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  1. Thank you, Future, thank you so much for giving an honest, right-to-the-point answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikemintz View Post
    I would say my underlying motivation is to learn, to gain knowledge from someone who could better explain me the situation.
    You are clearly the most closed minded person i have heard from on here, who has no interest in taking in anything that anyone in this thread and the reviews thread has stated. Instructors have written huge replies about their program on the first page that shows backbone and punch for the program they have developed and stand by. [MENTION=809]Future[/MENTION], one of the most respected guys in LS, has taken the time to try to explain his part of the picture to you and finally it has shown some clarity to you.

    This thread has captured the attention of thousands of guys and you have done nothing but making yourself look bad. Do you think anyone here is ever going to want to help you out after this? Do you think any past, present or future students of love systems will ever want to wing with you? No! There won't be many, especially by the ones who stand by Simplified Natural

    There has only been a small number of guys who have taken the Simplified Natural program and even if we don't all know each other there is a certain brotherhood that we all connect within. This is something you will never be a part of. We will not miss you!

  3. I don't think that standing for what you believe in - an inquiry, existing even after some previous related explanations - is bad in any possible way.

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    NONE of us need to post here and defend the programs (both the 10 day and PR). We choose to because we are absolute advocates, and have been positively affected by Love Systems and the amazing network of people involved.

    Can you please answer for the benefit of the masses; Have you attended a Love Systems bootcamp in any form?

    You have no right to poke holes in the costs associated with any of these programs having not had the experience, or (clearly) even read enough about them. YES there are cheaper ways to achieve all of these life aspects, but how about the most valuable commodity (as already mentioned) of TIME. Why does Donald Trump (or whoever the hell for that matter ‘insert successful person here’) use builders to construct his projects? By your logic he must be crazy… he could just take XYZillion years to draw plans, soil test, contour, engineer, dig piers, pour footings, start building a frame, lay bricks/concrete etc. etc. etc. – He could save a fortune! – quick somebody call his office now and tell him he is doing it wrong!

    At the same time as someone sets out to build something themselves, their TIME is eroding in the background. TIME is the only thing that all of us humans have in absolute equal. How this time is spent is what makes a life. Just like to be rich, you need to leverage your money in one way or another; TIME is something else that you can (and most definitely should) leverage. Coming back to the topic of these programs; through paying for these you are gaining the knowledge and experience of ALL of the people involved; each and every person has their own set of experience, successes, failures etc. that they have worked through, and without spending your own time going through these – you get them handed to you on a platter. E.g. 3 people with 5 years success & experience (in game, business etc.) is 15 years; would you rather live your own 15 years experimenting with all sorts of shit, or learn from others that are willing to transfer all of this to you, that have already achieved what you set out for? I know what I would rather do (and have done). But I digress…

    I don’t see how you possibly think that 10 days of intense game-centric training is not worth the $. It goes way beyond what the 3 day does. Why do we all go to school for year upon year? Surely we could just be taught everything in 3 years right? I understand what you are trying to say in that why do the 10 day when you could do the 3 day; Of all the people that attend any sort of life changing seminar, maybe 5% MAXIMUM actually go out and continue learning, experiencing and progressing (and this is exactly why you cannot buy a place in PR). Most people fall back into their boring existence because changing is too hard; it involves intense study and in field, and finding appropriate wings etc which is way too much for most people. We all love to give our time to help others, and we can teach you all a hell of a lot, but we cannot teach you motivation; ultimately this comes from within.

    The 10 day forces everyone attending to make permanent changes to their life, because it is long enough to prompt the formation of habit. 3 day seminars are just a taste, and if you are hungry enough you can take it as far as you want to (people like this are extremely rare however), but the 10 day takes anybody leaps and bounds beyond what they could do themselves in a short time frame because of the intensity and constant mentorship. I really don’t need to delve into this further; if it interests you then educate yourself as much as possible on it, only then ask questions; DO NOT subtlety infer that it is not of value. Put your money where your mouth is, then publicise it on a public forum.

