A new life in Eindhoven.

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    A new life in Eindhoven.

    Hello all, people of the world.

    I am a 25'old from Spain (Barcelona). Arrived to Netherlands few months ago and I would like to meet people in the seduction world to go out

    Have been reading about Mystery and Style lots of times and always find it interesting. Now I want to make a step ahead and start trying stuff!

    Just in case; I'm not a typical Spaniard. I don't like football neither cars, be aware!

    If anyone has any questions just make them; it's for free. And if anyone feels like having a coffee to meet before going out, that's perfect too.

    Good hunting, everyone!

  2. welcome to netherlands, have fun hunting, im only 16 years old and live in delft so dont think that will workout

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    Eindhoven de gekste! That's the first thing you have to learn hahaha
    I live very close to Eindhoven and it's a very nice city to meet some nice girls.
    I usually go to Cafe Thomas or Spijker on the 'bar street' Stratumseind.
    Have a great time here and good luck!

  4. wingman

    Que pasa tio,

    Pus aqui anda otro espaņol perdido por Eindhoven.
    Tengo 21 aņos y llevo ya un aņo y medio por lomeos en le tema asique no va mal la cosa.

    Si todavia miras los mensages del foro a ver si quedamos para tomar algo y salir luego jugar un rato .

    Tengo 21 aņos asique por edad no hay problema.



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    Let me guess you have been recreuited by ASML and working for HT am i right?
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  6. Ben jij nog actief bezig met pickup? Ik woon in Eindhoven en ben vrij goed in pickup. Het is leuker om met gelijkgestemde mensen
    te trainen. Als je interesse hebt kun je me bereiken op 0643631990
    groeten, Ignatius

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    Hoi, ik woon in Belgie op een half uurtje van Eindhoven. Momenteel in het buitenland maar wil over een paar weken terug aan het sargen gaan.

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