First week of college---openers?

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  1. First week of college---openers?

    Hey guys,

    College starts next week. I want to cold approach like 100 women!! Whats the best opener to use? For walking or sitting sets should I go direct?

    Please dont tell me to build social circle. I am a senior and dont have time to take that approach.


  2. Go the same as any moving set, just be careful not to make a name for yourself as the weird guy that trys to hit on everyone.

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    Honestly, cold approaching all over campus is not the best way to go. Do it a few times, grab a few numbers, go out with them to parties, bars, etc. and build your social circle from there. Snowball effect. A lot of college game is social circle.

  4. Agreed, relying on only cold approach in college is like trying to do math without a calculator: you might succeed sometimes, but there are far better methods.

    Definitely work socially.

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    you are going to look like the creepy weird guy who hits on everyone. College is a closed-social circle. You dont run game in a college setting, you run social circle game instead

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