    You said that people succeed without any of this – well of course they bloody do! But these programs sure as shit achieve what they set out to – rapid revolution of people’s lives. I know firsthand the effect on people lives because I have lived it all! I first flew across the other side of the world to do a bootcamp with [MENTION=71532]Vercetti[/MENTION]; following this I spent months in another country improving my game. Then back in Australia I took another BC (thanks to [MENTION=220392]Darwin[/MENTION]’s suggestion) with [MENTION=5518]Cajun[/MENTION] to get a different perspective and improve even further. This led to being selected for Project Rockstar; I had moderate success before all of this, but my life is just so much better now that I can’t possibly explain it all without sitting at this computer for hours wearing away my precious digits… My physique is the best it has even been, My business is going great (I made $10k last week), and I am dating an amazing girl that is a 10 by anyone’s standards. None of this would have come together if it were not for LS and all of the awesome people involved.
    Project Rockstar 2013

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    Game 3.0 is simply put, much better
    Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.

    - Theodore Roosevelt

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    Mikemintz be thankful that you've found this stuff at 20 rather than worrying about the difference between bootcamps.

    Nobody is forcing you to spend any of your money or time, so you don't have to worry about the price / value of a 10 day bootcamp. If you want value, a lot of the instructors have blogs with heaps of free stuff.

    I don't think that standing for what you believe in - an inquiry, existing even after some previous related explanations - is bad in any possible way.
    If you are inquisitive people will try to help. Unfortunately, some of your posts were (read) inquisitorial which has landed you deep in the let's not be friends zone.

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    Helicase had help me tremendously before, his game is AMAZING!!

  8. What I have learned:
    - Simplified Natural or 'Game 3.0' is only a name
    - It's the fastest way to learn game
    - The majority of its individual components were invented before
    - Although it's its conditions what make it effective

    What I would like to share:
    - It doesn't matter what you think (like/dislike a product) as much as WHY you think it

    What we could further discuss:
    - Lifestyle beats game - do we all agree on this one?
    (guys with o.k. game who has the right lifestyle are more successful in dating than guys with awesome game but poor lifestyle)

    - You don't need to have an instructor-level game if you have the right lifestyle - do we all agree?
    (it's nice and helpful if you have a game 4.0 level game, but it's not necessary to get results)

    - So, once you have reached a high enough level of game, your main priority should be your lifestyle - agree?

    - How much can your lifestyle change in a 10 day Simplified Natural bootcamp?

    I don't know.

    I'm not even completely sure what constitutes a 'supernova' lifestyle - financial independence? Purpose and passion? emotional fulfillment? Health? Fashion? Proximity to hot girls? Strong social circle? All the important areas of your life coming together and helping each other?

    What I know is: there are so many different lifestyle pathways - different careers aspirations, different social preferences, etc - that each case would be its own adventure; that lifestyle is not about quick fixes, but long lasting habits; that you need knowledge, but you need way more action; that, while there are ways to make it faster and better, at the end you should pay the cost to be the boss; that it ultimately depends upon you.

    I will let each person make their own conclusions; as for now, thank y'all for your time, patience and answers!

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    Wea stand behind what we teach. I truly believe it's the best. Like Braddock and Mr. M, I respect mastery. What we teach is a byproduct of an unbelievable amount of hard-earned hard work and experience. There aren't many who have been blessed with the opportunity to soak in so much of everyone within the LS umbrella as we. I've sat through Future's BC more times than I can count on a full set of hands - and by sat through, I mean diligently taking notes, absorbing each piece of information, then circulating it over and over in my mind. I've done the same for Braddock, Mr. M, Cajun, Tenmagnet, Jeremy Soul, and to an extent Fader. This was back in 2010.

