Venture - Project Rockstar 2011 (Sterling, Nick Hoss, Bullet, Future, Big Business)

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    Venture - Project Rockstar 2011 (Sterling, Nick Hoss, Bullet, Future, Big Business)

    Hey guys...I will have my review up of PR 2011 in the next day or has been an incredible ride that has changed not just the seven Rockstars lives forever but I believe all participants (instructors/AC's/mentors/etc) as well...a huge thank you is in order, looking forward to sharing my thoughts with everyone as well.

    I think today is Venture's bday too...happy 46th big guy!!

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    Hmmmmm, how to review PR 2011. On some level it's kind of impossible to break the entire thing down into something I could hope anyone would actually read and benefit from. There are a few bigger points I guess I'll go over and if anyone at all has questions about my experience please feel free to drop me a line via the forums.

    Literally every single limiting belief I had about myself and women was shattered during the program. The reference experience I gained through help from the all-star cast of instructors and mentors is mind boggling...I have a hard time sitting down and mentally working through the entire experience again because I utterly can't believe I used to feel/think the way that I did.

    I can easily say that the program was the biggest life-changing experience I've ever been through

    The program, at the end of the day, isn't just about women. It's about learning HOW to grow and be the best person you can be going forward. From interactions with so many successful people in every area of life we ultimately began to learn innately what it means to be successful. I noticed myself and several other Rockstars begin to course correct for ourselves towards the end of the program and that is an amazing thing to witness. It's much more powerful to internally feel the need to change than to hear from every single person you know externally that you need to change.

    During the course of the program we faced fear in a hundred different ways, from performing standup, skydiving, pushing ourselves physically in the gym and out at night, learning how to survive on no sleep, and learning to accept and follow instruction for the sake of breaking bad habits. We had such an incredible crew of people guiding us along the way that I feel truly blessed to have been part of such an incredible program. In addition, the quality of the Rockstars is something that still brings a smile to my face whenever I remember the guys. It would be amazing if we all lived in the same city, because without a doubt in my mind we would utterly own it. Being able to live and learn with guys like Nick Hoss and Venture was an invaluable experience that gives perspective completely different from what you'd ever experience during a bootcamp.

    Lastly, I just want to send a big shout out to Venture for making it all happen. He had to push incredibly hard and front an insane amount of $$ to get everything booked for us and set all of the accommodation and instructors up for the program. You are awesome man, I'm sure you'll be hearing from all of us in the years to come about how impactful the program has been on our life course.

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    I cannot say enough good things about Project Rockstar. It's a life-changing program in so many ways.

    Let's just start with the Game related aspects of PRS - we had coaching from the very best LS instructors, each teaching their areas of expertise: Future teaching Deep Comfort, Soul teaching Day Game, Venture teaching SNLs, Big Business teaching comedy and Fader teaching Stripper and Hired Gun Game. And with coaching day-in and day out from Venture, Sterling, Nick Hoss and Bullet, with Rockstars from previous years and approach coaches from all over coming in to help out, the entire Rockstar experience is unparalleled in terms of how much we are able to learn in such a short time.

    I came into PRS with a lot of limiting beliefs (can't approach a superhot girl, can't approach a girl taller than me, can't talk to a girl who's listening to music on headphones, etc), and through PRS, I was able to every single day break through those limiting beliefs, and replace them with new and much more powerful beliefs. I now believe that I can attract and date the hottest women I see, and while approach anxiety will always be there, I know I can overcome that no matter how attractive the girl may be physically. As I continue to destroy old limiting beliefs, and replace them with new ones, I take myself down the path of becoming a better man that easily attracts beautiful women in his life.

    On the non-Game related aspects of PRS, knowing how to break through limiting beliefs doesn't just apply to Game either - I now have the tools and the know-how to break through limiting beliefs in every aspect of my life. I have also built very special friendships that will last me my entire life with an amazing group of guys. These are guys that I know will support me and I will support as we each strive to become better and successful people.

