Wingman Copenhagen/Malmo (Little Experience, Daygame)

Hey guys
Looking for someone to wing with during daytime in Copenhagen or Malmo
Sometimes you have shit days, during those days we can push eachother and turn them into amazing shit days.
I've got limited experience, been doing this for 1 Ż months, once everyweek, for 6-7 hours each time. Some of those days I approached like a machine for hours, some other days I'd walk around for hours without doing one single direct approach and when I finally did I'd only do 5-10. I can't keep set for very long, cause I haven't figured what to say after direct opener ;/. They smile and seem to become quiet happy, I mean they usually smile or laugh when they leave, I should probably reapproach but I don't know what to say after that. That's alittle about my experience.
So if anyone wants to wing, experience dosen't matter aslong as you're determined to become good, send me a PM or reply here