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    11 Essentials DVD Set Review

    By now, everybody has heard of the 11 Essentials DVD set. It is one helluva product - professional and information-packed.

    Although this DVD set, with over 12 hours of info, contains some real inside info from the Love Systems Super Conference, it also has drills, analysis, instantly implementable techniques, and commentary.

    The meat of the DVD is the speeches from the Super Conference. Every year, each instructor speaks on something he specializes in. Since I was at the last two Super Conferences, I can give some insight to these speeches...

    1. Seven Seductive Ideas - Savoy opened the 2010 Super Conference with this speech. What I really liked was how he tackled a lot of the old school BS concerning the dating community that still lurks around the Internet. He shoots it straight with what actually works, what is outdated and what you should be using for success.

    2. The Triad Model - If you're going to get good at Love Systems, you need to know how the Triad works. This model is the foundation of everything we teach, and it allows you to figure out what went right/wrong with all of your sets. This is a must watch if you want to improve.

    3. Introduction to Attraction - My one disappointment since joining Love Systems is that I never got to work with The Don and he may not teach again. The guy is a legend within the company and community, writing both Routines Manuals, so obviously he knows attraction. If you can't get women interested in you, he'll give you the starting points that are taught in a Love Systems bootcamp.

    4. 200% Social Proof - Want to know how to look like you never got blown out? Want to know a Super Conference only-taught kiss close? Want to learn how befriend the entire bar? 5.0 has it in here. I picked up a few tricks from him, and he has been teaching this for years. This is the last time he taught.

    5. Qualification - Easily my favorite phase of the Emotional Progression Model (taught in Disc 2 within the Triad). I took the opportunity to help Keychain this past summer in London and I was impressed with his ability to connect with students. He doesn't fluff his info ever, and in this DVD you will learn the ways to make the girl feel she's won you over. It's integral to meeting women.

    6. Framing - This is a badass topic to include and it's often left out by other companies. I believe this is because it's an advanced topic, so there is no better guy to teach it than Future. I watched his secret footage from the Playboy Mansion bootcamp (some of which is included in 11 Essentials), and I can tell you that Future's stuff on framing makes the difference between "let's just be friends" and "lets... " (You get the picture.)

    7. Storytelling - I know this talk inside and out, better than most people on the planet having sat in on so many Tenmagnet seminars. Tenmagnet truly is a master of storytelling. He has the ability to take a typical story from your everyday life and turn it into an attraction generating tale. The best part is that his stuff is always practical and down-to-earth. One of the most honest guys in the business.

    8. Identity - Cajun is the king of identity. Nobody has a more original style, look and character to back it than Cajun, and he shows ways how you can take your identity to a new level and bring out it's most attractive parts. You'll learn how to show your most attractive self and present your best image.

    9. Inner Game - Vercetti won top instructor on the strength of this speech. He's taken the best inner game knowledge from all corners of the community and packed in on this disc. It's no-nonsense and actionable, unlike a lot of feel-good inner game stuff out there. If you want to improve not only your lifestyle but also the strength of your mind, watch this one.

    10. Day Game - Jeremy Soul was arguably the best day gamer in the business when he retired and this may be the last public appearance ever seen of him, and at his peek. I assisted Jeremy for an entire year, so if you have ANY interest in meeting beautiful woman you see during the daytime, you'll get tons out of this disc.

    11. Older Men & Younger Women - Oh Bullet. This guy has blown apart my reality as to what's possible out there. I winged with Bullet all summer in New York, even though he is literally twice as old as me. He had a 23 year-old constantly distracting her friend from me asking questions about Bullet as he entered set with another girl. This was a week before he slept with a Playboy Playmate. If you are in your late 30s or older and want to date younger women, watch this. You won't find such targeted info elsewhere.

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    My 11 Essentials review

    Just finished watching the last DVD today and wanted to give my review to this awesome product.

    The 11 DVDs come in a really nice case which has a table of contents on the inside cover and a small booklet more information of each of the DVDs and a list of links to resources that are mentioned throughout the DVDs

    The DVDs themselves are mutli-region so I had no problems running them on my DVD player or PC being in the UK.