    The following summer I met other instructors on Project Rockstar 2011. His path to success was slightly different from mine, it came from hours and hours of beating on his craft in-field. By the time we met we had each put in enough hours in-field/teaching/on-program in less than one year than most people do in 5. I was teaching full bootcamps as a WA, Gary was pulling super models as a WA. This is within 5 months of our first BC as students. Then came Project Rockstar 2011 - 60 additional day and nights of going out, and another full run of the full Love Systems repertoire from all its instructors.

    We very quickly came into our own as instructors. We've never rested on our laurels and continue to put in ridiculous amounts of time and effort into driving our success even further. Between Rockstar and the three 10-day programs we run each year, we spend close to 100 days of the year on-program, in seminar, or in-field. That's the equivalent of teaching over 33 standard 3-day bootcamps (a.k.a. one 3-day bootcamp every 1.5 weeks with no break).

    I have a natural talent for breaking down game, refining it into practical, teachable pieces, and teaching it in a way that sticks and works like you've never seen. I've also gotten pretty strong in-field. Gary is considered to have the best game in the company, and is a great in-field. We have put in thousands of hours into our craft, and we haven't slowed down since. Respect mastery. With our efforts combined, Simplified Natural was born, and given this back-story, the strong instructor peer support, and the through-the-fucking-roof reviews of our 10-day programs and Project Rockstar, it should all make sense.

    It works dude. And it works faster and more efficiently than I have ever seen. It's a beautiful thing to witness.

    Examples of the effect of the Simplified Natural Game component
    - This past summer, our Rockstars/instructors hooked up with: Miss Hungary #1, Miss Hungary #3, a Formula 1 model, a handful of Swedish magazine cover models, Victoria Secret model Barbara Pavlin (who is now dating Justin Bieber), and a Tom Ford model. This is in addition to countless 8s, 9s, and 10s with pretty faces but no name of fame.
    - Since we took over the helm of Rockstar in 2011, we upped the lay-count from 12 in 2010, to 33 in 2011, to 66 in 2012. 100-150% increases each year.
    - From the last Vegas 10-day, one student hooked up with a Brazilian supermodel after pulling her away from one of the best tables in the club.
    - Typically 60-75% of the each 10-day class will pull at least once. 90% of them will hook up in some way shape or form. It's not uncommon for guys to pull multiple times throughout the program.
    - From the Sweden 10-day, one student went on to simultaneously having 4 girlfriends in 4 different countries within 6 months of the program.

    I couldn't make this shit up. These are just example that come to mind, but have been paved into literature through the 10-day BC reviews, Project Rockstar program reviews, and Project Rockstar daily journals. Where they came from there are countless more success stories of a similar caliber.

    And getting a girl to sleep with you only scratches the very outmost surface of our Simplified Natural curriculum. Simplified Natural is built on Game, Lifestyle, and Fitness. So let's look at the Lifestyle and Fitness components too. Vici and I run internet businesses and live out of 5-star hotels around the world - he has over 270 nights to his Starwood account this year alone, I'm somewhere in the ballpark of 180. If you look at our Facebook albums, they're basically 1 country per month over the last 2 years. We go to the corners of the world with the hottest girls, we escape and visit winter whenever we choose, and we have built a network of unimaginably successful people through our efforts. We weren't born into this by any means. I'll go so far to say that without finding Love Systems I would never had come anywhere close to the kind of life I have. Our Lifestyle is a byproduct of again, incredulous amounts of hard work, and from the foundation of discovering game and Love Systems. We see how it all connects, we've been through the pathways, and hence, through inspiration, teaching, experience, and by just being beacon role models, we are able to infuse Lifestyle into a curriculum in a way that has had astounding effects.

