirtatious part was also great.

    Second night|:
    This time I felt really stressed and my voice was broken from the first night. I had no problem to talk to girls the first night but I had to speak louder than I'm used to. So|: broken voice (when I came back home after the bootcamp, everyone asked me if I was ill …). And because english is not my first language it was even harder|! And because we had to add fun/subcomms to our talks I really didn't felt in state.

    To keep it short|:
    - I approached lots of girls (again rejections and great talks) and saw some great demos. I really need to thank Noor H here. He was with me all the night, telling me to open the sets, really trying to understand what happened to give me some advice. He also showed me some demos. And Noor H taught us things during the seminar and it was really clear. This man has to become an instructor|! I would not have learned that much without him.
    - You don't need to be into state to succeed|: great demo from venture !
    - It's really easier than I thought to touch a girl in a nightclub and you can go really fast. I had a girl in my arms just after the opener but I did something wrong 5 minutes later and she ask a friend to come, but she didn't left. Lesson learned|: if a girls says no or something goes wrong|: everything is not always finished. I already know that thing but to live it is really different.
    - Sexualization (just throught jokes here) really help to seduce. A girl reaction to me changed when I started to make fun about sexual stuff (5 minutes after the opener). It's the same with subcomms, but again you have to live them, not understand them, so do a bootcamp.
    - I saw a joke with S***R when he told a girl I was his boyfriend. I thought this would never work but it did.

    Of course it's only a small part of what you learn during that kind of night.

    Day 3

    Focus of the day|: warmth and sexualization
    Again, lots of great things to learn.

    And, we had a bonus nigth with the rockstars on sunday|! That shows that these people are really great people to be around and that they really want you to be better|! I saw more demos that night.


    Will this bootcamp explain everything|? Of course no. No daygame, no focus on SNLs, no explanations on how to become a social person or how to have a great life... But that's not the goal for a 3 days bootcamp.
    But it will explain how to become a natural (if you do your work after the bootcamp of course !) with a model that you can think about when you are in sets, and you also have all the important things to focus on.
    For the seminar I miss 2 things|:
    - more short examples of things to say for fun/flirtatious, sexualization ... (for the begining only because simplified natural is being yourself with YOUR jokes … but to know what works is really helpfull. I would have never thought that some of the examples they gave us would work and thus I would have never tried them if I wasn't told to say them).
    - Something written instead of taking notes.

    But those 2 things are really little things compared to what you get.

    If you have done lots of approach before the bootcamp to be able to deal with approach anxiety it would be better but don't use it as an excuse to not do the bootcamp. And if you can't deal with approach anxiety, this bootcamp will help (well, it did for me).

    You learn a lot during that kind of bootcamp. I can't compare it to a normal bootcamp (attraction, qualification, comfort ...) but I read some of those things and simplifed natural is really a model easy to take into practice. Well, to master it is something else but you won't have to focus on lots of things at the same time and so it will be easier to learn it. And it focuses on all the important things to do|!

    Alos it's about becoming the man you have inside yourself|: not hiding your intent, not opening with opinion opener (well it is also possible to do that if that's what you really want to ask, but you will not hide yourself behind that if you find a girl attractive !).

    So I highly recommend the simplified natural bootcamp (instead of the normal bootcamp with attraction, qualification ...). And I highly recommend the one in stockholm (because you will get lors of attention and you will always see someone doing a demo) with the rockstars. They were really great. I need time to really be myself with people, so I didn't speak as much as I wanted with them (except Philip B and Noor H) but that is the kind of people I want to surround myself. I meet so many people that focus their lives on problems and don't try to be better and to find solutions. So meeting people who want to be their best selves but also want their friends to be their best selves was really inspiring.

    Thanks to all of you guys, and a special thank to Noor H (you have to become an instructor !) and to Philip B (that was fucking great to spend time with you).

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