Epic Day Game report; Shaking Of the Rust. Text Game; Direct Game included

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    Epic Day Game report; Shaking Of the Rust. Text Game; Direct Game included

    What happened at the mall today?

    Mike Shark made me leave my comfort zone, and I was shitting my pants. I haven’t been day gaming in awhile, I’d say about a month, and for some reason I was extremely nervous. I believe it was a combination of factors; one I hadn’t approached CONSISTENTLY during the day for about a month, two I was wearing a shirt that I didn’t like, and three, every girl that I saw I was making an excuse not to approach.

    I’m glad I left my comfort zones. I learned a lot, let’s get to today’s field report.

    __________________________________________________ _________________


    It all started off pretty slow. Driving up to the mall was slightly nerve-racking, I decided the first thing I was going to do was buy a shirt. I looked down at my shirt… nah. Not today, haven’t gone to the gym yet. Didn’t feel balanced enough for the day yet, and I was also making excuses for myself to feel better about shitting my pants, being at this mall. Should be pretty easy though, right? You’ve done this before, champ. I pull around the corner of the parking lot near Chapters, locate my parking stall and bring the car to a slow stop as I pull in between two blue minivans. Shit. I’m nervous again. I don’t think, just roll up my windows and get out of the car. Here we go again.

    Walking through the door of Chapters was different. Usually, when I walked through that door, I knew there would be Kevin, Cam and a student waiting for bootcamp on the other side. That would not be the case this time, it was just me and my boys. I’ve found that I’ve always been able to perform on bootcamp, I have no choice. When I want to turn direct game on, I turn it on and I rock it. This time was different, I was exposed and I hadn’t been to the mall in forever. Fuuuck. I sauntered my way through chapters in a slight daze; being present but looking around and realizing that there wasn’t a lot of people in this mall. Oh yeah… the rest of the world has regular jobs and it’s a Thursday during the day.

    I walk into the mall and start making excuses as to why I’m not going to approach that much. “Alright… well… I’m only going to approach a couple of girls because if I approach one and build a solid connection, than she sees me approaching another one, I’ll fuck up my first one. There’s not a lot of people in this mall… that could probably happen..” Damnit Brian, you’re a pussy!

    I find my feet carrying me into Zara. I want to find another shirt, I don’t like the one I’m wearing right now. I make my way quickly to the back of the store where I find no shirt that is sick for under $20.00. I’m picky when it comes to shirts; I don’t like spending more money than I have to. I know that I can find a sick shirt for under $20.00, so I just hunt until I find them. They’re usually the witty ones too, because no one bargain hunts like a black guy in a rich neighbourhood. I look down at my phone and see a phone call from Mike Shark.

    Mike: Hey man! Where are you?

    Brian: I’m walking through the mall. Where are you?

    Mike: Starbucks.

    Brian: I’ll be there in two minutes!

    Guess I’m not getting a shirt. I walk out of Zara and start shitting my pants as I start walking through the mall, thinking about all of the time it’s been since I’d been here. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t found time, and in my days off I always find excuses not to go to the mall. I’ll tell you guys how I made time to do it though; it started last night. I was watching this movie about how your thoughts program your reality, how ideas in your mind only become reality if you believe that they will happen. Last night I decided I wanted to approach girls today, so I made sure I called Mike Shark and told him we were going Day Gaming today. I knew that he would be down, and I knew he would hold me accountable to my wish. I made sure I put it in my calander, and when I woke up this morning I knew what I had to do.

    I don’t remember most of the walk through the mall, I was pretty dazed out. Hot girl walking past… nope, on my way to meet Mike. Hot girl in store… nope, not my type. As my feet bring me closer towards Starbucks, I sense a white ninja sneaking up on me.

    Mike: How are you supposed to steal people’s wallets if you don’t even see white people sneaking up on you!
    Motha fuckin racist! Mike and I start walking towards Sears and I tell him that I need to buy a shirt. We walk and talk, and I ask him what he thinks about as he’s walking through the mall.

    Mike: I just look for targets.

