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    changed my life!

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    Great book!

    Loved this book. Some great hints at tips. Some of the other books like 'The Game', seem to be aimed at a much younger crowd. I am in my forties and would consider myself to be a gentleman. This books was fantastic for me, it has the same sophisitcation of 'The Knowledge' with the psychology of 'Attraction is not a Choice.' I would defintiely recommend it.

  3. I'm wondering why Nick Hoss, the OP, said that nobody has written about online game before.
    Plenty has been written about online game--before and after Cajun's book.

    That said, Cajun's book is excellent.
    There are a lot of sub-par books on online game, including The Post-It Note Hack (by Andy Yosha?),
    which was long and thorough, but might've had a few bad advices.
    Some other good books would be Adam Gilad's Deep Attraction Online (however, the feel of his strategy seems to be the opposite of Cajun's--Cajun attempts to make it seem like he's not taking online dating seriously, just doing it as a joke almost, whereas Adam Gilad seems to portray a more genuine vibe in his profiles); another good program for online dating is Scott Valdez's Click Magnet Dating System (the great virtue of this one is that it's based on a TON of online dating research, viz. Dataclysm (a book filled with research on online dating)); another more recent one is 3 Girls A Day by RSD Todd, which I didn't find very good (it is thorough, however, and has examples of messages back and forth, example profile, and even video of him meeting up with a girl, but his profile seems a bit weird--for example he starts off cocky and brash, but then literally says, "I'm a hopeless romantic.." and goes all poetic and AFC... plus his main profile pic looks a bit try-hard while his profile is the opposite/incongruent--in his main pic he's suited up and looking right at the camera, which according to actual research will lower your response rate. I think if Todd does well online, it's because he quickly gets her on the phone (by his own admission he gets them on the phone quickly because he has good phone game) and has good phone game (though from what I could hear on his phone calls, he has a terrible speaking voice and it didn't really sound like great game--maybe it's just too subtle or he's calibrating well).
    Steve Jabba has one out, I think, that is recent, and though I have not read it, I saw a video he did promoting it, where he mentioned that he usually sends a d_ck pic to girls. This is GOOD ADVICE, and almost every "expert" discourages it. I've done that for years to almost every girl I've pulled. My latest two girlfriend who both came from online dating got several c_ck shots over text and the response was positive. In fact, one recent girl from Tinder--one of the hottest I've been with (she's 25 and I'm 35), invited me to her place (no 1st date or any nonsense) ONLY because of those pics I sent her, so I know it works.

    In short, there are a ton of books on online game--some of them written by "experts" who don't really know anything, and other ones that are very good. Cajun's is in the latter category.

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    The Gentlemans Guide to Online Dating Review

    Wow, I have been looking at purchasing the guide, but I think that landing it in NZ for that much could be a little out of touch with the value I feel It would have for me.

    I understand that Thermwood need to guard against pirating etc... But Im sure there must be a way to service all of us outside the US with a digital copy. For a price of course.....

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