    Savoy always gives an intro and conclusion on each of the 11 DVDs, he introduces the instructor at the start and explains the nature of the topic and at the end gives some more tips on each of the subject topics.
    Each of the subject talks are from the super conference seminars, I won't go too in depth on the seminars as not to ruin things for those still waiting for their copies of the DVD set.

    Anyone who has listened to any of the interview series before will know you will really need to have a pen and paper handy when you watch these for the first time, an interview series goes anywhere from 45min to 1 - 1 1/2 hours and thats packed with tons of info, well this set goes for 11 hours in total so you can image how much you'll remember without something to make notes with.

    Disk one

    Savoy - Intro & seductive ideas.

    After the 11 essentials intro which explains what the 11 essentials and the super conference is all about Savoy gets it all under way in the seminar by starting to weed out the typcial bad advice we've all heared (like just be yourself) and why these don't work.
    He does well to destroy these myths and goes in depth as to why these myths are in sociality.

    Disk two

    Future - LS triad model

    Intro , Savoy opens up this dvd with an explanation to the theme and tells about Future and why he was picked to do the stage pretension on this topic.

    Future opens the presention with a high energy start and jokes,
    The talk of the triad model he breaks things down and brings it all back to basics while keeping things KISS (Keep it Short and Simple).
    I liked the way he explained things as he did it with good humour and high energy throughout.

    He explains why the model works and why its important, he also goes through the logistical, physical and emotinal progression models one by one and each model is broken down step by step, there is a ton of info in this and I found myself having to pause the DVD on more then one occasion to take notes.

    conclusion 7min long, savoy gives tips about the triad model and what guys do wrong to screw things up and how best to use the model.

    Disk 3

    The Don - Intro to attraction.

    The Don starts the seminar straight away with some good advice reguarding the old 'peacocking' trend.
    His talk of the right mindset was informative, he covers the attraction switches (which he goes into great detail one by one) roleplays, teasting, fun, callback humour, disqualification and talking of push/pull and how not to use things like negs.
    he also covers the use of routines and how best to use them and also when not to reply on them.

    I learned a really big lesson from this seminar in the importance of adding contrast to your attraction game, not just replying on one state like being serious or funny but keeping a mix of both.

    conclusion with savoy 10min, he goes over the attraction switches some more with his own points.

    Disk 4

    5.0 - 200% social proof

    Intro Savoy intraduces 5.0 and explains who he is and why he was picked to do the seminar on Social proof then he covers the basics of what social proof is.

    5.0 starts the seminar with a really good story to help with mindset and his talk on thin slicing was very informative and really hits home how and why girls can make snap judgements of people they only just meet so quickly.

    The main bulk of this seminar is about how to build fast and strong social proof, he basis the talk in a bar/club scene and explains so much on how to everything from getting in the social circle of bar/club staff, getting free drinks, techniques on on getting staff to recognize you on future trips to the bar/club, building good first impressions and even getting kiss closes at the bar which he tells with a really good story.
    He also gives some nice body language tips and even an awesome technique on how to react to sudden blow-outs from girls without looking like a tool.
    His social proof talk is based around going out solo but much of this you'll still be able to use with friends or wings.

    Savoy continues the topic in the conclusion by giving examples of how having good social proof helps you or can kill your game if done wrong.

    Disk 5

    Keychain - Qualification

    A nice intro from savoy who after tells who keychain is he then goes on to talk about what Qualification is and how it works.
    Using some personal stories, he also explains when and how to use Qualification and when it won't work.

    Keychains starts the talk off by going through the reasons why we need to qualify to start with which he does with the use of some funny stories.
    He gives an exercise for everyone to do which anyone watching the DVD can also do at home as well which is good.
    The advice he gives can really be used straight away in your own game that night and you'll be armed with a ton of new info.

    Disk 6

    Future - Power with frames.