    Fucking Mike, haha. I find that when I start “Set Hunting,” it brings me out of state. I don’t like to do it, because it’s almost as if I become outcome dependant and I’m not socially warmed up because I’m not focusing on the conversation my boys and I are having. I find, the best success for me comes from enjoying conversation with my friends and when I see a girl out of my peripheral I break conversation with a “One sec,” and I go approach. Mike and I walk around the corner of Chinook near Sears and come up on Urban Outfitters. I start to walk in, but Mike tells me that if we go to Armani that he can get me a 50% discount. Chaaaa Ching!

    Armani is the next store over, so we make a slight turn and head over. We go in, see nothing, come out of the store and we see our first female. Mike yells at her, and tells her to come over.

    Mike: Hey girl! Whaddup.

    Turns out that Mike knows the girl, and I tell them that they look alike. Almost like brother and sister, and Mike shouts out “Yes! Incest!” and high five’s her. I kind of thought he was kidding, but he wasn’t. We talked about her after she left, and how I thought her cheeks were high.”Yeah, but she’s a screamer,” he replies.


    I split off from Mike to find my shirt. I knew that if I approached with this one, my head would give me an excuse to fail. “Your shirt sucked, bro!” I walked into Bluenotes, over to the Superhero section and found myself a Green Lantern shirt. Siick! One changeroom and 7 dollars later, I was set. I walked out of Bluenotes and back towards where Mike and his female were hanging out, and I saw my first set of the day. Uh oh.

    Smokeshow. I watched as she passed me, 30 feet away. She was blonde, 5’10 and wore flats with a lululemon style pant. Her shirt came down to half of her ass, and her long blonde hair flowed past her breastline. She walked as if she KNEW she was a 9, and I guess it’d be the perfect person to break me out of my comfort zone. My head said no, but my feet started moving. Uh ohhhhhhh. I watched as she made her way towards the escalator, and I followed her. I quickened my pace; but not too fast. I think my feet were trying to make an excuse not to approach, like if she walked into a store I wouldn’t follow her. Fuck, here we go. Down the escalator, off the escalator, towards the Sears. Faster… faster…

    Brian: Hey! Really quick.

    She stops, and turns slightly. The look on her face is an inquisitive one, and almost as if she’s wondering what the fuck I’m doing here. I open my mouth to speak.

    Brian: I saw you from over there, and I think you’re fucking goooorgeous, I had to come over and say hi.

    I was slightly panting at this point, but her look broke from inquisitive to joyous.

    Blonde: Thank you! Hahaaa.

    Brian: My name’s Brian.

    I can’t remember much of the context of the conversation, but it was really rocky. We talked for a bit about what she does, she told me she worked at the mall. I found out that her phone was broken, and that she was going to get it fixed. This girl was smoking hot, and I was nervous as fuck. My intent is always genuine, and I am always honest so I came out a couple of times with ”I’m nervous,” to which she responded with smiles. I found out she was 25, and I told her I was younger than her (because I was blowing myself out subconsciously, because I was nervous as fuck). I managed to Facebook close, and we parted ways. I felt euphoric after the interaction, I love demolishing my comfort zones. However, I also felt like I NEEDED to find Mike Shark right away. Partially to externally validate myself and show him the girl I just closed, which I never ended up doing, and partially because I was experiencing an emotion I hadn’t experienced in awhile; anxiety mixed with excitement. Instead of riding the momentum, I went back to find Mike near the Bread and Soup store at the top right hand corner of the mall. He had taken his woman on a Cinnamon bun date, and they were eating Cinnazo inside of the Bread and Soup store. I don’t think the Bread and Soup people are going to like this very much…

    I sat down and talked with Mike and his girl for a few minutes. In that few minutes I sat down and chatted I began to get my frame back, becoming more comfortable being in the mall and more sure of myself. I was getting back down to reality, where I was watching Mike Shark and how his poker face works and I was adopting the poker face mentality for myself. Poker Face only works if you’re always leading, and validating them once in awhile with the slight smile. Mike and Cam have that shit down to an art, and it’s something I plan to learn. You’ve just got to break through the uncomfortable parts of being uncomfortable before you can be comfortable being uncomfortable. You know what I mean? I mean, the uncomfortable parts of not approaching in a MONTH, to get used to approaching again (which is uncomfortable). So to get my frame back, I just needed to expose myself to a few different, new social interactions.

