Anyone from Bahrain interested in Daygame?

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  1. Anyone from Bahrain interested in Daygame?

    Anyone from bahrain interested in daygame, pm me.

  2. anybody in bahrain pm me lets sarge..

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    I used to live in Bahrain and ran a lot game on Filipino chicks working at City Centre Mall. A lot of the Bahraini girls seemed kind of scared to be seen getting approached so I did mostly nightgame with them. Club 338 was the best spot to meet solid 10's but you have to bring strong game and learn some arabic it will go a long way. PM me if you want some more tips, I used to crush it out there.

  4. Thx will msg you

  5. Hey Ozuye , I m relocating to Bahrain and want to practice my game. I am a beginner at this and any kind of tips will be helpful. Thanks

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    Anyone from Bahrain interested in Daygame

    Anyone out there interested in building a new website which will link all the global networks working on ways to restore climate and landscapes by recoupling water and carbon using plants??

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