    Future starts where Savoy left off in talking about what frame control and assumptions. he goes on to explain how frames works and how women use frames themselves.
    Future is really good at firing you up and this seminar has some really nice inner game information.
    He goes through a list one by one of ideal frames and also explains how to use frames yourself.

    A fantastic quote from this seminar I'll be remembering is something he said on the topic of the ultimate attitude to have when talking to girls which is.."I want to fuck you with every molecule in my body but I don't care if I get you" as having the right attitudes like that will come across which will really help your game.
    He also goes through the key attitudes to have and how they will help you.

    Disk 7

    Tenmagnet - Storytelling

    Tenmagnet starts off by introducing himself and telling everyone a bit about himself and his history and how he got into the PU community.

    He explains why storytelling is important and why a good story helps you, he also goes on to tell you the differences in good/bad storys.
    He gives a nice example of a story then picks it apart and explains it bit by bit to explain what works within it, what doesn't work and how to make stories better.
    He also goes on to tell how to make a good story.
    anyone who uses stories and is interested in learning more about story telling will learn so much from this.

    Savoy ends the disk by giving some extra tips on storytelling.

    disk 8

    Cajun - identity

    Cajun starts off by going through what identity means and explains a bit about himself and how he's changed himself and how he continues to do so.
    The seminar centres around forming your identity to the goal that you work towards becoming the type of man you want to be like but also goes into some really good inner game stuff as well.
    the tips he gives on how to be social with everyone you meet is really good and the way he puts it really gives you motivation to get out there and start putting it into practice.
    I found during this talk that I can relate to Cajun.

    An awesome quote from this I'll always remember is when he said "the smallest thing you'll ever get from this is learning how to talk to women" which I've found to be so true, most of us first got into this because we didn't have much skill or success with women but you'll find the benefits go further then that as you become a social and popular, positive, confident person.

    At the end of the talk he then takes questions from the guys in the audience.

    Savoy as always ends the DVD with some really nice tips on how to show your identity when talking with people.

    Disk 9

    Vercetti - inner game

    This was a disk I really really looking forward to as since I first got into this I've always been interested in the inner game side of things and Vercetti doesn't disappoint.
    The main bulk of his talk is on overcoming limiting beliefs and how guide yourself to becoming the kind of man you've always wanted to be, he gives tasks and exercises for everyone to do and there's tons of great tips in here.
    Also its worth noting when watching this Vercetti's body language and his voice projection which are really good, the guy has a very strong presence on that stage.

    Disk 10

    Soul - Daygame

    Anyone who is interested in daygame or wants to start doing it will, i'm sure, be watching this DVD first and with the quality of information Soul gives in it I don't blame them
    Soul starts by explaining the advantages of daygame over night game and the kind of success you can achieve with it.
    He goes into how he opens and then breaks it down bit by bit he does a great job of leaving no stone unturned.

    He explains his openers but just as importantly he also explains how to deliver the opener but doing a few demo's, he shows the right and wrong body language and voice tones to use. this is the kind of info you won't be able to get from his book or interview series.
    He goes into detail on how the smallest things can change a girls reaction to you.
    He continues to explain how to open seated sets and how best to transition from your opener and keeping the conversation flowing.

    His talk also includes his conversation mapping technique and the structure he uses which gets taught in his workshops, he'll teach you how to screen them as well.

    The seminar will have so much information you won't be able to get from his book or interview series so even for those who have the interview series and book on daygame will still learn a lot of new stuff from this.

    Something he said that really hit home for me was when he says "never ask 2 questions in a row" as its something I've been guilty of.

    Disk 11

    Bullet - Older men and younger women

    I'll admit I left this DVD for last as at 31 (and the fact I like girls nearer my own age) I didn't feel this seminar would apply much to me but straight away in the intro Savoy explains that though the main bulk of the topic is on older men and younger women it will still contain tips and information that everyone of all ages will be able to use and apply to themselves which I thought was great.