    I made a joke to Ginger Girl that Mike was with, and she didn’t give me a response that I liked. I turned my chair away from Mike and the girl and began scooting away, while still sitting on my chair, saying that I was disappointed in her and I was leaving.

    BunStoreGuy: Excuse me, can I help you?

    Brian: Nope, I’m good.

    BunStoreGuy: You guys can’t be eating Cinnazo in here.

    Brian: I have no idea who those people are.

    BunStoreGuy: Ohh…

    Brian: Yeah dude, I’m good!

    He turned away from me as I proceeded to scoot out of his store with my chair on my ass. Muahaha, frame, frame, frame! It wasn’t that I was trying to be a dick; really I had nothing to do with the Cinnamon buns. I got my frame back in the mall, and that’s all that mattered. I knew that once I started approaching again that I’d be on the right path. Mike saw that his welcome at the Bun Store had been worn out, and him and his date grabbed their cinnamon buns and parted ways.

    Two random dudes passed Mike and I, and curiosity sparked within us. We were supposed to wait for Mikey B to come before we left Bun Store, but BunStoreGuy was NOT happy and we wanted to approach more. We also wanted to see what these silly two fella’s were up to, so we decided to follow them. We walked behind these guys on the other side of the mall, observant at the guys who were value scanning the mall; looking for hot girls just for the sake of looking at them. We kind of thought they were “pick up” guys, because they seemed to be hunting for girls… which they were. They were just looking for the sake of looking though… ehhh.

    Walking up to the railing by Starbucks on the upstairs level of Chinook, I leaned my arms over the rails to look at the people below. I was still nervous, had been here for about an hour and had only approached one girl. She was smoking hot, but that wasn’t enough. I knew that I had to approach again, and get out of my comfort zone… stop being a pussy bro! it’s all about the process, I’m not going to learn anything by not approaching. BLONDE GIRL! Perfect.

    I walk down the escalator and after the blonde girl. She’s cute, don’t think much about approaching… just run up behind her, stop her and start speaking.

    Brian: Hey! Real quick, I saw you from over there and thought you looked really cute!

    Blond: Thank you!! I haven’t showered in two days, so that’s awesome.

    Brian: Eww that’s gross.

    Blond: Hahah! I’m here visiting family.

    Brian: Oh that’s cool, where are you from?

    Blond: Camloops.

    Brian: Awesome, high five.

    We high five, and I pull it down so that we hold hands for a second. I can see that she looks like she’s in a rush, so I point the way that she was walking and I say “I’m going this way too, let’s walk.” We begin to walk and talk about Calgary, how long she’s here for, what her plans are for the weekend. She’s not bad, she’s not super attractive and she’s only here for one night. I decide I’ll number close for the sake of number closing, and I invite her out for tonight, telling her that I’m going to Roadhouse and that she should come. She says she’ll consider it, we hug and part ways. WHEW! Set number 2, gone gone gone.

    I walk back to meet up with Mike Shark and Mikey B, as I find they’re both waiting at Starbucks for me. Mike Shark and I begin talking about what happened with the interaction, when out of the corner of both of our eyes we see a cute brunette walking up the stairs 20 feet away from us. Mike Shark breaks mid conversation and starts walking towards her. I decide I want to be the eyes on this one, so I take a seat at the Starbucks and watch as Mike closes in on the brunette. Unfortunately he wasn’t walking fast enough, and Mikey B and I had to start walking so that we could see the approach, as they had made their way around the corner of the mall. Mikey B and I are walking and talking, catching up a bit when we see an older blonde woman walking towards us. She’s fairly attractive, but I justify the reason I’m not approaching with the “fact that I’m talking to Mikey B, and she’s too old.” Mikey B pauses the conversation, and tells me “One sec B, I’m going to go approach that girl.” Mikey B breaks from conversation, and heads back towards the blonde girl. I take a seat on the bench two steps in front of me, and I look ahead of me to see Mike Shark talking to the brunette he has now stopped. I looked back to see Mikey B in set, for a few seconds at least, with the girl that he had stopped. She seemed in a rush, and walked away before he could develop any kind of conversation. In this second I look up and see a cute brunette walking past my bench, and justify not approaching with “well, Mikey B just approached there and Mike Shark is in set up there… so if anyone sees… they’ll know what we’re up to.” Oh well, time to stop bitching out. I get up and catch my feet running towards the brunette this time. That’s better.

