Vol. 82 Dating Multiple Women (Cajun, Calabrese, & Erik Royale)

One of the signs that you are getting good at game is when you have a "full pipeline" or are dating the maximum amount of girls that you can handle at once. Many guys aspire to date multiple girls at once as each girl generally offers something different from the others that keeps you interested. However, many girls at some point will develop feelings for you and become uncomfortable with your situation, at which point you may be forced to break it off with her or the others. On this interview, join legendary instructors Cajun and Calabrese along with rising star Erik Royale, as they reveal the pros and cons of dating multiple women, and the best ways to go about it.

Some of the questions answered on this interview are:

• How do you frame it when dealing with multiple women?
• are the pros and cons of dating multiple women?
• How do you vocalize boundaries with multiple women?
• How do you maintain relationships with multiple women?
• How do you avoid falling into the boyfriend role?
• Should you answer honestly when asked if you're seeing other girls?
• Should you become Facebook friends with the women that you're simultaneously dating?
• What is the best way to break it off with a particular girl if she gets too needy/demanding/time consuming?

Quotes From The Interview

"When you have three girls that you can call at any point to come over to your house, you don't give a fuck if one rejects you at a bar."

"No matter how you frame it, it eventually goes on to "what are we?"

"Even with the best relationship-setting frames possible, you're going to end up hurting some people sometimes."
Erik Royale

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