    Bullet starts the seminar in a really good way with some inner game advice in that the only person in life who can really make you happy is yourself and you shouldn't be relying on women to do that for you.
    His talk goes into getting rid of bad habits and the game structure he uses.

    He went on to explain how he likes how it is called a 'game' as he feels it really is like a video game in many ways he gives a nice quote I really liked.. "it is like a video game, fall in love with the process not just the outcomes" which is true as we all want that outcome of being great with women but many guys stop thinking about how fun the process itself can be.

    He gives some nice indirect openers he uses and shows the amount of material he has at his disposal and how he remembers it all, I liked his advice on the differences of what girls are attracted to more as they get older throughout their 20s and into their 30s.

    For the older guys watching this DVD he'll talk of the kind of things to avoid doing when talking to girls and he'll also give you some great DHV story advice.

    DVD wrap up

    The 11 essentials wraps up with the awards.

    No matter your skill level or experience so far your going to learn a lot from this and there is also something for everyone.
    Just remember to practice what you learn from this (which I'll be doing later tonight when I go out ) as this whole product is useless unless you put it into action.
    Takes notes, LOTS of them as you will not remember half of the stuff without a note pad.

    Anyone else who has the DVD set on order or who has already seen it all, it would be great to keep this thread rolling with more reviews and I for one would love to see what others have gotten out of it.
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    And remember, if all else fails in set just try this, works everytime.

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    I don't really have much to add to Stallion's in-depth review. This product was packed with awesome information, concepts and routines and I'm still copying up my notes from the first time through before gearing it up for a second look. Always great to see Future shooting off (if and when I do a bootcamp I want it to be with this guy!). My favourite quote from his talk: "everything I say is always right, and everything is always going according to plan!"

    Cajun had some awesome stage time, Vercetti was larger than life, nice one 5.0 for introducing me to the "London Shot", works a treat! All the talks had me scribbling pages of notes and I'm glad I invested in this product.

    My only (very slight) disappointment was that 2 of my favourite instructors, Braddock and Mr M, weren't directly featured this time round. I figured Mr M likes to go at this stuff from behind the camera, undercover style, but was hoping for a bit more from Nick. However, like Savoy said on another thread, way too much going on at the SC to cover everyone.

    I only read "The game" in December of 2010 after getting out of a 4+year relationship and only really discovered Love Systems around April 2011. It's hard to believe that this 2010 Super Conference was on the go while I was living in (not so) blissful ignorance!

    Keep up the good work guys, you have a satisfied customer here!

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    Eleven essentials DVD set review.

    About 3 weeks ago I received the 11E DVDs, this is my review.

    The DVDs came well wrapped (shipped overseas, I'm in Holland) and undamaged to my door. The “booklet of DVDs” looks cool, but I do not recommend putting it up for display unless you want girls asking about it :-).

    The DVDs themselves are pretty well stuck to their holders, so be careful when getting them out. They are also not the regular, pressed DVDs, but seem to be made in a computer from writable DVDs [nerd] they have this win7 drag-n-drop desktop.ini file on there that confirms my suspicions[/nerd]. Probably a thing to prevent piracy. It's much easier giving each DVD a unique code this way. But you'd be crazy sharing something expensive like this for free on the internet anyway.

    The content
    I realized I didn't own a DVD player (LOL), so I played them with the computer. I watched all the talks in a day and a half *yay self-employment*, and I loved them. Since I did two bootcamps, and frantically studied game the past 8 months, about half of the talks were pretty much known to me. The others were partly or entirely new to me. I definitely recommend watching all of them though, whatever your level of game currently is. It's just very, very awesome to see all this presented by guys who have been teaching this forever. You can just see that they didn't only think about the theory itself a lot, but also about how to get this across as good as possible.

    For me personally this is the way I learn the easiest. Not audios, not reading, but actually seeing someone talking about a subject.

    Of course, most of the material is skewed towards guys that are new(er) to game. The commercial term “bootcamp in a box” comes pretty close to describing what it is. But LS didn't put their entire bootcamp in that box. That would not be possible anyway, bootcamp is about exercise and personal feedback as much as it is about theory.

