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    Hi guys,

    I'm a 25-year-old Briton and I'm going to live and work in Nuremberg for the next 18 months or so (depending on my job). I've been playing the Game for some years now and would like to find a dedicated group of wing men in Nuremberg to go out and sarge with. "Dedicated" would ideally mean a tight-knit group of 3-4 mates, going out at least twice per week + to different locations and actually approaching girls instead of talking theory all night long. Ich bin beruflich oefters in Deutschland und halte mein Deutsch fuer recht passabel.

    So, is there an active PU scene in Nuremberg? I know there used to be a group which met every Saturday in front of Ludwigskirche but I think it split up - any infos on that?



  2. hey Vale,

    i'm a 27yo american, been here for a year and a half. i guess it depends what kind of locations you want to scout, but i think around here its easier to meet girls if you go out with just a wing, or in a mixed group. also, generally chicks prefer to be approached in german, then you can switch to english in most cases without a problem.

    hit me up when you get here.

  3. hey guys,

    just curious if there's interest from other cats in the forum. send me a pm and we can arrange a meetup sometime. my crib is walking distance from the altstadt so works great for a pregame.

  4. Hey guys,

    sounds like fun. I'm from Nuremburg too and I work at a club here. I would love to hang out some time but I'll be going to Thailand tomorrow Feel free to PM me i'll be back in September.

  5. #5

    Gonna resurrect this thread to see if you guys are still interested. I'm an American, 21y living in Vilseck and I go to Nurnberg on the weekends sometimes.
    My German isn't great, but I'm definitely willing to see if there's some local PUAs around.

  6. Hey guys,

    I also seek for wings in the area (Nuremberg – Erlangen – Bamberg). At the moment I’m more into DayGame. But bars are also fine for me.

    Feel free to pm me!

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