Vol. 84 Utilizing Female Friends (Future, Cajun, Tenmagnet & Starlight)

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    Vol. 84 Utilizing Female Friends (Future, Cajun, Tenmagnet & Starlight)

    Finding a good wing can be a huge difference-maker in your game by helping you demonstrate social proof, opening and introducing you to girls, and perhaps most importantly occupying your girl's friend(s). It's no secret that the best kind of wing is often a very solid female wing. Even if you don't use wingwomen, it is helpful to teach your female friends how to present you in an attractive light when they introduce you to their own female friends. On this special interview featuring four instructors, you will learn how to effectively utilize a wingwoman as well as your other female friends in order to improve your game.

    Some of the questions answered on this interview are:

    • What should you look for in a wingwoman?
    • How do you properly use a wingwoman?
    • What are the do's and dont's of utilizing female wings/friends?
    • What kind of reputation do you want to cultivate by employing female friends?
    • What type of introduction do you want from a woman?
    • What kind of openers should wingwomen use? Should they go direct or indirect?
    • Should you purposely "friend zone" girls to help you with your game?
    • What is better- a wingman or wingwoman?
    • Is there a downside to having too many female friends?

    Quotes From The Interview

    "The best female wing is the best wing"
    "Women are less likely to reject another woman"
    "The driving force of the relationship between me and my best wingwoman was never sex"
    "Assuming they're good looking and cool and have social intuition, they can really do a lot to make it easier to open girls and bring other people over to your group and run game on them"

    To get you're copy of this product just click here, to write you're own customer review of this product just make a new reply post within this thread.

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    Gave this one a listen soon as I got the download as it sounded like a really good and useful topic and it doesn't disappoint.
    There is a lot more to 'wing women' which this interview has taught me then I what I ever thought there would be, it is very in depth and the questions and points raised aren't rushed through, it really goes into all area's of using a wing woman and any questions you may be thinking to yourself you would ask these guys if you were there are raised and answered which I thought was great.
    They cover everything like how to best use wing women and using them in all kinds of situations from all girl sets to mixed sets, I also really liked the detail they went into regarding things like gaining reputations as a possible 'player'

    Anyone wanting or thinking of getting 'girlfriends' to help them open girls will really find this interview useful

    My favourite quote from the interview was on the topic of when you're wing woman is talking you up to other girls she's talking to which really had me thinking...."When women say something about a guy it can mean something different to women then if a guy said it.. when a woman say's "he's nice" well when a guy say's "he's nice" it can mean something completely different then if a woman says it to another woman, there's a different sort of communication going on."
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