    Examples of the effect of the Simplified Natural Lifestyle component
    - Project Rockstar 2012 alumnus, A Dogg, went from working in the oil fields in Canada to selling all his hard assets (house, car) and is now living in Poland after he was brought under the wing and apprenticeship of two millionaire affiliate marketers that taught on Project Rockstar.
    - Project Rockstar 2012 alumnus, Charles J, quit his job at a Top 3 management consulting firm to pursue a lifestyle by design that is defined by freedom, time and control.
    - Project Rockstar 2012 alumnus, Aryeh J, quit his desk job at his father's company and has taken on a much more entrepreneurial role within the family business. He is carving a path for a mutli-million dollar company in a way that has never been done before.
    - Project Rockstar 2011 alumnus and now instructor, Bravado, has been able to grow his business to some insane new heights since his time on Project Rockstar 2011.
    - Project Rockstar 2011 alumnus Genghis Khan quit his job as a high level commodities trader at a top-tier investment bank to expand a real estate portfolio owned by his family.
    - 10-day student Volcom is dating the hottest chick in his small down and is leaving a long-time career as a specialized doctor in order to pursue a lifestyle that is defined by more freedom, travel, flexibility and control.

    Again, these are just the examples that come to mind... there are plenty more where they came from. Bottom line - we teach, perpetuate and inspire change on the Lifestyle front to a significant level through Simplified Natural on both Project Rockstar and our 10-day programs.

    And Fitness? Gary, Vici and I own a sports nutrition company together. We are stacked to the 9s. Again, this is a byproduct of countless hours of hitting the gym, either shoving down endless amounts of clean food or restricting calories to a stomach-wrenching degree, and taking the time and effort to fully master nutrition and fitness. Respect mastery. Did we start this way? Fuck no. 2 years ago I was a flag pole. When Venture was my age, so was he. Now girls tell me I look like Taylor Lautner. Being stacked and fit has become so ingrained in my identity I can hardly remember what it feels like to not be. We have first hand seen how this all intertwines with game, so it's part of the Simplified Natural curriculum, and we are damn qualified to teach it.

    Fitness examples?
    - I can think of at least 4 Love Systems instructors (Helicase, Mr. M, Future, Pounders) that because of us in some way shape or form are now in the best shape of their lives. They have either lost tremendous amounts of fat or put on a shit ton of muscle.
    - Dr Chili from the Vegas 10-day put on 10 pounds of muscle within 6 months of finishing the program
    - Volcom of the Vegas 10-day lost 10 pounds of fat within 6 months of finishing the program
    - EVERYONE of the Project Rockstar 2012 almuni got into the best shape of their lives because of us. I'm talking, stacked and jacked like beasts.

    We have achieved mastery on all 3 fronts. More importantly, we have achieved it from a foundation of finding Love Systems, and from the roots of those that came before us (endless respect for Future, Braddock, Mr. M). From it, we have developed a curriculum that brings ALL these elements together. It comes from the past, is fused with innovation, and extends beyond the reaches of Game into the all-encompassing arenas of Lifestyle and Fitness. It's a curriculum borne out of hard work and thousands of hours of beating at our craft, is what we live by, and it's effects have been proven COUNTLESS times over only a handful of programs (literally, just 4 programs - two tours of Rockstar and two 10-day bootcamps). It all connects in a way like you can't even begin to imagine: that's the power of what we teach. And the results? See the examples above. Go read the reviews. Have a listen to what fellow instructors, Rockstar alumni, and program graduates alike are saying about what we've created.

    That's Simplified Natural.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sterling View Post
    - I can think of at least 4 Love Systems instructors (Helicase, Mr. M, Future, Pounders) that because of us in some way shape or form are now in the best shape of their lives. They have either lost tremendous amounts of fat or put on a shit ton of muscle.
    I'm currently injured!!!!!

    The rest is true though, including this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sterling View Post
    - This past summer, our Rockstars/instructors hooked up with: Miss Hungary #1, Miss Hungary #3, a Formula 1 model, a handful of Swedish magazine cover models, Victoria Secret model Barbara Pavlin (who is now dating Justin Bieber), and a Tom Ford model. This is in addition to countless 8s, 9s, and 10s with pretty faces but no name of fame.
    Hey, results don't lie.
    Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.

    - Theodore Roosevelt

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