    Brian: Hey!

    She jumps, turns and looks at me.

    Brian: Didn’t mean to scare you. You’re gorgeous, I had to meet you.

    She blushes, smiles and I introduce myself to her. I felt more comfortable this time, and instead of going for the walk right away I rooted myself and stared her in the eyes as we talked for a couple minutes. I told her that she had a unique sense of style, wearing a sweater in winter. I then corrected myself by saying “You make me SOOOOO NERVOUS that I think winter is summer.” She started laughing, and I started to feel a bit uncomfortable for some reason so I told her that we should walk the way that she was walking. I then, like an idiot, told her that “I wasn’t really walking this way but I wanted to talk to her,” and made the conversation feel a bit more unnatural. I plowed through and we kept talking for a couple minutes, but I started walking one way and her the other. “I’ve only got half hour! I’ve gotta go to the food court.” I didn’t want to seem needy and follow her, so I grabbed her number and told her that she should come visit me for my first bartending shift at Roadhouse (toolbelt, why the fuck not use it!). I went back to Mikey B and Mike Shark to find them in the Energie store. I found out that Mike Shark works there, so we met the staff and tried on clothes for a few minutes. I looked down at my phone: 2:30. I decide I’d better get Cam’s car back to him, it’d been about two hours now. I tell Mike Shark that I’m going to leave the mall, but he tells me that “We’re going to do a couple more sets before you leave.” I’m nervous, and I say that I’ll do “one more!” I’ve jumped out of my comfort zone a lot already today, and I planned to do it “systematically,” to get back into Mall game. I found out today that FLOODING is the best technique for me, for getting over my initial phases of getting back into Mall Game. Day Game is another ball field compared to Night Game; both skills are valuable however one is more honest and genuine.

    Mike and I head down the escalator towards Chapters and in our conversation I catch Mike look behind him, see his eyes light up, and then he looks back to me. I look to see what Mr. Shark was looking at, and I was met with a cute brunette.

    Brian: Hi!

    Brunette: Hi!

    Brian: My name’s Brian.

    Brunette: My name’s Danika.

    Brian: Nice to meet you on an escalator Danika.

    Brunette: Haha… nice to meet you too!

    Brian: This is a bit weird, I’ve never had this happen before.

    Mike: it’s not weird! It’s completely natural.

    As Mike says that I trip over my foot while trying to get off the escalator. I look back and see her laugh, and tell her to “shut up! I meant to do that.”

    Danika: Nice to meet you, byeeee!

    I planted my feet firmly in the ground, and said ”Danika! Where are you going?”

    Danika: I have to go! Byeee.

    Brian: No! Come back here.

    Danika: I have to go!

    Brian: That’s stupid! Come here.

    Danika: I can’t!

    Brian: 2 seconds! Come here!

    I watch as she rolls her eyes and starts to walk towards me. It’s a playful roll, and I laugh as I hold my frame and don’t move from the spot that I’m in at the bottom of the escalator. As she walked towards me, I contemplated walking towards her and meeting her in the middle but instead I just shuffled a bit to the side so that we weren’t blocking the bottom of the escalator.

    Danika: What!

    I smiled, I knew she was into me enough to come back and chat so I was in. All I had to do was be cool.

    Brian: So what do you do!

    Danika: I’m a server at Moxies.

    Brian: Nice! I’m a bartender at Roadhouse, high five.

