Weston/Broward Wing Needed for Los Olas/South Beach/Brickell/Downtown

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    Weston/Broward Wing Needed for Los Olas/South Beach/Brickell/Downtown

    Hey guys! I live in Weston, and I am looking for a few good wings with experience to go out with.

    I am down to go out any day of the week, and I am available for both day game and night game. I am taking this stuff very seriously!

    I am in my mid-30's, and I am interested in meeting women from 18-35. I enjoy doing pick-up at bars and clubs as well as daygame at malls and on the beach.

    Some places I frequent in the Broward area are Round-Up & Cowboys (not that I am a country fan, but these venues are close by and get hot girls + cheap drinks).

    I also from time to time hit-up Los Olas Waterfront (Downtown Ft. Lauderdale), Hard Rock Casino (the bars and clubs within the venue), and when I venture a little further south Gulfstream Park (Martini Bar, etc).

    For the fun of it, I am down to also hit-up strip-clubs from time to time because you can say just about anything to a stripper, and not get blown out! Plus it's fun to hang around beautiful women who will talk and flirt just because they are bored. I have successfully pulled strippers OUT of Scarlett's and I enjoy the music here, so not a bad way to waste some time.

    Last but not least, I am totally game for Southbeach and Downtown Miami. I prefer South Beach because the girls tend to be hotter, and I have met cool girls on vacation here as well. I like clubs like Liv, Mansion, Tantra, Mynt, etc. Pretty much hate Space as most people here are pretty fucked up on drugs by the end of the night.

    I don't go out in Brickell much, but I have been a few times and the vibe is great! I have been successful at Blue Martini and some of the local bars. This is definitely an option when I am this far south.

    I am looking for an EXPERIENCED wing who is good with routines/skills/games and/or who is just a natural. It's important that we can communicate our intended target and occupy the others; taking turns as needed.

    You must be over your AA, and have a decent amount of experience in-field. Also you must dress appropriately for the venue we are going to, and dress to impress! I have learned the hard-way that dressing well makes a huge difference, and very much helps the success rate climb.

    I am a cool-guy, laid back, and down to practice this shit a lot! If you are committed to learning the material, and opening sets until we close, please hit me up by PM!

  2. HEy i am 24 and looking for a wing Let me know.

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