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  1. Strip Clubs vs Regular Clubs

    Hendrie published a sceintific study titled "Evidence to suggest that nightclubs function as human sexual display grounds ". In essence, regular clubs function as human "lekking grounds". A lekking ground is an area where birds go to perform their mating display and engage in mating. Women put on tight skirts and makeup and display a lot of skin in the club to attract a male. The study indicated that there was a 50% increase in male-female pairs leaving versus entering. These were the guys that picked up chicks.

    So guys, these women are going to these clubs to get laid as their primary purpose. This may be subconscious but burn that into your brain. They are there because they want to be sexed.

    Now in the standard human mating ritual the males are imobilized by approach anxiety until the female gives approach invitations. The primary AI is holding eye contact too long. These are the "fuck me eyes". I am sure we have all seen those. There may be other AIs, like standing facing you, or flipping her hair while looking at you or even ape like grooming signals. When you see those signals your adrenaline level (raised by hardwired in approach anxiety) which has been holding your testosterone level in check goes down and you go over to her if you are interested. I heard of one woman that said all that is going through her brain when you approach is "please, don't let him blow this." She has already decided she wants to mate with you. But she wants you to come over for a closer inspection to see whether her initial assessment was accurate. To see whether you blow yourself out.

    This is what Love Systems does. It teaches you to circumvent that standard approach/mating ritual. You learn how to tame approach anxiety. And you approach a set where you are not approaching directly (indirect approach). You ignore the target. This indicates to the target that you are properly wired because she did not give you AIs. You then build value with the target by creating attraction and soon she IS giving you IOIs and you can then isloate and move for the close.

    You have to have a certain level of value for a woman to have sex with you. This is from primitive biology. If you were a useless dweeb then you were of little use to the tribe and creating more useless dweebs is not what she is programmed for in her reptilian brain.

  2. Now, in order to get to strip clubs we have to tread the road of primitive biology.

    In the early tribe, if the woman selected a mating partner and she did not get pregnant by him she began to have the urge to cheat. This is programmed into her reptilain brain because her primary biological directive is to have babies. But to avoid fratricidal strife these liasons had to be secret. This is why they are the guys that "don't count." She would get pregnant and no one would be the wiser that it wasn't her husband. In many primitive tribes they do not know that sex causes pregnancy. One island culture believes women become pregnant by standing in the ocean.

    In addition to being secret she would select a highly alpha guy for these laisons. It is scientifically proven that women are more attracted to pictures of men with high testosterone markers during ovluation. The reason was that this was an opportunity for the tribe to get an alpha baby. Now you don't want a whole lot of these because they would just be fighting for dominance all the time. But when the opportunity arose she is programmed to get an alpha baby.

    But, what happens if that is unsuccessful in her achieving pregnancy as well. I believe this is where the gangbang originated. Now all the available males would gather at the lekking grounds and she would mate with all that met her minimum value criteria (oh yes, I have seen this actually happen where a guy didn't meet her criteria and was sent home).

    And if that STILL didn't work she had one more option.

    You have to understand ape sexual behavior to understand this. Female chimpanzees actually leave their tribe and go to another to mate. With rhesus monkeys its the opposite. The males hang along the edge of the group and move to another tribe once they find a female to mate with. Her option now, if the gangbang didn't work was to leave that tribe and move to another one. To do so she would normally begin to setting it up with a male from another tribe by hanging out near the edge of the tribe and then when she felt that relationship was secure, she would blow up her relationship with her husband in the original tribe. This breakup needed to be noisy and very acrimonious because the male-female bond is one of the strongest in existence second only to the mother-child bond.

  3. Oh, another option was for her to blow up the relationship and return to her original tribe and then select another neighboring tribe from there. We see this in present day society where women go back to their mother's house after they break up or as part of the breakup process. In chimp groups the mother stays with the original group when her daughter leaves to go to another tribe for mating.

  4. OK. What I am not saying is that every relationship progresses through these stages. These stages are most likely in married or long term relationships where there may be a child. MILFs are ideal. This is because they are in a tribal like socal structure with relatives and friends.

    But today, where the average length of a relationship is six months (two years if they are living together) the most likely end is simply the breakup. Unlike the female chimp who was in a foreign tribe and had nowhere to go but another tribe, todays woman has lots more options. If they are living together the breakup is harder because all their stuff is comingled. But you can bet that at six months, if she is not getting pregnant she is seriously considering cheating and an exit strategy.

    So, we finally get to strip clubs.

    What I think strip clubs really are is faux gang bangs. She has a primitive switch in her brain which is why she can play the part so well. Its a natural behavior. There is the display (stripping on stage) and then she approaches one male after another.

    The difference is that their value is a faux value. Their value is that they give her money. That allows her brain to accept them. And she doesn't give them real sex. She gives the faux sex. In essence a dry hump gang bang.

    Now if you tip her beyond the normal lap dance charge then your faux value becomes even greater. Thats where you can actually become her faux boyfriend, also known as a sugar daddy.