    We high five, and I ask her if this was her plan; to meet a random, sexy ass black guy in the mall and seduce him. She laughs, and tells me that this is the first time it’s ever happened. We talked a bit about herself and what she likes to do, she tells me she’s only here for the summer (which she told me is two more weeks) and I asked her if she’s leaving, how the fuck are we going to get married. I don’t remember a lot of this set, as by this time I was in complete state and just saying whatever was on my mind. I find that when I get in state it’s hard to remember what I’m saying, it’s because I’m not thinking about what I’m saying. All I know is that I demanded a marriage on the spot, asked her last name, she told me (it sounded German). I made fun of her for having a gay last name, and she told me it was Dutch. I asked her to teach me a Dutch swear, and she told me one that was like 3 sentences long. “I said a swear, not a novel.”

    Brian: I, Brian Mark, take you Danika Blahblahblah, to be my lawfully wedded wife.

    Danika: Hahaha omg.

    Brian: Say it back!

    We’re holding each other’s hands and facing each other in the middle of the mall, and she opens her mouth to speak.

    Danika: I take you, Dave… it’s Dave, right?

    Brian: Danika! Wtf!!

    I smack her hands away and turn my body to the right, away from her with a look of comical disbelief.

    Danika: Noooooo! What is your name, tell me, I won’t forget this time.

    Brian: It’s Brian, jerk.

    Danika: I, Danika, take you Brian Mark, to be my lawfully wedded husband.

    I was going to kiss her here, but we had only been talking for a few minutes and I played it safe (pansy ass) but oh well. I number closed there, set up a date for tonight, and we walked arm in arm towards the middle of the mall. She told me she was shopping, I told her that I was a medium and that I wanted supper on the table by 10pm. I didn’t say the second one, but I should have. : P I texted her from my phone right after I got her number and said : “Hi Danika, it’s your sexy husband Brian.” We hugged goodbye, parted ways and I told her that she should definitely come out tonight and we’ll chill. She said “as long as you text me!” I replied “I did text you! If you don’t text me back within the next two minutes I’m divorcing you.” She laughed, looked through her purse and I pushed her and said goodbye. Man, I felt fucking great. Uh oh, in state, wham bam thank you MAAM! I knew I just had to shake the rust off; sometimes there’s a month’s worth of rust though.

    I walk towards Chapters and to my car, to be honest. I’m smiling at how awesome that last interaction was, and as I lean my glaze forward I see Mike Shark in set with two smoking hot females. Two random guys walk past the three of them, stopped in the mall, with the two girls facing Mike, and go “holy fuck those girls are hot!” This, mixed with the state and momentum from my last set, I walked in with a smile and expected to be greeted with enthusiasm.

    Mike Shark: Hey! This is my black friend.

    Brian: Hi cute girls! I’m black.

    I don’t remember much of what happened with this set again, I was just riding the state I had hit from my last set. I see Mike Shark talking to the brunette, and I see that the blonde is smoking hot and looking at the two of them talk. I realize I hadn’t introduced myself to the Blonde, so I controlled the dynamic and instead of creating a “Me and Mike, vs Blonde and Brunette”, which is the way it was with me and Mike standing right next to each other, the blonde and the brunette standing right next to each other and both of us facing each other… I grabbed the Blonde’s hand and introduced myself, turning both of our bodies so that my right shoulder was right next to her left shoulder, and we were facing each other In a square… creating almost like a group dynamic. I couldn’t help but smile as I looked at Mike talking to his girl, and I talked to mine; both individual groups getting along just fine with each other. I made a joke about us “swapping friends!” Where I would steal the blonde, and Mike could steal the brunette. I meant that “Me and the girl are gonna go, and you and the girl are gonna go,” but the girls thought I meant “hey mike, I’ll trade you girls!” to which they almost blew us out. I accused one of the girls of being racist, and she burst out laughing saying “I’m not a racissttttt!” Too funny.

    I watched as Mike number closed the Brunette, and the Blonde saw what was happening too. It was obvious that there was a number exchange, and I wanted to get the blonde’s number too… but I hadn’t built enough of a connection yet for the number to stick. Instead, I grabbed the blonde’s left arm and got her to face the OPPOSITE direction of her friend and Mike.

    Brian: Let’s leave these two LOVEBIRDS alone and pretend to window shop. Ohhh…. Those glasses are realllly niice over there!

    Blondiee: No kidding! These wierdos. Those are super nice glasses..

