How to intern with a LOVE SYSTEMS INSTRUCTOR

How to intern with an INSTRUCTOR

To intern with an instructor, please first look here to see if that instructor is advertising for interns. If so, please follow that instructor's instructions. If the instructor does not appear to be looking, you can pitch him anyway. Email that instructor directly.

If you do this, your best chances are if you are specific and clear about what you can do for that instructor and what you are hoping to get in return. Every instructor's needs are different, and some don't need any (more) interns at all, but among the instructors who work with interns, the following skills are often in demand:

* Wordpress expert (if they run a blog)
* SEO expert (if they run a blog or have products)
* Graphic design (esp if they run a blog, but also to do stuff like, e.g., making a pdf of their classic posts, etc.)
* Video (to a much lesser extent audio) experts. Filming and editing. Not every instructor wants to go on camera though.
* General writing and editing - many instructors have lots of ad-hoc projects.
* Internet marketing experts
* Coders and other IT help

Instructors may have other needs, but these ones appear over and over.

Most instructors are extremely busy and get swamped with unsolicited email. Your best chances are if you keep your email direct and to the point. Say what specifically you can do. Even have some specific ideas (e.g., "I'd like to help you by doing X and Y, and here is how I'd do it"). Do a bit of research first on why that instructor and also be clear about what you want to get out of it (training, access to products, resume experience, etc.)

It's never a bad idea to send a resume.

Please don't mass-email instructors. It's ok to apply with a few different instructors but make sure you state this.