No close at all, but being taken to meet her friends, my line?

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  1. No close at all, but being taken to meet her friends, my line?

    Back story of this girl here:

    Managed to get something set up with this girl (push pull: finally said I'll see her in a few months since she's busy etc and got an immediate invite out), its the second encounter and its going to be a night out with her friends. I'm expecting it to be a relatively male heavy group, I also expect there to be a (female) friend of hers there that doesnt like me much, someone that I had planned on dealing with indirectly, but clearly the situation has changed.

    The guys of the group are probably going to be splashing a bit of cash, which I have no problem with, and I'm sure they are all going to be curious as to who the new comer (me!) is.

    FWIW this girl is adamant that we're just doing the "friends" thing, but I'm sure I can work past that given the right circumstances.

    I'm not sure which approach to take here, dealing with the girls there as a unit and the guys as a unit, all together or what. Do I confidently Alpha up, or do I stick to humorous/entertaining?

    Clearly I wont be doing any touching of her or anything like that where friends can see, but I have to continue building attraction through her social group, I'm also deciding how much time I should be spending with her in it and how much I should be talking to her friends and specifically not her. I'm also planning on trying to thin the crowd if the venue is crap by location change, in fact I'm pretty keen on trying to separate her anyway via location change, so might angle towards that at some point...

    All thoughts welcome!

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