The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating Review

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    The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating Review

    Cajun’s Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating conquers all PUA online game material I’ve read. There seems to be a new tip on profiles, messages or site on each page. I’ve probably learned more new stuff from this book than other products because nobody has covered online game before.


    Cajun outlines a system from how to set up your profile to how to ask her out. Obviously you can expect there to be sections like “Profile Pictures” and “About Me” write-ups, but the real gems are the examples Cajun gives AND the description of how to personalize them. This is key in my mind.

    You get box-by-box advice of how to setup your profile, what to include and what to definitely avoid. (It’s funny how that one little tweak to

    your profile can get you exponential gains.) He also outlines the major difference between boring profiles and ones girls mes

    With that, there is a plethora of message logs included, all real examples of what’s worked for Cajun before. He also includes chat logs of instant messages, which is a nice way of showing the subtle differences of chatting in real time versus over message.

    There is also a two-page cheat sheet of extra tips that add some nice icing to your online game.

    Tenmagnet drops in a nice chapter on the lost art of phone game. Everybody has become so concerned with texting in the past couple of years that there hasn’t been much said about phone game, a necessity, recently. This guy was my original mentor and I can tell you there NOBODY better on the phone than him. He gives the what to say, when to call, how to ask her out info you need. A must read.

    Keychain also has a nice quick start guide so you can get your profile going and get some dates as you improve it with Cajun’s advice.


    I was a bit surprised by the dating sites Cajun recommends using, which now makes perfect sense. If you know what sites to use alone, you’d probably see a spike in returns.

    Everybody knows that you need a solid profile picture, but I didn’t realize that angle of your face, the expression you make or the lighting you use alters how the photo is perceived. The depth of analysis into this critical feature is something else.

    My favorite part of the book was how to use social networking sites. He gives Facebook-specific openers and when to use them. This is stuff you may have never thought of before.

    Cajun also includes the real photos he uses on his Facebook (and I’ve verified that they are the actual ones), and to top it off, he gives his REAL profile. I have a copy of his old Plenty of Fish profile and I’m telling you, this is the real deal. I used a personalized copy of this profile and got two dates in four days… and that was when I was still a student.

    Lastly, and this is not to be taken lightly, CAJUN’S QUESTION GAME. Holy hell this thing is lethal. If you’ve been in comfort for a few minutes, whip this puppy out. There is a lot of marketing hype in this business, but this one does live up to its billing. I know; I’ve used it. If you have trouble sexualizing, or if you’re messing up club pulls or dates, these seven questions are worth the price of the book alone. I put my name to that.


    Call me bias, but the quick start guide to dates by Samurai, Vercetti and yours truly will have you capitalizing on all the online gains you’ve made. You’ll learn the fallacies about dates, how to set yours up properly and how to guide your next one. This is a chapter straight out of our dates home-study course that will be released later this year.

    There is also the interview series on Online Game by Savoy. I don’t think there is anything about dating this guy doesn’t know, so this will be knowledge from a master.

    Other bonuses include a recording of the Online Game conference call with Cajun and Savoy (which Savoy called one of the best he’s ever done saying Cajun was “on fire”) and an audio book copy of the Gentleman’s Guide. These come in different packages.


    I love hanging out with Derek because he is a no bullshit kind of guy. You can always count on him to have a beer when you call and he’d likely be buying. That character is reflected in the writing of the book. You can feel a genuine want for him to help guys improve their online game.

    The style of writing itself is in very plain, Cajun-esque language. It feels like you’re bullshittin’ with him about how to set up a dating profile. Very easy, very quick reading.


    I think I’m very justified in saying there hasn’t been another online game product released like this one. I can name many products on texting, opening or any other pertinent skill, but for the price you can’t go wrong if you site online. That’s like paying pennies/day over a month of online dating… and you’re bound to see your success go up by using it. Highly affordable, highly useful. This book has been a long time coming.

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    The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating - SUCCESS STORY

    Hey everyone,

    Had to share this great success story. I've been online dating for years and the gentleman's guide to online dating is genius. I just applied the very basic principals learned in the GGOD for the very first time a few days ago. I emailed a SOLID 8 and got her phone number IN TWO EMAILS. This has never happened before and is no coincidence.

    This is a true story and I saved the emails to prove it!