  5. A key difference between regular clubs and strip clubs is:



    Of course strippers will tell you they are single because they believe it helps them make more money. My advice is to assume they are married or have a boyfriend. Don't even ask. It makes you look like a dweeb. If you find out otherwise then you can be pleasantly surprised.

    In regular clubs almost every girl there is single or looking. There are two basic modes of pickup. The one night stand and the day two. These key into the cheating scenarios I described above. The one night stand is like her cheating with the alpha. She will purposely not try and trigger the brain chemicals associated with love. I'm sure most of us have been there. You really don't have much desire to see her again. Comfort building is kept to a minimum and reputation as a player can actually help you. With more and more women having careers they substitute these for a long term partner their liasons are these ONS type as their preferred type. But they will normally say if the "right guy" came along they might go LTR.

    With the relationship type comfort building is extended and those love chemicals get triggered. They may move in with you. This can happen fast before you really even know what is goiing on. And there can be some confusion where you are going for ONS and she is believing it is a LTR beginning. Braddock talks about this in the Friends with Benefits or Frame Setting module of the interview series. Some girls think that is the only kind of relationship. I did myself when I first moved to Los Angeles. But I think today most everybody knows the score.

    As I have said, probably at about three to six months into a relationship if she is not getting pregnant, her reptilian brain is going to start pinging her subconscious to start being intererested in another guy that can get the job done. She is generally unaware of why this is happening. Its just a natural biological thing. Now she is not necessarily going to blow the relationship over it. Like if she is with a rock star whose value is in the stratosphere and she is just your garden variety hot chick and not a star herself then she may stick with him just for the prestige. Or a couple in politics may stick together for the image. Another thing that can happen is that they start putting on weight. I was watching Crocodile Dundee II and I have to say Linda Kozlowski had to be one of the most beautiful women in the world in her prime. She was 30 and Hogan was 49 at the time the movie was released. But after 30, some women have a tendency to start putting on weight. Then their opportunities for cheating become very limited. This can cause them to get very frustrated and you can have a real bitch on your hands then.

  6. The point is, that in a strip club, you are her one night stand. Chances are she already has a super alpha boyfriend or hubby. But she needs a little something on the side.

    Science says that when women go for a one night stand they go for a guy with higher value than they can normally get for an LTR. But with men its the opposite. They will sleep with a girl of lower value than they generally want to have an LTR with. We are seeing the biological gene stealing cheating game in effect in the reptilian brain.

    But what of the stripper? She generally has a super macho guy. But because of the cheating mechanism she is looking to get a little on the side. Watch Mutiny on the Bounty and read the coments at the end. It was the super macho criminal guy that survived on the desert island by probably killing all the betas. So in a civilization breakdown situation these super alphas have very high survival value. But in normal civilization, they spend most of their time in prison.

    So the stripper has to be willing to come down in what she is seeking. She becomes more like the man. Thats why I believe a lot of them have lesbian sex with other strippers. The other stripper is available and knows the score and can keep quiet and is not going to fall in love with her and cause drama at the club or with her hubby. So you have to be slightly alpha but not gorilla alpha. Because if you are gorilla alpha its going to end up in a death match with her hubby or BF.

  7. But here is the key point.

    I described the above progression of cheating to gangbanging. In normal cheating mode she is looking for alpha genes. High testosterone markers.

    BUT, if that fails to get her pregnant after several attempts then she goes into gang bang mode and her standards lower. There is a minimum bar but that bar is much lower than with a standard ONS.

    So my theory is that strippers are in gang bang mode and will therefore settle for a guy that is less than super alpha. Someone that is just slightly alpha. Just enough to meet her minimum standards.

    After all, the strip club itself is modern society's creation of the primitive lekking grounds where such activity occurred.

  8. So the lame and gameless gather at modern society's lekking grounds for the re-creation of the primitive gang bang hoping to be included. Offering money in lieu of real value to participate.

    But, not everyone there falls into that category. Some are just guys that just stopped by after work to get a few lap dances so they can go home and have sex with their wife and pretend she is the stripper. Married couples have sex on the average of once a week.

    Thats how I found myself there. My wife died and as a guy in my fifties with no game I took my place at the lekking grounds. I actually ended up dating one as a sugar daddy.

    But as an older guy you are much more limited. There are certain younger women, a small percentage that have imprinted on older guys. But that brings up a moral issue. The stripper I was with had imprinted on an older guy and he was in prison because of it. So on the one hand I was taking advantage of this guys criminal activity even though she was now of legal age. On the other hand who was I to deny her enjoyment of a fetish I had not created. I was torn.

    But with older guys its more of a numbers game. Internet is a good venue just because of the numbers. You can also really intensify the normal attraction triggers. Movie star status or status created locally in a group like being the head of a local theater group or something. Preselection of walking into a venue with two hot babes on your side.

