Fader Bootcamp - Seattle, March 2013

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    Fader Bootcamp - Seattle, March 2013

    First I was very lucky to be in the Bootcamp as there was a last minute opening and was able to jump in. This means I was not able to make it to the seminar part on time and lost more than 2 hours. Fader volunateered to make up for those hours as a courtesy and well that was the greatest benefit. I was not much interested in Night Game and though it was a night game bootcamp, Fader was totally brillaint, where he was keeping regular class on track, while dropping in pointers for day game which absolutely was great having personal attention.
    I was not loud and Fader pushed me in the bootcamp to practice...showed me how to jump in without thinking much. Plus the a clear demonstartion he did for push-pull and when and how to do it over the lunch with a waitress was great!! Infact he demonstarted parts of game at time and agian outsite the infield location to help us make distinctions.
    Biggest thing he did for me was break things in small parts and I agree to 1 more person in the class, that he gave us structure.
    Fader is aswesome, and I would say indespensible if you are looking for something into learning what he specializes in.

  2. Fader Bootcamp Seattle 3/13

    Fader does an awesome job teaching you what it takes to be the man that girls both want to be around and sleep with. And by that I don't mean he teaches you to be someone else. His insights on inner game are amazing. He works harder than just about anyone I've met and made this both a fun and intensely useful weekend. This weekend was incredible and all I can say is I wish I had done this years ago. Thanks for everything

  3. Fader Bootcamp - Seattle, March 2013

    This review is long overdue but the length of time taken to consider what I have done after this experience shows how I have used the knowledge gained here through his bootcamp.

    When I came to this weekend session I had read on the Attraction Forums how to best attend one of these events. There are no recording devices allowed and a notebook too small will result in an immediate correction by the instructor (a taste of whatís to come from this weekend). At the end of the session I collected up 29 pages of notes and still reference them, and still have to get through the tomes of books I have to read, but I am getting there. The amount of knowledge passed on over the 3 day session is incredible, and if you read through those books in the order he lists them you will learn how to transform yourself into the confident and COMPETENT individual you need to be.

    The boot camp part came during the practical exercise sessions in the club. I have been through Marine Corps boot camp and the ass kicking Fader gave me reminded me of some key moments during that time of my life. I make mistakes from time to time and tend to learn from my experiences the hard way. I believe he knew this and preceeded to dig into my stubbornness and teach the lesson that needed to be learned. My smile was fucked up and weird and made me look nervous and creepy. He immediately worked on convincing me how bad it was and how I was perceived, but kept pushing me to try and to open more sets. Learning on the fly about these mistakes is hard, and it can hurt if you donít have the right mindset but I was there to learn. The next day during the review of the eveningís sets he demonstrated again how bad this was and I have to admit it was pissing me off getting embarassed in front of the other students, but again I was there to learn and get better. I can tell you after applying what I learned I had more success on the second night. I recall him telling me I looked very focused and intense and that worked in my favor; stupid smile gone. The second night yielded more success and I ended up with 2 numbers that night. I could have had more but I paused feeling satisfied for a while and just let a bunch of hot girls pass me by. That does not stand when you are in a Love Systems boot camp. Fader chewed me out pretty good, I whined for a bit and got back out there again. This dude doesnít mess around and invests solely in making you succeed as much as possible. He truly lives his philosophy of ĎPlay to Winí! The results that follow lead to a lot of fun! I have a blast when I go out now:-).

    After that weekend I started to dig into the books he suggested we read and started to go through a transformation that has significantly improved my situation. People send me articles on dating and tips for guys all the time, but I truly believe after going through this course and the materials that diving into books will give you a more complete picture of the subject material and wonít leave you wondering what to do where, why, and how. I very rarely have inner game issues any more but thatís due to both the knowledge I am using out of those books and practicing as much as I can. Am I perfect at my game? Of course not. Have I made very significant improvements over the last 6 months because of the weekend I had the privilege of learning from Fader? Absolutely! Donít miss out learning from this guy.

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    Wow it was hard to believe this bootcamp was 2 years ago already. I am still in touch with 2 of the students and 1 has turned into a really close friend. I am doing my final Seattle workshop next weekend.
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