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  1. Rooshv?

    Any of you guys seen rooshv's material,bang,day bang

    What's your thoughts.


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    His stuff is legit for guys looking for an outer game framework of what to do. He can't write for shit if you are looking for entertainment, and I didn't even make it through his Paraguay book because I was looking for structured learning. I read his Bang Colombia book (the only thing I could find on the subject) he was absolutely spot on with respect to dissecting the culture there. I'm not sure about his other travel books, but for anyone headed to another country, see if he has a book on it and it's definitely worth at least a read.

    Personally, I like the more structure approach of MB and/or Revelation, but that's just me. Bang is definitely worth the money and definitely worth studying for a month if your goal is to get laid as fast as possible.

  3. I like his Day Bang book for the mechanical aspects of how to approach during the day (outer game as the previous reply said). His framework is simple, learnable, and pretty effective. Can't really comment on his other stuff.

  4. Awesome books, the easiest to learn from for a beginner but also have plenty of valuable information for more advanced pickup connoisseurs. Also recommended are his travel guides.

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    I think he's good and he knows of course what's working for him best.

    However I am one of these who actually believe that women have not changed during the 10 years and that Mystery Method still works and that's what I use. That's even what Love System pretty much teaches, just changed some things after stealing it from Mystery himself (you can find stuff about it by using Google).

    I like that RooshV takes into consideration some sociologic aspects when he writes bang books, but his website Return of Kings is kind of poisoning for the game because it has many authors and some woman hate there can actually make you more of an AFC...

  6. I don't really agree with some of his more spiteful views, but he knows what he is talking about in general and I believe he is authentic.

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    He's ok, but I agree with bjornen... he's too spiteful and literally misogynistic, treating women like rats and shit. A lot of the stuff on Return of Kings sounds like it is written by spiteful, whiny little boys with emotional problems, not men.

    He makes some good points, but unfortunately they're all cloaked within the aforementioned framework. I don't think you have to stoop down to that level to be successful with women, and a lot of the attitudes he projects are self-destructive in the long term.


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