    You can get a pretty solid base if you're new to lovesystems and 11e is your intro to game, but I'd read magic bullets too, just to get a more elaborate understanding of the fundamentals. In fact, if you cannot take a bootcamp or an 1-on-1 for whatever reason, I think the combination magic bullets plus 11essentials is about the best intro to game you can get!

    On the other hand, if you did bootcamp, you'll probably find quite some stuff that you haven't heard about before. I particularly can recommend the 200% social proof DVD (no.4) and Framing (no.6) if you're fresh out of bootcamp. And perhaps Inner game (no. 9), but an overly confident person like myself doesn't need that (-ahum- watched that one 2 times in a row ;-))

    I actually took notes during most of the DVDs. Ranging from just a few sentences to a few pages per DVD. This, combined with my bootcampnotes, starts looking like my own personal gamebible. Pretty awesome :-).

    All in all, the content was better, more elaborate and more original then I expected. There is simply lots of stuff in there that you do not find anywhere else, including the Lounge.

    Some details
    The camerawork and editing (screen captions, overlays etc) are so-so, they have a slightly amateurish feel. It's never so bad that it really becomes annoying, but I do feel that it doesn't do justice to the quality of the talks themselves. I knew who the guys who were talking are of course, as do most of the readers of this review, but someone outside of the community might need some more luring in with awesome graphics ;-)

    Then again, it's not about watching a perfectly edited movie, it's about learning something from the content. And that definitely is where 11e does great!

    I ordered the 11e DVD's, mostly because I was curious about if there was new material on there. I thought that the past months of total immersion in game (both practically and theory wise) basically taught me everything there was to know. I was pleasantly surprised by many of the talks, because there truly is new -and awesome- material there.

    The term “bootcamp in a box” is ok, but if you've done bootcamp, it's probably still worth it's money for almost all students, simply because there is moaaaaaaaar!

    I can recommend this DVD series PUA's of all levels!


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    I bought 11 Essentials when it came out because I had gone to the SuperConference 2011, was riding the awesome-ness that I felt from that, and wanted to continue the momentum. Obviously nothing can compare to actually being there with the instructors, but the Essentials is the next closest thing you can get! Super inspiring, solid material, and the luxury of being able to watch it over and over instead of having to read through your notes from the seminars.

    Disc 1, 7 Seductive Ideas - Nick Savoy
    This is a perfect intro for both the attendees of the SC and the viewers of the DVD's. It opens the doors to what their weekend will be like and what everyone watching this product can learn. He goes deeper than the age of adage of "Just be yourself" and presents other ideas that will lead you to success.

    Disc 2, The Love Systems Triad - Future
    I had heard of Future before I went to my SC, but I didn't really know much about him -- or any of these other guys really! The first day I saw Future's presentation and he blew my mind away! I was lucky enough to be on his infield team at night which was literally one of the best times I've had in my life. Future has an energy that is contagious and you can't help but be inspired listening to him.

    In this talk, he goes over the cornerstone of Love Systems -- The Triad! His presentation is so precise, easy to understand, knowledgeable, and also interesting to watch! Of course you can read up on the model alone, which is something you should do, but being able to hear it with years of experience creates a new tone for it. This DVD is necessary to understand the basic concepts of what everyone who is successful with women is doing, whether they know it or not! It's also great because it's laid out thoughtfully and easy to understand -- something men want!

    Disc 3, Intro to Attraction - The Don
    The Don wasn't at the SC I attended, but I can see how he would be a great instructor to work with! In his video he goes over the Attraction Switches, diving in to each one very deeply and telling you why they work and giving examples of them along the way. He also goes over the different ways to create attraction, emphasizing that ultimately you need a mixture of the different ways of creating attraction.