    Her profile: This girls profile was saying things like... she's very feminine and southern she's looking for a real man...etc., so my subject line in the email to her was "Submissive man looking to be held". An obvious joke. Here are the three emails we exchanged with each other:

    Email#1. Subject "Submissive man looking to be held" Text: "Hi, I'm really feminine too!! Thought I'd say hello since we both have that in common. Maybe we can hang out and paint our toenails together? I'm a purple glitter kind of guy. What about you?

    Her response: "Funny boy "

    A two word response and a smiley face... but it's a response.

    Email #2. "Yes, funny... but...uh... that's because... (having a hard time getting the words out)... uh... there's a lot of pain inside.

    OK, in all seriousness... I'm thinking of robbing a bank tomorrow night and thought you could drive the getaway car. Can you pick locks?? We'll drive off the santa monica pier and fake our own deaths so we won't get caught. Bring a change of clothes and put them in a water proof bag. It will be awesome!! I know... I did it with this chick from eharmony before...

    ps: Bring snacks. You're southern make something southern... like egg salad sandwiches."

    Her response: You sir...are funny...therefore, you win the golden Smiles, (name)"

    Unreal. I followed it up with one more email... couldn't let the golden ticket comment go unnoticed.

    Email #3: "Who's the funny one now? "Golden ticket"... ha ha very cute. I'm super busy the next few days. How about we talk Thursday at 8pm. Chris (The Platinum Ticket) xxx-xxx-xxxx"

    Her response: "Oooo I love the assertiveness...I'm rather traditional and will eagerly await your call..."

    Isn't that unbelievable?? Wanted to share this story with everyone and give GGOD a 5-star review! I highly recommend DDOG book to everyone. Or better yet... don't buy it so there are more women online for me!

  3. Hey I've read this book and put it to use.

    Honestly I've become pretty good with women over the last few years and thought I understand attraction and female psychology well enough to do well online. Just got out of a relationship so just started to experiment with online dating recently.

    Before I read the book, I was doing OK, but not nearly as well as I do in person. I kept changing my profile and experimenting.

    Once I got my hands on this book, I noticed a few very important things my profile was lacking. Stuff I hadn't thought of, or didn't think was important. Also I needed to make a little change with my pictures.

    So I spent the day editing my OKCupid profile. Now I figured out that when you edit your profile you show up in the feed for women and you get more visits to your profile.

    Before the edit, I was getting 1-2 girls contacting me a week (either messaging me, adding me to favorites, or rating me 4 stars or higher). The day I edited my profile, I had one girl add me to her favorites, one girl message me, and one girl rate me 4 stars or higher. I was pretty blown away.

    I didn't do any more editing for a few days and of course it slowed down. I was now getting 3-4 girls contacting me a week (depending on my activity), about double what I was before.

    Also on POF I had 2 girls add me so they show up as "girls that want to meet you" the day that I changed my profile.

    After digesting everything in the book, I decided to help a friend with his profile. I noticed some mistakes and gave him a bunch of advice... all of it from GGOD. He said that his response rate to messages over doubled, and that he was getting a lot more girls messaging him.

    So, overall I can honestly say that the content of this book was very helpful, even to a guy who considers himself to be pretty good with women. There were a lot of tips that I had not thought of, and a lot of great stuff I hadn't come across anywhere else (including all the online forums I went through looking for tips).

    The cool thing about this is that you can test it immediately and get immediate results.

    It's definitely the best guide to online dating on the market, and well worth the money.

    Thanks Cajun!

  4. Just ordered the book a couple of hours ago, so there is no way I can write a full review. But just wanted to comment on one thing. On p. 45 you state that damage can be done by friend who tag you in photos on facebook and that you sometimes have to untag them. But if you go to your privacy settings under 'how tags work' you can change your settings in such a way that you need to approve a tag before it becomes visible on your profile to others

    Also I thought I posted this today already, but can't find the topic anymore: You think that there are some nuances between the normal (old) type of profile and facebook timeline?

    So far I enjoy the book. Didn't have the patience to read all the way to your Question Game routine, so that was the first thing I read and it seems golden! Going to try it for sure on my next date!

