How to answer to this?

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    How to answer to this?

    I met a girl a few weeks ago that I liked (not one itis, no worries). I got her number and we've been texting a bit back and forth. I wanted to turn it into a date, so I talked about my friend (female) and I were cooking for eachother and next time it is my turn and if she had any ideas about what to make. I did mention that the girl was just a friend and actually the gf of a good friend of mine. Should I have mentioned that or not?

    Anyway here are the last two messages, after she suggested to make scampis with some kind of sauce.

    Me: Apparently you're the scampi-specialist, maybe you should show me the recipe? I'll show you one of my favourites too
    Her: Haha, I don't have time right now though! But I'm sure you'll do fine (she sent this 8 hours later, while the other message she sent me, were always less than 15 min after my message to her)

    So basically she is saying no, but trying to let me down softly, right? How can I turn this into a yes? I was thinking about answering this:

    'Haha, I didn't mean right away, I don't have time for the rest of the week either. But maybe we can get together next week? If not, your loss, I was just about to teach you my famous stuffed tomatoes with risotto... '

    Is that a good response? Any tweaks or suggestions?

    A big thanks in advance.

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    Ok, I sent her an answer, here it is:

    Me: So you're the one that woke me at 1 am I didn't mean right away, my week is full as well But maybe next week or the week after that? It seemed nice to me to talk a bit face to face.
    Her: Haha, we shall see, my exams are coming...
    Her: And sorry!
    Me: Haha, no problem, make sure you pass this time Your loss, I was about to have you taste my rissotto with stuffed tomatoes
    Her: Yummmiiiieeeee!
    Her: And hey! I didn't say no! I can't plan that far ahead right now because I need to see how good my studying is going.

    So basically she said no, but she wants to keep her options open, if I understood it well? Because, plannning for next week doesn't seem that far ahead to me... How do I go from here?

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    Ping in between, Get her on the damn phone once a week.

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    She sent a text that she'll probably be free tuesday, but that she still has to confirm it. So I guess that's a date I think that the 'Haha no problem, your loss' helped to turn the situation around.

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    An update and a question:

    So I'll send the rest of the conversation first:

    Her: And hey! I didn't say no! I can't plan that far ahead right now because I need to see how good my studying is going.
    Me: Haha, it did come across like that though But ok, make a suggestion when you're available.
    (no answer)
    next day:
    Me: Stress for? (she had a facebook status up mentioning that she was stressed out about something)
    Her: A test
    Her: The first one at KHL! (it's the new college she's attending)
    (blablabla about the test and getting a date that fits both of us)
    Her: How about Tuesday night?
    Her: Around 6-6.30 pm? I'll help cook of course
    Her: I'd prefer 6 pm, because at 8 pm, I'm going swimming...
    Me: I'm working right now, I'll answer tomorrow.
    Her: Ok

    So that's where we are right now, I sent her the text that I was working (which I really was). I have no idea if I should just say ok, or mention something about the swimming and her only giving me 2 hours?

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    Oops, accidently pushed back and then refresh which made my previous post, getting sent again.

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