Vercetti Day Game Bootcamp - London, September 2012 (w/ Labyrinth, Farmer)

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    Vercetti Day Game Bootcamp - London, September 2012 (w/ Labyrinth, Farmer)

    I just had the September 2012 Bootcamp with Vercetti in London, winged by Labyrinth & Farmer.

    Well guys, where shall I start from? I had so many emotions through-out the weekend. If anyone is thinking about setting off his journey with Love Systems, I hope my experience can help to make the right decision.

    I am going to list down a few points after my training program, let’s start.

    - First of all, thank you to Jeremy, Love Systems Program Manager,
    for his kindness and patience in clarifying all my questions about which program to take. I strongly suggest getting in touch with Jeremy if any of you guys has doubts or questions about what training program is the best for you.

    - A big thank you to Vercetti.
    I had heard a lot about this guy, about his body language, about him moving through the crowd with his dominant posture that made him irresistible. Everything is true. He is also a Real Master Instructor, the way he explained any single concept in great details, with passion and examples is absolutely incredible. I was impressed about his deep knowledge of any different aspect of the Game, not just Day Game. He gave me a lot of exercises and self diagnosis tools to bring at home to improve my skills. I want just to mention one thing when at the end of the week end, I was asking him how I could have given him something back as gratitude. The answer was: “Lots of emails, where you talk about your extraordinary success”.

    - Thanks to Labyrinth.
    He showed me some inspiring demos in the field, he gave me useful fashion tips and enforced my passion for true-10s. This guy is absolutely passionate and professional in teaching. Thank you also for the Phone Game tips, which I am experimenting right now, and it really works!

    - Thanks also to Farmer,
    for his demos in the field and for the constant support during the In-field session, also thank you for sharing some ideas on how to “silently” approaching women in the train! Inspiring.

    - The In-field time with instructors is invaluable, and really it is.
    There is something that you will never figure out about what you do wrong, what you need to improve, etc., unless the eye of someone who has superior knowledge about seduction runs over you.

    - My main achievements from the Seminars.
    I would mention just 2. Number 1 - Getting a great deal of tailored advice: the instructors got to know me very well and quickly spotted my particular situation, understanding my goals and coming up with a tailored plan of actions.
    Number 2 - Getting to know and understanding the Instructors journey from when they started to when they achieved mastery - with a huge number of real life examples. Having a model right there in front of you is a massive incentive.

    - It was both hard work and fun.
    The Seminar was intense and there was a variety of topics to cover. There were a lot of interactions, but everything with enthusiasm. Then the In-field is also fun. Yes, the pressure is on, but the Instructors are good at getting you over it and motivate you, focusing on the process rather than on the results. The results will come when the process is executed properly.

    - Any level is fine to start from.
    Yes, absolutely true. I was wondering if it was too early / too late to take a bootcamp. No matter what level you are. We were a group of students with different goals, age and at different stages of our journey. The coaches carefully selected material for us and addressed it at an individual basis (both during the Seminar and in the In-field).

    Finally, I want to remark again my gratitude to all my Instructors, for their dedication, profoundness and honesty in any tip they game me.



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    To Adventure

    Hey mate, it was an absolute pleasure working with you! One of the impressive things about you as I mentioned was your attitude and enthusiasm that you brought to the training, you absorbed and implemented fast!

    Keep me posted and as I said I'm looking forward to hearing your epic stories!


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