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    It's chrisofcmc again. Have smoking hot chick #2 on the line via the online game. I wish I could post her picture here... I can't believe it. My response rate has gone up but most surprisingly the response rate from very attractive woman has gone up even more dramatically. I guess those girls are starving for somebody who knows how to approach properly. Again, can't say enough good things about The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating. It take time and work and persistance... but the tools are there! Just gotta use 'em.

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    What you get!

    In this book Cajun goes over strategies for use in your:
    Profile - going in to details about your information section, pictures, and generating reactions
    Messages - How opening works for online game and how it leads to follow up messages
    Other Social Networking Sites - Namely Facebook, going over things such as wall posts, profile pics, and how to meet new people on Facebook

    And much more

    Questions Game!
    Until the release of this product, Cajun only spread this routine by word of mouth. This will sexualize any date that you go on, as long as you have the balls and confidence to do it! It's obviously very thought out and leads you step by step through each phase and tells you why something works and what to do if you receive a different reaction.

    Cajun's own profile

    Here he breaks down his only POF profile and you can see he uses everything he has went over in the book in his own profile. This is good for those people who are more of a visual learner to see how things are set up, phrased, and presented to achieve success.

    Chapters on Phone Game by Tenmagnet and more Online Game insights by Keychain

    These chapters are useful to read over as Keychain's give a different view on the same subject and put some insights from a different style of online game. Tenmagnet's chapter is perfect for this because, ultimately, you're going to get the women offline and usually the next step is to the phone!

    Chat logs

    Pretty much everyone here knows Cajun's style. The chat logs were honestly the biggest selling point for me at the time because I wasn't that interested in Online Game, but I know Cajun's humor and style so this interested me the most. It's totally awesome to see how much you can get away with in your interactions and how fast you can do it once you become calibrated enough. Definitely some awesome laughs and great insight to what's happening in his mind.

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    The Gentlemen's Guide to Online Dating, really does make it too easy to make a killer profile and clean-up online. As soon as I started reading this book I found glaring problems with my profile. Cajun really is an undercover pirate-ninja when it comes to understanding the psychology of what makes a successful profile, from pictures, to interests, even something as simple as your headline. IT ALL MATTERS and it's all easy to fix.
    You get the formula to write the best profile, what to say in your messages, and how to structure you social media site to work for you. Cajun wasn't alone in writing this book either, you get insights from Cajun, Tenmagnet, and Keychain!
    Cajun throws in the question game, which is not only effective but it is really, really fun!
    That's not all, you get Cajun's profile and his explanation of why it's so great! There's one more thing you get, actual chat logs that have actually been used by Cajun.
    Online dating is not only easy, but it's fun! Since buying this book and rewriting my profile I have set up 5 dates in one week!

  8. Cajun's book rocks

    I actually found out about Gentleman's Guide to On-line Dating when I went to a PUA bootcamp with Cajun in January. I figured I might as well try the book too, as the results from the weekend bootcamp were life changing.

    I never wanted to try online dating because it seemed so lame when I looked at examples of what other dudes were writing about themselves. I didn't want women to think of me the way I thought a proper profile would make me seem.

    Cajun's book opened my eyes. I tailored a sarcastic profile based on his suggestions that were outlined in detail in his book. I still laugh when I read my own profile, I can't believe that I get away with some of the stuff I included. The best thing... I'm continually getting messages from girls complimenting me on my profile. I never would have had the creativity or balls to put this profile in public without access to Cajun's knowledge!

    The biggest bonus to this book is the Cajun created "Questions Game". I've only used this twice, since it hasn't been that long since I finished the book, but both times I've gotten laid. It makes a first date with a girl so sexually intense, I was having trouble not laughing during the game at how easy it was to turn the girl on.

    This book is a must read for anyone who wants to try online dating. Thanks Cajun!

  9. Been putting the advice in the book into full effect and the results have been great so far: Digital bounces, numbers, flirty chats. Not gotten as far as meet-ups yet but that's more due to my schedule than anything else. The ultimate result is that using the book's advice has created a whole load more options/numbers (in addition to classic cold approach at night and daygame) so has been awesome in helping to build the "abundance" mentality that the LS boys talk about. Fully recommended. Followed it up with the one hour phone consult with Cajun where we went over the right tonality to use in the Question Game, he looked over my profile pics and told me which ones to keep and which to axe, and just generally gave me a ton of advice on game in general, as well as the online stuff, again fully recommended.

  10. Good!

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