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    Project Rockstar 2011 - Collective Journals

    Project Rockstar 2011 is well underway. The Rockstars have been in NYC for a week and the gears of change are already in motion, within both the Rockstars and even within myself.

    The Rockstars will be blogging daily as part of their requirements, and we welcome you to read along as they progress through their journey.


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    Hey Guys,

    So we got the kick in the ass to begin the blogs today. I figured I'd tell everyone a bit about myself and talk through the first few days of PR 2011. I'm Todd, and am 28. I'd taken a bootcamp with Fader before applying, and was really excited when I was accepted into PR.

    Day 1 (June 23):
    The Big Apple

    Met my roommates for the first week, Adam and Matt, and we took a cab down to hear Venture's opening speech. Afterwards, Nick Hoss described his life story, and the rest of the Rockstars began to give a bit of background on themselves and their businesses/life experience. It was pretty incredible to see how diverse all of our backgrounds really are. We have guys from Australia, Asia, Europe, and an incredibly wide range of work/gaming experience. Pretty damn cool. We also have former Rockstar, Laurent, here who has agreed to help and just hang.

    Our first night we all went out to dinner, where we briefly met Mr. M and Sterling . I was feeling pretty overwhelmed at this point - meeting around 12 new people including a few other friends/jr instructors was quite confusing. Making matters worse was the loud ass bar we'd gone to for dinner. Ultimately, the Rockstars began to approach a few sets after we'd eaten and they were all pretty lousy. The bar was generally filled with loud-ass douche bags and I saw another Rockstar almost get into a fight after being pushed.

    Some positives from that night were going home at a reasonable hour, as I'm sure that will soon change, and I opened maybe 4 or 5 sets. A couple hooked, but the girls were so drunk that I couldn't really have much of a conversation and got bored. The bar seemed to have fish bowl party drinks that one or two girls were chugging by themselves to avoid talking to the guys I mentioned earlier. Overall, it felt great to get into bed.

    Day 2 (June 24):
    Going Camping

    Starting today we sat in on a bootcamp being run by Mr. M , with several guest appearances. There were 5 (maybe 6) students signed up for the bootcamp , and it was cool being able to see the process for new guys - especially because two had never approached before at all. We had so many different instructors that it was awesome for doing exercises. Throughout the whole weekend there was Venture , Future , Bullet , Sterling , his roommate Alex (whose handle I don't know), an AC named Joe, Nick Hoss , and of course Mr M . The first day was a lot of review from what I'd learned in my previous bootcamp , but the exercises were all new and are things that the Rockstars will likely continue to practice: he said/she said and visualization.

    The whole huge group of us went out to 230 5th Ave for some rooftop bar action and to actually begin gaming and hanging out as a group.

    I was SHOCKED. The Rockstars as a whole, did awesome. I saw every single guy in set, and had a blast winging with both of my roommates and for a couple of the other guys. As I post for some days closer to the experience I'll happily fill in some detail for sets. Overall, the night was a lot of fun. Highlight for me was picking a girl up in the air (physically) for the first time. Felt very dominant and was fun.

    Here are Future 's Big 10:
    Have fun!!!
    You Will be rejected
    Talk to girls
    Keep talking even when it's awkward
    No Judgment!
    Break your wrists taking notes
    Baby steps
    Dont ask permission
    Everything you say is right and is going according to plan
    Do not determine boundaries , discover them

    Day 3 (June 25):
    The Batchelor

    Day 3 brought us to Khan's apartment for more seminar . The way that Attraction is now being taught completely blew me away. Frameworks are incredible and Sterling does such a good job of using diagrams and explaining topics. Props man!

    For our evening we went back to the same club and had an outrageous time. Suffice it to say, we won't be going back there anytime soon - Khan was kicked out, way too aggressively, for nothing at all, and when we tried to get bottle service they put us in a table in the very back corner.

    A highlight was proposing to a batchelorette who was out with her whole party. I discovered that not only does this open the group but the batchelorette will point out all of her single friends to you and encourage you to hit on them

    Later on, with the help from a wing from Matt I was able to pull two girls. They grabbed a cab with us and Matt busted out one of the best ways to keep state up I've ever seen - teach salsa dancing at 4 AM. Thanks buddy, you made that night for me.

    Day 4 (June 26):
    Sleepless in NYC

    I wanted to write up this day as it was the last day of the bootcamp . I was so impressed with the other students that were taking the bootcamp and especially with the rockstars. I feel like while we all have incredibly different styles of game, I've seen all of them in set so far and they all seem to be excited to learn.

    The info today at bootcamp was also great - we had some good new methods and diagrams that I hadn't heard before from Sterling. I'm exhausted. So much information to digest, I can tell it will likely take me a month just to read through all this material and begin implementing everything! Sweet.

    We went out for a Rockstar and instructor dinner later and to officially begin the Rockstar time in NYC! Tomorrow it all begins - we are heading to the gym to begin our workouts, diet time starts, and day game as well.

    All I want to do right now is sleep, but I’m so excited. I am looking forward to beginning our diet and to working out. We’ll see who is willing to work on fitness hardcore with me. But I’ve seen some hilarious shit from the guys and I can tell I will be smiling my ass off frequently.

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    Day 5 (June 27):
    Let’s Get This Party Started

    Beginning of Rockstar time! We all met at the gym to begin our training sessions today, home for a quick shower then right off to a mini-seminar with Nick Hoss . Today we are going to mostly focus on opening , I'm pretty excited!