    The more I learn about Game, the more I realize that it is only one component of being an attractive man. While understanding Game will get you a lot further than you typically would with women, you still need other aspects of your life to be right in order to date the best girls. The best way to attract a high quality woman is to become a high quality man. And that is what I will focus on going forward. Nick and I will be traveling together around the world for a year and doing and learning cool things, and I will be focusing on building up my body and taking improv classes (to get better at banter).

    Lots of thanks to each instructor and approach coach that came in to teach us - Future, Soul, Big Business, Fader, Darwin, Collin, Mani, Derrick, J Intrigue, Trigger. Special thanks to all the instructors that were with us each and every day - Venture, Sterling, Bullet, Nick Hoss and Laurent. Venture especially, has made a huge impact on my game, his new and more natural approach, combining strength and warmth, is effectively how I approach all my interactions with women now, and it's extremely powerful. You've all made the last few months truly memorable and life-changing.

    And to my Rockstar brothers, I love you guys.

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    Project Rockstar Review

    I came into Project Rockstar expecting a lot. I was dedicating seven weeks of my life and $15k of my savings. I expected to not only get better with girls, but to also become a better person. I’m excited to say that Project Rockstar truly met my expectations.

    While, yes, we learned a lot about how to approach and attract women, that wasn’t the most important lesson. For me, I’ll always remember Project Rockstar as the time when I learned how to more effectively conquer my fears. While I’ve pushed myself through fears in the past, I always just accepted it as a long drawn-out process that could take months or years. What I learned in Project Rockstar, however, is that I could conquer even my greatest of fears in only seven weeks’ time with the right tutelage.

    Before this journey I knew that my relationships with women were the weakest aspect of my life. I’ve had good career success. I’ve made meaningful differences in the lives of others through my volunteer projects. I stay in good shape and take care of my health. However, I realize now that because I had spent so much of my life without the influence of women, I was scared of what they thought of me and whether I’d ever be able to change my misfortunes.

    Project Rockstar taught me to take a more confident, “anything is possible” approach. I used to be scared to try new things (at least when it came to women) and take forever over-analyzing it until eventually my perspective would slowly change. However, thanks to the amazing help of the instructors (namely Venture, Sterling, Nick Hoss, Bullet, Future, Soul, Big Business, and Fader), they offered me no such timeline. They forced me to change, and change fast. I needed it.

    Looking back, there’s no telling what I could have accomplished without the help of Project Rockstar. However, I can say with certainty that I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today without it. Sometimes you need the help of trained professionals to push your limits and test your mettle. Not only am I significantly better with women, but I’m also a better person after being a part of this epic program. Project Rockstar changed my life and I will forever be thankful.

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    Im jealous as hell right now. Good for you, man.

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    Project Rockstar Review

    Project Rock star Review

    On the first day of project Rock star Venture asked us to write down what were our own three main goals for the next 6 weeks. Mine being
    1. Get better with Attractive Women
    2. Change Mindset and Maintain Entrepreneurial Spirit
    3. Loose 6kg and maintain healthy lifestyle

    Each one of the goals I either have met or exceeded. I have changed my life direction and focus as a result of PRS. I am really looking forward to the next 6 months as this will be a high growth stage for me. One of the most influential statements that I recall (apart from “This is Project Rockstar, not project Softcock!” Venture 2011) was “Playing to Win vs Playing Not to Lose”. Fader – Stippers and Hired Guns Seminar. We were lucky enough to be exposed to inner game interpretation from Venture and Fader. This has given the Rockstar’s rounded views and great tools to challenge limiting beliefs and the correct mindsets to adopt.

    It will take 6 months to draw our own game styles that suit our personalities. Each one of the instructors has their own unique style of game that uses different methods/techniques to move them along the LS Triad Model. I myself will be combining Ventures - Sub Communications and models taught on the 10day boot camp and PRS with the Humor and Improv from Big Business seminar and then throw in some Break Through Comfort from Future! Why because I like to laugh, I am a little bit of a smart arse and Future’s Break Through Comfort is the money!