    Disc 4, 200% Social Proof - 5.0
    I had previous experience seeing 5.0 on The Beyond Words DVD and knew that this segment was going to be AWESOME! In no way was I let down in his presentation. The bulk of his time seems to be focused more on if you're going out solo and shows how to create social proof with everyone from the door people to bartenders, rapid escalation, and how to start creating your social proof the INSTANT you walk in the door. He goes over some good techniques on how to deal with the blow outs and a couple good escalation routines that are genius! One of my favorite discs.

    Disc 5, Qualification - Keychain
    Qualification is a harder concept to grasp, but Keychain does an excellent job going over it. He explains what Qualification accomplishes and why it is necessary to continue through the Emotional Progression Model. After watching this segment you will understand how to make the girl feel like she's won you over after you've attracted her enough -- something that can make or break an interaction with a woman.

    Disc 6, The Power of Frames - Future
    Yes, there's a reason why Future is on this product twice....because he is AWESOME and has his stuff down. This might be my favorite disc on here simply because it deals a lot with what's going on inside your head -- something all guys worry about. He goes over good mindsets for success and teaches you how to deal with "tests" This is essential even outside of the dating life because frames occur in every aspect of your life and once you have a better understanding of them you will become more in tune with social actions.

    Disc 7, Storytelling - Tenmagnet
    I worked with Tenmagnet in this same thing at my SC and it is no wonder why he was teaching it on this DVD too. He talks about how men and women tell stories differently and what the points you want to touch on are for each sex. The advice he gives for telling better stories is easy to use and understand and will no doubt hold on to people's interest when you use his advice.

    Disc 8, Identity - Cajun
    Cajun is pure gold in this presentation. I got the pleasure of working with him at my SC and you can tell he knows what he is doing. This is is probably my second favorite disc because, like the Frames presentation, it is applied to general life. He explains great ways to present yourself and have an attractive personality. As always, it has some of Cajun's crazy humor in it which is the icing on the cake!

    Disc 9, Inner Game - Vercetti
    Vercetti is a very strong presenter and always gives great advice, along with exercises to achieve what he's talking about! The main bulk of this is limiting beliefs and what goes on in a guy's head and how to become the man you want to be. Like I said, since Inner Game is a very abstract subject to teach, the exercises are what makes this much more useful as opposed to a really great pep talk that gives you a emotional high for a short period.

    Disc 10, Day Game - Soul
    Soul is the master of Day Game! I was there for his retirement at the 2011 SC and it was cool to see how he innovated so much for Day Game. He talks about the pros and cons of Day Game vs Night Game, gives great advice on the whole interaction -- which is pretty different from Night Game. He gives solid advice on conversation mapping too -- something very useful in creating a fluid conversation. Listening to him speak is very inspiring and it really comes through in the end of his presentation how passionate of a teacher he is.

    Disc 11, Older Men and Younger Women/Conclusion - Bullet

    In all honesty, this was the last DVD I watched, just because of the name I didn't think I'd learn anything from it. Boy was I wrong. He gives some great Inner Game advice and talks about how different traits become more attractive to a woman as a guy ages. It's totally cool to see an older guy doing what most older guys only creepily dream of!

    Wrap Up
    I was completely satisfied in this product and the only way you could top this is by taking an actual program! Take your time watching these videos so you can digest the information (you have the luxury of being able to stop, rewind, and repeat!) and even consider taking notes to highlight the points that hit home with you or things that you want to use or work on.

    If you're on the fence of taking a program, as most people are, consider buying this product first. I don't doubt that it will win you over with the quality of material that is one here.

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, dating without Love Systems is like playing the dating game on hard.

    I bought 11 Essentials, because I could not afford a bootcamp and Love System's awesome customer support got me to understand that these discs are the next best thing to live training. The material on these discs is indespensible, add to it that Savoy introduces each instructor, their qualifications and the materials they will be covering. Each disc ends with another visit from Savoy with summation material, tips, and additional resources to help improve your sticking points.

    Disc 1 - 7 Seductive Ideas - Savoy

    Savoy kicks off the Super Conference by talking about all of the bad advice men have been given throughout their lives and rips it all to pieces, in doing so you learn why Love Systems is far and away the best dating science company out there.

