Looking to Sarge in the South Florida area!

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  1. Looking to Sarge in the South Florida area!

    Sup fellas,

    so I've been reading the materials, I'm socially comfortable and don't have much of a problem opening sets and generally talking to girls.

    I'm looking for a wingman to Sarge in the Miami Area, any day of the week really. Bars and Day game, don't really matter.

    PM or reply here and we'll exchange contacts/set up a lair.

  2. Seriously fellas, don't be shy, I need a wingman and you need a wingman.

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    Hey man. I can be your wingman. I live in Miami.
    I know the basis, just need to get out to practice and internalize my skill set. It'd be great to have a partner.
    Just ask...

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    Hi there

    I'm a PUA from Brasil visiting miami next weak, i don't know no one in the city so im looking for a wing.

    I`ve been playing for two years, im good ( not perfect but preaty good)

    if you want , text me (i have a american Phone number from denver...)

    720 326 7017

    see ya


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    Hey guys,
    I'm putting together a groupme for miami peeps interested in improving their social/conversation/pick-up/people skills. Its supposed to be a tool for support, tips, and meetups and find wingmen. If you're interested, text me your number so that I could add you

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