Wingmen needed for great fellow wingman, read! Newport/OC area anytime...

Hey there... looking for wingmen... profile stuff below

Guys... I'm all about finding some new wings, to go out and sarge more. I want to start going out more, and surround myself with the people who have the similar goals in mind... not just guys or girls who go out to drink, and sit in a corner, and stare. A group in which we continually educate, help, and challenge each other. From experience, it is night and say when you have the right people to hang out with in this context.

My goal: go out and have fun, and meet people. I am extremely social and socially intuitive, decent looks, well educated in the game, want to work on getting in the field more again. Also to build a more quality social circle which has fun and success in mind.

I am a true asset for any and all wingmen, as well as just a person to know, and think in a win/win and abundant mentality.
I set my own hours, own my own companies, and am citing that because I can go out whenever I want. I believe the 80/20 of this success has to do with EXPERIENCE.

PM me, and we'll make it happen.