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    How much is a 10 day bootcamp again ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by job20 View Post
    How much is a 10 day bootcamp again ?
    $ 11,997

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo_9 View Post
    I like the sound of this! How did you guys manage to squeeze it into 3 days? I'm already 75% sure I will attend this (its the only one I can "afford"). Without making you repeat yourself too much as you've already said much about "Simplified Natural" on this thread, what do you guys hope to achieve in 3 days? If I did manage to get on this program, it would be the first ever PUA thing I have ever done, so i'm kind of curious to know whats involved.
    I can speak to this. When I was coming up through Love Systems, I quickly learned that a blend of instruction, exercise and practice in the right environment lead to a greatly accelerated learning curve. That's the whole premise of my and Venture's programs.

    On the 10-day we provide roughly 4 days of hardcore Simplified Natural instruction, then spend the remaining 6 working, debriefing, re-working, debriefing, practice, re-working the material over and over. It's usually around Day 7 - Day 8 where the students make their biggest leaps forward, by which point the material has thoroughly marinated into their learning. Deep level identity change is what we're going for.

    To squeeze the curriuclum down into 3 days, we selectively cut out parts that do accelerate your learning, but weren't absolutely necessary. I'll give you an example. There's a segment on one of the day's of instruction where we work through retelling your life story in a way that is genuine and naturally attractive. During the 10-day, we individually work with each student over the course of the week to perfect a bespoke narrative for each of the students (it's not a monologue, it's more a manner of communicating your actual life). For the 3-day, we will still go in depth into what goes into the whole mix, and we'll make sure you thoroughly understand it, but we've had to cut out the heavy individual working, re-working, and further re-working of everyone's personal stories. But you'll still have a basis for working it out over the coming weeks after program. Another example is organic conversation. We'll spend 2-3 hours on Day 1 of the 3-day program going through our unique take on it, whereas on the 10-day the segment makes up the entire first day.

    Another thing -- a normal 3-day BC has seminar scheduled from 2pm-7pm daily. Ours will likely be starting around 1pm and running likely till 7:30pm-8pm. We're even talking about starting Day 1 at noon. It's more work on our part, but we want to make sure we are doing this right, so it's something that may be necessary.

    As an analogy, the 3-day BC will give you the full map, teaches you how to read the map effectively, and will guide you down the first 5 steps via the in-filed instruction, etc... The 10-day BC gives you the same map, spends extra time making sure you understand every angle and marking on the map, and then guides you down the first 15 steps via the constant in-field instruction and full-immersion for such and extended period of time. Project Rockstar gives you the roadmap, burns it into your psyche by gluing your eyes open in front of it for 9 weeks, waterboards you until you're able to recite every detail of it from scratch, then sets the map on fire. On Rockstar your'e taken the full 100 steps to mastery (aka instructor standard) via living with us, the 60+ nights of in-field, etc... (a.k.a. being selected for Project Rockstar is like winning the lottery).

    As to what to expect, you'll get out of the 3-day what you put into it. It is more than enough to guide you in the direction where if you put forth the effort afterwards and run down the path with the same fervor as a Nike commercial, you will change your life in more ways than you can imagine. That's why I did, and that's what Venture did. It's been a fast ascent to the top, and we're blessed for that, but at the end of the day, we are both the byproduct of the 3-day bootcamp we each took back in 2010. To reiterate, YOU will change your life in more ways than you can imagine.

    I strongly believe that the 3-day we've put together represents the best of what's out there. No one spends even close to the amount of time we do on program and in-field per year as Venture and I (over 100+ nights each). But at the end of the day, Venture and my 3-day, the 10-day, and Project Rockstar are [very expensive] guiding tools. That said, they represent the very forefront of the dating industry at the moment and are wildly effective, as shown in the exceptionally stellar reviews of our programs.

    Hope this helps.

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    Clear as a bell...not sure you could make it clearer for me even if you tried, i'm now 90% sure. remaining 10% is strictly financial...hope to see you in March!

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    Steps in the Evolution of Game 3.0 – The Incubator Bootcamp of March 2010

    Reading this fascinating thread reminds me of a seminal 5-day bootcamp, a kind of proto-Game 3.0, from March 2010, held in New York.

    These are my reviews threads. Read Sterling's post on it too, you can see the wheels turning in his head that will drive him to formulate Game 3.0.


    I concur with Sterling, this was a bootcamp like no other before.


    It started on a Thursday, with the energetic Braddock covering his greatest passion: Inner Game. The staff, and even students, were all-star. Braddock's reputation as a senior Lovesystems instructor and rabid dating researcher is well-known, and it was his weekend to shine. The concept of Inner Game was still developing in his mind, he had just come back from a Tony Robbin's weekend seminar, and was on fire!

    The regular BC followed the next day. He had huge staff assisting him, even though in his passion he still did most of the presenting. A new concept for running conversation called “Trigger Words” was introduced to replace canned routines (I am pleased about that. Never liked canned routines). Indirect openers were buried at that BC; direct had become the way to go.

    The assistant instructors were Carbeau (retired), Calabrese, Pendrixx, Big Business, and Dubbsy, all of whom took turns presenting material and conducting exercises, usually in their areas of expertise. Intrigue was my main approach coach; I was dazzled by him infield then, and blown away by seeing him now. The formal instruction and in-class instruction was awesome, and the infield guidance...and watching all these stars at work.....was amazing.

    There were a lot of students at various skill levels, both for infield and seminar-only, we almost spilled out into the hallway.

    There was this very talented and confident student among us whose moniker was “Sterling”. My jaw dropped when I saw the ballsy moves he was pulling off infield. “I've got to try that”, I thought, as he grabbed and isolated a short Oriental girl with a series of enthusiastic moves that would make Helicase proud, “I mean, Jeee-suz, if he can I can”. We had a chance to talk briefly, and he told me about his interest in attending Project Rockstar.

    Monday was a powerful tour-de-force presentation by Braddock on Social Circle Mastery, before the DVD set was even released. Braddock was still feeling driven by Day 5, and losing his voice. More new material to digest, more discoveries from the labs of the Lovesystems dating research scientists. It was overwhelming! I had huge gaps in my notes trying to get it all down, and was getting sore fingers from writing. And to top it all off, Future dropped in to talk about a brand-new development of his, Breakthrough Comfort, that would completely re-do what we thought about Comfort.

    I was utterly buzzed for weeks after coming back from NYC. Game had, yet again, changed.

    With Sterling a student at the time, in retrospect I was witnessing first-hand events that would lead to the further evolution of Game, as all those experts and specialists brought together cutting-edge knowledge of Game over an extended weekend, golden nuggets to be smelt into pure gold by the passion, brain and heart of Sterling.

    Thus was born Simplified Natural

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