    We turned back around and the number exchange was done. I was still talking, I don’t know about what, but I was ranting. I was leading with a strong frame, I wasn’t smiling a lot and I was making a lot of jokes that I should have been reacting to. The energy in the group was good, but it was almost a dynamic where “the numbers have already been exchanged, and now we’re waiting for the awkward goodbye.” Instead, I took advantage of the fact that we might be walking the same way. Besides, I still hadn’t gotten Blondie’s number yet.

    Brian: Hey, you guys going this way?

    Blondiee: Yeah.

    Brian: Cool! Us too, let’s roll.

    We began to walk, and as soon as we started walking the Brunette broke it off of Mike and came to walk beside Blondiee, essentially blowing both Mike and I out.

    Brian: HEY! You go back there. Leave us alone, we’re developing a friendship!

    Blondiee: Yeah tessa! Goddddd.

    Brian: Yeah Tessa… Goddddd!

    I remain unmoved on the outside, but I’m laughing hysterically on the inside. I hold out my arm and tell Blondie to link up, and she complies with a huge smile on her face. I accuse of her of doing this with every black guy she meets at the mall, and she tells me this has happened before with a WHITE guy, but I’m the first FUN guy that’s ever talked to her in the mall. I asked her if that’s why she was holding my arm, and she burst out laughing as we continued to walk. I held strong with my frame, smiling minimally and only when I thought something was hilarious, or I was validating them. I think the key to holding my frame and being congruent is comfortability from within. I can’t just FAKE being comfortable, I actually have to be comfortable. I’m always thinking “be comfortable, be comfortable, be comfortable,” than I watch Mike Shark and Cam Adair for their poker faces. The Poker Face is the face that tells a joke that’s fucking HILARIOUS, but remains unmoved by the joke. The poker face is the face that shows emotion when it deems it necessary, the poker face is an art and a talent that I am developing. The poker face is tried and tested with calibration and congruency with Cam and Mike, and I want to make it a tool on my belt. I feel it’s a lot better than the CRAZY in – yo – face style of game that my game usually is, especially in the mall. Blondiee and I talk about what I love to do as a passion, I go first and tell her that I’m a writer and an aspiring novelist. I tell her that I plan on writing a novel, and she says she’s very impressed. She begins to talk, and I find out that she’s going to be a psychology major, that she’s going to school in the fall. As we talk more and more I realize that she’s actually pretty sweet, and I ask her what she’s doing tonight. She tells me she’s going to Ranchmans, as I gaze up and realize that we’re already at Starbucks. Time flies when you’re present, holy fuck. I take out my phone this time, and tell her to give me her number. She complies, gives me her number and I hug her goodbye. I hug her friend Tessa goodbye too, and I hug Mike Shark “goodbye” as well. The girls tell me that they’re taking pole dancing lessons tonight at Ranchmans, and since they’re already super interested in me I decide to bust out my dealbreaker and tell them to “come visit me for my first bartending shift at Roadhouse tomorrow!” They’re blown away, and I’m laughing on the inside at the right time that was delivered and the over the top investment I now have from both of these smokeshows I just met; Danika and Blondiee.

    Mike Shark and I walk away after a “positivity group hug,” and walk towards our car. We start to break it down, and I look down at my phone to text the girls that I just met. I texted all four of them that I number closed, and these are the responses I got.

    GIRL2: The girl from Camloops

    Brian: ****! It’s Brian.

    **: Hey, got it

    Brian: You should come out tonight!

    **: I’m going for dinner with my parents when they get here I haven’t seen them in awhile, but I will let you know

    Thanks for the invite!

    I didn’t have a long interaction with this girl, and she hadn’t showered in two days. If I see her out tonight, it’ll be social proof and networking purposes as she’s leaving tomorrow morning anyways.

    GIRL3: The girl from Urban Outfitters

    Brian: ****! It’s Brian, nice meeting you : )

    No response from this girl, the interaction wasn’t that solid. I learned that I need to hold my ground, instead of always going for the insta date right away. Also, I told her that “I wasn’t actually walking that way, I just wanted to talk to her,” which took away from the ballsiness of my approach. I think by ME APPROACHING and telling her that I thought she was fucking gorgeous, and that even though I was nervous I came over to talk to her, put me on her level. Saying she was gorgeous made my value higher than hers, saying that I was nervous put us on an even playing field. Than when I said “I’m just walking this way to talk with you,” I put my value below hers.