    Where I am going with this is what I call "ultimate game" which can also be applied to regular clubs.

    Ultimate game takes advantage of all I have discovered as discussed above. Its after you have developed your regular game and honed your skills. Ultimate game could perhaps be called sexual social circle and its where for example you have a standing after party for a strip club and the idea is that strippers bring other strippers and the thing becomes self feeding. As an older dude you want to be the host like having a big house where the activities take place. That way you have a function in being there. At a hotel room its going to be like "hey, who brought their grandpa" because you younger guys can get away with hotel rooms. Just have the buddies you bring pay for it. They'll be happy to for the chance to bang strippers. And if you get really advanced you can merge afterparties from two or more strip clubs or rotate strippers or even merge a stripper after party with a regular club after party.

    Ultimate moves beyond regular sex which will get boring for her after a while and keeps it fresh.

    Thats all I have.

    Wiz out.

  9. I am going to post this because I think it is so critical and fundamental to the understanding of pickup and because I am tired of guys feeling bad about themselves and getting hurt. I'm tired of women getting hurt as well.

    There are two pickup modes. I will call them ONS mode and LTR mode for want of better terms. LTR is the standard date, fall in love and have sex followed by a monogomous relationship. ONS mode is where the woman cannot get pregnant in her LTR and goes out and finds an alpha bad boy for a one night stand or series of one night stands.

    Where women get hurt is when they are not in an LTR and they get with a bad boy and they confuse what is actually a ONS mode relationship with a LTR mating mode relationship. This is quite easy for them to do, because, remember, as I pointed out of above, science has proven guys will sleep with women of lower value for a ONS but women select guys of higher value than they can normally get in an LTR for a ONS. This is primitive brain wiring. But if the woman thinks this is the beginning of an LTR she is going to get hurt. Here is a guy of higher than normal vale for her and she thinks about him all the time but he is off to the next ONS and she gets hurt.

    Then after a number of these relationships she decides to lower her standards and get with a guy of equal value for an LTR. These are called "nice guys". She gets with him and after three months and not getting pregnant she starts noticing the bad boys again and starts making eye contact. Then she starts cheating with a bad boy and breaks up with her nice guy thinking the bad boy is her salvation but then the bad boy dumps her like a hot potato because he's lost interest or she finds out he is banging other babes.

    After enough of this and recognizing that her primary biological directive is to get pregnant she becomes what is called a "slut". Her standards are now much lower and she is constantly horny. I read a post by one of these ladies where she said she was constantly horny 24/7 and would have sex all the time and wanted to get pregnant (thats important) and would keep having sex 24/7 all the way up to the birth of her child. She was a call girl because she could only bang one guy a day going to clubs but many as a call girl.

    Where guys get hurt is because their LTR is not getting pregnant and cheats. Guys have a two year clock of love chemicals but women in a relationship who are not getting pregnant have about a six month clock. About three moons of 7 day fertility windows and her reptilian brain is screaming to her subconscious that there is something wrong with this guy so dump him and move on. This will manifest in her conscious mind as disatisfaction and anger about things he is doing that were no problem before. The female biology seems to be able to handle these breakups with little or no problem because its programmed in. But the guy will be seriously hurting because his love chemicals are still there and he is experiencing withdrawal big time.

    So here is the lesson. Guys, if you get into an LTR and she is not getting pregnant EXPECT her to cheat and for the relationship to blow up in around six months. There is NOTHING wrong with you. You are not in any way a defective man. This is just simple biology evolved during a time where there were no latex condoms. Believe me, I have spent many hours pining away over some bimbo that dumped me because she didn't get pregnant thinking "what did I do?"

    Ladies. Recognize that a bad boy is not interested in an LTR. That relationship is going to blow up sooner rather than later and if you have those love chemicals triggered then you are going to get hurt. Guys that are the ONS type, make sure you frame this as a friends with benefits not a serious relationship and make sure she understands that. Once those oxytocin levels are spiked by orgasm is going to be hard for her to not fall in love. Likewise, ladies, when your bad boy cheats or moves on it doesn't mean you are any less of a woman. Its just biology.

    Personally, I think, unless you are willing to experience the hurt, you should stay in ONS mode UNLESS you going all the way with her and going to have kids. In my mind that is the only way she is not going to have the urge to cheat and even then if she stops banging them out that desire will come in.

    Finally, on a slightly unrelated note, science is beginning to understand about brain plasticity. The brain is very plastic at younger ages and retains some plasticity even into the early twenties. So parents and friends, handle young love very carefully. These connections actually get hard wired into their brains. We recently had a Romeo and Juliet couple that killed themselves because their parents wouldn't let them see each other again.

    And guys, don't spend any of your life pining away over some woman that left you. There was nothing wrong with you. It was simply biology, natures way of insuring the propagation of the species.

  10. There has to be a harem "mode" as well. Not sure where that fits in, but it appears so commonly across cultures that there is likely a lot of biological programming involved.

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