    Disc 2 - The Love Systems Triad Model - Future

    Future breaks down the Love Systems triad model in such a way that even an idiot could understand that (but since you're going to be buying 11 Essentials, you are clearly not an idiot). Future uses his energy and humor to make really set the tone for the rest of these talks. There is a lot of information here, don't be suprised if you have to pause and rewind to fully get everything. What makes this such a great talk is that Future truly believes in what he teaches (as he says in this presentation).

    Disc 3 - Intro to Attraction - The Don

    The Don talks addressed the Attraction Switches in great detail, as well as tools to make use of durring your interactions with stunning women. He also talks about the use of routines and their power, but not to rely solely on them.

    Disc 4 - 200% Social Proof - 5.0

    5.0 begins with an overview of thin slicing and how women make instananeous judgements about you. As the title says the meat of this discussion is about how to quickly and easily build social proof to boost your social value in a club, coffee shop, book store, etc. That's not all though, he does talk about something that everyman has trouble with at somepoint - body language. The biggest thing I took from this is how to take a blow-out and make it work for your social value. And how to go out alone and not seem like a lonely loser.

    Disc 5 - Qualification - Keychain

    Keychain is awesome at making it clear as day, why Qualification is so important. He even goes so far as to provide the at-home-viewer with an exercise to try. And his example stories are pretty damn funny. I admit I had to rewatch this dvd a couple of tmes, simply because it's hard to believe a guy that seems so nice can really make a woman feel as if she's won you over, but after trying it I can't argue with the results.

    Disc 6 - Power of Frames - Future

    If you're paying attention, you'll notice that Future already spoke once at the Super Conference. This disc may very well be the one that has the biggest impact on your life, both inside and oustide of dating. He does a good joke of getting you to unfuck your own mind and pass any test thrown infront of you.

    Disc 7 - Storytelling - Tenmagnet

    Ever wonder why women like the crappy movies that they do? Tenmagnet breaks down the difference between how men and women are different with respect to stories. Since I first watched this disc I went from being a boring storyteller, to a captivating man who lives a life of interest just on how I tell my stories.

    Disc 8 - Identity - Cajun

    This is another piece of pure gold that can be applied in your everyday life. How we present ourselves is very important, like it or not. It's not secret that Cajun is a small dude, but his identity makes him a larger that life character.

    Disc 9 - Inner Game - Vercetti

    This is by far my favorite talk of the 11 discs, as much as this sounds like a latenight infomercial... Vercetti's talk is about how to become that man you've always wanted to be. Date I say, this disc is life altering. Overcome limiting factors and be a man.

    Disc 10 - Daygame - Soul

    Who else should talk about Daygame but the absolute master himself. Jeremy Soul breaks down his formula for THE direct opener that Soul says has accounted for 70% of the sex he's had. Need I say more about direct game? He goes over everything you need to succeed with Daygame, everything from openning, to voice tone and body language, conversation mapping, screening and more. This is likely going to be the disc most people watch first, and with damn good reason.

    Disc 11 - Older Men and Younger Women - Bullet

    The title of this disc may lead you to think that you don't need this if you're young. WRONG! This is not just for older men; Bullet goes over things like inner game, indirect openers, and how to get rid of bad habits - something we all need to do!

    The Wrap Up

    Novice, intermediate, or advanced these will teach you something and make you just that much better. For the novices: you cannot get better at game by just wishing, you have to go out and practice, practice, practice. As Phero told me, if you cannot take a bootcamp, workshop, or seminar, 11 Essentials is the closest thing. Make it happen!

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    I am not through the set yet but I had to post this.
    I am on a huge transformation process before I go to the superconference and this set has made it even easier. I have taken just a few of the things talked about in this DVD and it has sky-rocketed my perspective on my identity and getting into a great state. This is a must buy. I am so glad that I did. I will post more in my field reports.

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    Some-one I know got this a couple of years ago but the digital version as it's not dvds any more.

    He tells me that savoy doesn't appear at the start and end of each video. That seems a bit strange

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