    GIRL4: The girl at the bottom of the Escalators

    Brian: Hi Danika, it’s your sexy husband brian

    Danika: Hi Brian it’s your sexy wife danika

    Brian: Hello cutie : )

    Danika: So… do you always ask for pretty girls numbers at the mall?

    Brian: Only the ones I’m married to. How’s shopping, find me any shirts yet? I like the color green

    Danika: Lol haven’t seen any yet. I’ll keep an eye out tho

    Brian: I just brainstormed the best idea EVER!

    Danika: tell me!

    Brian: You. Me. Dancefloor. Dance off. I’ll destroy you.
    Danika: Haha! That’s what you think. But in reality friend, I will destroy you.

    Brian: I’m going to call you Danika the Dutch Princess from now on. You find a dress for tonight!?

    Danika: Lol, I found a few dresses yes, but I’m still undecided if I’m going out with you tonight.

    I hit state with this girl, and managed to escalate a lot in the mall. There’s a real emotional and physical connection here, and I know she’s invested. She’s also going to test me a lot, because I made her feel emotions that’s unheard of for strangers to make strangers feel. Understood, I just have to pass the congruency tests as I have been with her “Do you do this with all pretty girls!” I think this girl is going to test the fuck out of me until I get her out, but once I get her to Roadhouse I think we’ll both get lost in the night. This worked because I escalated a lot in the mall, I held frame at the bottom of the escalator, planting my feet and looking at her, waving her over with my finger. My frame eventually won, and it only won because I made sure she was aware of my frame. I think frame only works if the other person is aware of it, through eye contact and the way that your body is facing. I was showing that I was still invested in her, and I was creative and persistent in making sure that she came back and talked to me.

    GIRL4: Blondie in 2 set

    Brian: Blondiee! You and Tessa are awesome : ) Nice meeting you

    Blondiee: Nice meeting you too!

    On the walk as our arms were linked we managed to build an actual connection based on our direction and passion. This one’s gonna turn out good, I’ve got to make sure I focus on the PROCCESS of getting this girl on a date; calling her after I get out of the gym today, because I’ll feel awesome, and making sure I follow up tomorrow night for a date. Feeling good on this one! I walked into the set and was already in state, which I define as being 100% present, comfortable and assertive. I ensured that my frame was tight and comfortable from the second I walked into the set, and it worked because Mike and I worked together to make sure that we were with our GIRLS, instead of talking to each other side by side while the girls walked and talked with each other. The one on one dynamics in this case were key, and essential, because both girls opened up a lot more once they weren’t actually standing next to each other.

    That’s it that’s all! I’m back, I’m back, I’m back. I don’t plan on going to the mall EVERY day to approach, because that’s wasting my time. I just needed to flood my initial anxiety again so that approaching during the day was normal for me. I plan to approach at least one smokeshow during the day to make sure I’m staying on top of my daytime cold approach skills, but other than that I see it as a waste of time. The biggest thing daytime cold approach does for me is bring me to the present, because you have to be in the present to effectively communicate ideas between strangers.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bmark22 View Post
    She told me she was shopping, I told her that I was a medium...
    lolololol!! Stolen!

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    haha i love that stuff man, messing with girls in the mall is hilarious.

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    Great read. The lesson for all of us is that every set helps. You "shake off the rust". And you get to a point where you have enough possibilities that you don't care about the outcome, and girls get this fun and confident vibe from you.

    Looking forward to more reports.

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    thanks bro! appreciate the love. i find the biggest sticking point guys get when they go out religiously and get these skillsets of approaching, is that when they take 1 or 2 weeks off they feel like they've "lost it." when in reality, they haven't lost it. once that initial rust of the first couple sets being bumpy is shaken off, i've realized that you'll be fine. you don't lose 3 or 4 months worth of gym training results when you take 2 weeks off, it's just... the first couple days back in the gym are a bit rough. than you get that momentum back, and it's like you never left the gym in the first place.

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