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  1. Sarging in Oslo

    Hi there! Anyone up for sarging in Oslo? Im a 21 year old norwegian with some approach anxiety who need to work with other people in order to improve my game. If you want to do the same, feel free to send a PM! Thomas

  2. tja brosch, bor i sverige men r i oslo d och d, har mnga vnner dr. skriv lite om dig sjlv i nt pm s jag vet vem du r

  3. #3

    drammen oslo wing

    I'm 22 years old, well read, but lacks experience yet, want to grow

    /Pm me

  4. Looking for daygame wing in Oslo. I'm a 21 years old norwegian and I've read a lot of material, but have rarely applied it outside of social circles and events. I would like to sarge with someone who is serious about improving their daygame and who is willing to actually face their fears. You should be knowledgable, friendly and preferrably pretty sociable.

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