    I think the greatest advantage of PRS is the exposure to the different LS system instructors and mentors for a extended period of time. This enables you to form bonds and friendships well beyond just game and Finger Banging. All of my breakthrough’s with my game started from observing instructors in field and sometimes a gentle push.

    Venture and I had a bit of a rough start to Rock Star within the first week I had been pushed pretty hard and had to face some truths about myself. Venture is a pretty straight shooter as well there is not much sugar coating, the feedback is to the point and bang on the money. Venture did show me the greatest aspect of my game that was missing and the same with most people the…….. sub communications and kino escalation. Any conversations without touch goes nowhere you can have all the lines routines in the world. If you ever have an opportunity get Venture to reply to a text take it you will laugh your arse off!

    Nick Hoss was great to have on the project I was lucky / unlucky enough to have shared an apartment and a hotel room. Lucky - The man is a wealth of knowledge and it always amazed me when asked a question Nick would send me a link to relevant posts on the attraction forums or answer straight away. Just between you and me I think he has read all the lead instructor posts with some type of autistic memory recall. The subtle things that Nick showed me with Day Game priceless. Unlucky - Don't share a hotel room with this guy. Its a race to pull a chick back to the room. Some girls won't fuck in the bathroom when Hoss is romancing a lady in the room.

    Bullet great to have on the PRS 2011 team - straight shooter no bullshit. Learnt a lot from Bullet, the guy was never without a date the whole time through the project. I believe that you learn the most from watching how these guys interact. I modelled a few of my day game stances and mannerisms from Bullet and my Day game started to improve immediately. Bullet always passed on relevant information in field. I would be talking to a girl and less than 2 meters away Bullet would be miming kino and kissing moves. These guys can see when you need to escalate because they have seen the same indicators 1000's of times. Every time I hear the combined words Finger and Bang I still laugh.

    Sterling has an amazing grip on the theory and has presented the information in very easy to understand visual models. Poor bastard had to play Bad cop in New York really didn’t get to know the real man until Stockholm. Gave Venture a lot of support throughout the project and really pushed the Rockstars in NYC.

    The whole project was very game oriented we did do a little bit of theory, Fader Stripper and Hired Guns, Big Business Comedy and Improv, Future Break Through Comfort, Venture Same Night Lays, Venture Text Game, Nick Hoss Mini Day Game Seminar, Soul Day Game Workshop.

    The instructors where not the only ones that assisted on the course we had previous Rockstar’s, local AC’s and interstate AC’s helping out. These guys were invaluable to the project and helped all of the Rockstars. Laurent, Collin, Darwin!, J Rock, Trigger, Big D and Mani.

    Of the 45 days we spent 37 of them out on the town that is why the fitness portion of the program is critical!

    The Rockstar Program is amazing and has changed my perception and life direction. It is very hard to put a price on the value of such a course. The closest thing to the Rockstar experience would be the 10 day boot camp.

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    It was an honor to be part of this program as a mentor and AC. Venture "peeled back the onion" of what is possible with game on the first night in field of bootcamp, and everything exploded from there. I have to say that every last person involved in this program (from instructors, to mentors, to AC's, friends, and of course the Rockstars) was a privilege to meet and work with. I have never before and may never again be able to meet such a great group of human beings that have made an impact on everybody around them, and are so committed to self mastery. Truly inspiring. I'm glad to consider everybody friends of mine. Huge shout to Venture for making this happen and doing an incredible job.

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    I was one of the rockstars last year, and it is the best thing any guy can do to improve his game (and his life)! This year's Project Rockstar looks even more amazing...Vegas, Budapest, Stockholm??! If a 3-day bootcamp can make big changes to your game, think about what 9 weeks with the best instructors in the world can do!

    Can't wait to visit and party with this year's rockstars!

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