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    Socialising with other guests was a great idea. Her talking about her ex sounds like a shit test. And congratulations !

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    thank you bud,im dating her now

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    miss me gentlemen?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Snupas View Post
    miss me gentlemen?

    Not sure if anyone goes on this anymore. Last year or the year before, I read your entire body of work here. I think you deserve a lot of gratitude from me! I learnt a lot about communication sexually via text & in person. It really helped my game. Wouldn't mind a "where's Snupas now" post! Sort of ended abruptly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by loungeact View Post

    Not sure if anyone goes on this anymore. Last year or the year before, I read your entire body of work here. I think you deserve a lot of gratitude from me! I learnt a lot about communication sexually via text & in person. It really helped my game. Wouldn't mind a "where's Snupas now" post! Sort of ended abruptly!
    hi bud,
    glad it helped you out , the purpose of all my posts was to help ....
    I eee that not many of older members still post i guess a lot of them have families now and i agree that the story did have a proper ending so i will write the ending now.
    I keep with a lot of members in touch via whatsapp so if you are interested send me a private message and i'll give you my whatsapp in case you need some advice here and then :-)
    As to my story , right after my bday i ended up dating the playboy model , about 4 month forward and we moved in together 3 more months forward and i found out that I will be a father in 8 months to a little boy....up to date it was the best decision i have ever made, the little boy makes me so happy. As to the family my girlfriend and i are till together , there are up and down like in every relationship and i still think i'm learning every day how not to be selfish and that not everything in this world must only go the way i want it to go, we both are pretty stubborn so it takes time till anyone will admit that he/she did something wrong.there are definitely a lot of things i learnt about relationship and i would say the most biggest challenges are getting into routine(that can ruin your relationship very quickly) and second will be try to be as close as possible to the person you were during first year of your relationship..
    so thats my story in short , now im a father , a husband(well not yet but will be sooner or later) just need to plant a tree to complete what i required from a real man purpose in life :-)

  6. Sorry for my shitty reply.
    That's what the game's all about anyway, so great to hear!
    Yeah, I definitely will mate!

  7. "Snupas has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."
    We had a great run.
    Send us a message if you're ever on here again my man.

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    bro i sent you my number :-)

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    Usually I come back to this website for a reason and today is one of those days when i have something useful to share with you, which most probably will improve and make your life better in the next couple of weeks ,months ,years. It might give you motivation as well.
    I have been in relationship(married) with a model for the past 5 years and i have a baby son with the girl too, i would rate our life quite reasonable lets say 6 out of 10 and most probably i will blame my wife for that low rating as i'm very stubborn person that always thinks he is right. As we went through our up and downs ...somewhere during that time i lost motivation , i wouldn't say that i was depressed but more like as we started to have problems and fights here and then i chose a side that i always thought be the right reaction to any woman's tantrum , which was to ignore her or do a quick fix this is due to me being a very stubborn person and thinking that i'm almost right(a lot of guys have that).
    Lucky for me my wife is also stubborn and quite confident woman which can and will confront me if she had problem with something and if she felt i can do better, unfortunately for me she is very bad at talking. So that you understand when she tries to motivate me it sounds more like a phrase "Fuck you useless you will never succeed", I will be honest and say that i did quite well career wise starting from when i turned 21 , as at my young age i was managing much older people than me and earning more than them too and to be honest i think that caused the stagnation in my personal development as by 25 i have achieved literally every goal i set for myself when i was 18yo.
    She saw that stagnation but lacked the skills to communicate that to me in the manner that i would listen(her wording is really horrible,maybe she need to read a book "how to persuade people to do what you want") , as her last resort she suggested me to read a book by Jack Canfield "The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be" and what she added was read this book and then you will understand where im coming from.
    today on the 3rd of March 2019 I finished reading this book and I will gladly say that its probably one of the best books i have read in the long while if it doesn't change your view on things then you need to re-read the book as its is incredibly power book with good suggestions to make your life,relationship and career better.After finishing reading it i called my wife and i said now i understand what you tried to tell me , i was wrong but you still gotta work on your talking skills as the way you express yourself can make a normal person feel miserable :-)
    PS: Admin its not an advertisement for the book i just share my personal experience and i honestly think this book will help some of the younger auditory to develop.

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    What did my eyes spot? A book recommendation on the forum?!

    Omg, you are so much in trouble...

    I will INSTANTLY... Go and buy the book. Wonder if it's on Audible. Thanks for the recommendation.

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