    Overall I think the day went really well for us, I definitely have some strong approach anxiety in the daytime and that's something I need to work on. Maybe opened 7 or 8 sets and I hooked one. I was amazed at watching Edgar, the kid has some great daytime skills. I'm definitely going to be learning from him as we work on this. As we walked back for a quick debrief I had a critical realization about one of my limiting beliefs:

    I care way too much about what my friends think of me. My approach anxiety at night is nearly gone, and during the day it's so/so, however, whenever my friends from home are with me I become results oriented and care about what they think.

    I opened an eastern European woman today who literally jumped about three feet backwards and screeched. I think I was actually more scared than her! Haha. I forget that not everyone in NYC speaks English.

    The Rockstars are really starting to gel, we are all starting to discover some big issues we have with ourselves and with game in general. I think this next week will be tough as we are forced to confront them head on. Tonight I get to catch up on sleep!

    Day 6 (June 28):
    Daytime is Playtime

    Back to the gym again! Our place is about 1.5m from the gym so I've been jogging to and from every morning. I can tell I'm gonna be sore after this one.

    Over to Nick Hoss ' again for more theory. I'm starting to understand how daygame works a bit better, but it still feels incredibly awkward for me. I'm having a difficult time approaching women I'm genuinely attracted to, and while I can approach those I'm not I don't feel sincere in going direct. Do you ever have one of those moments where you want to just yell a bit, maybe something like, “RAWWWRRR”. Read on.

    Had another interesting day, I think 7-8 sets again. Two jumped back in shock and terror. I hooked two, but I just didn't feel able to keep the conversation normal. I got some great feedback from Nick, so I'll keep on truckin'. I think there’s some internal feelings I need to look past that make going direct an issue for me. This is going to be a big breakthrough whenever I can understand what is preventing me from opening up this side of myself in comfort.

    I'm really starting to have fun. Meditating has kept me centered, and I need to make more time to cook healthy food and get my daily meditation in. Rock on.

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    Blog -- Rockstar Yankee

    Project Rockstar Blog 2011

    Thursday, June 23 (Day 1/46)...dealing with alot of different emotions today coming into this experience: anxiety, excitement, nervous...I know I’m about to meet 8 other people (between the other Rockstars and instructors) that I’ll have a bond with for the rest of my life that nobody can ever take away...when I meet Nick Hoss first in our apartment, he is a really chill, down to earth guy and I’m happy I get to spend time with him.

    After heading over to Venture’s apartment to meetup with everyone else, I still wasn’t sure what to expect...when I meet Edgar first I know that they have chosen good people...I’m sure we’ve all watched the video’s of one another online and began to make some judgments about what we think about each other but when we actually meet face to face it’s clear that we’re all in this for the same reasons and any of our differences are just going to provide us more opportunities to bond over the next six plus weeks...this is pretty evident when we introduce ourselves to each other and share more to each other than we would normally do with anyone else...Venture gives us our first lecture on “Inner Game” which really helps to set the tone of what we’re trying to accomplish here -- i.e. becoming better people.

    Thursday nights meetup at Brother Jimmy’s is notable for many reasons...first of all we meet some of the other legendary instructors were going to get to know better over the next few weeks, notably Mr. M and Sterling who join us...but also something that keeps sticking out to me is how normal everyone is -- normal isn’t really the right word (and truly the wrong one) but I am really glad to see that nobody is WEIRD...when talking with the instructors they are all engaging and charismatic but also have this ability to amp up their interactions the moment a girl is involved...a pretty cool thing happened as about 12 of us were sitting eating dinner around 10.30pm on Thursday night and the bar is in full swing so we were seated in a dining room off the bar with just only us in it...pretty soon there were people walking into the room every 3-5mins, coming in, looking around and then just walking out...I don’t know if someone thought there was a “famous” person in the room with us, but the energy that we were able to get going in that room just having a good time getting ready for the journey was really fun to be a part of.

    After dinner we officially started working some “game”...although we hadn’t really gone over much theory at this point, the instructors wanted to get an idea of where we each stood...unfortunately for me, my sticking point at the moment is opening...Brother Jimmy’s was a difficult first night for me as I had trouble opening anyone up in the loud, crowded environment but I was able to vibe off of the wasn’t much of a late night but certainly opened the door for how much was out there to work on going forward..

    Friday, June 24 (Day 2/46)...woke up and went for a nice run along the river, trying to start reflecting on this experience early on..I’m slowly getting to know Rockstar Jake..he’s the youngest guy on the program but more mature than most his age and has a wicked sense of’s nice to be living with Nick Hoss as well, the guy has a wealth of experience and knows game inside and out, so I imagine over the course of this program I’m going to learn a ton from him...Mr. M was teaching a bootcamp in NYC this weekend so we were lucky enough to be invited along to was an all-star cast as Venture, Sterling, Future and Nick Hoss all joined Mr. M for the bootcamp...Future taught his 10 rules as one of the opening parts to the seminar and that alone was worth the price of admission: certain ones that stick out are ALWAYS have fun and everything is going according to plan (those two alone can guide a person to great success)...we did some opening exercises and played games like he said/she said which really help the mind to get on the right path for interactions with girls...Sterling also did a really helpful exercise at the end of the seminar of visualizing success with women as well as putting it into the context of why we were all there and to seize that opportunity for what it is worth to each of us.

    On to 230 fifth for the night and boy did we have a large group...between the Rockstars, bootcamp students, AC’s and instructors we were rolling at least 20 was an interesting night as there was some Indian doctors convention so there were a ton of them around the venue and they were incredibly easy to open as they are one of the kinder races of people so I think that allowed alot of people to warmup in a way that otherwise they may not have been able to do...there’s a bunch of tourists in that place so it was a good, eclectic crowd..I got into a bunch of sets, had one number close but was really just trying to watch the instructors in action as I know I can learn so much from each of them if I do.

    Saturday, June 25 (day 3/46)...again back to the classroom for more thing that I will repeat from my review is how impressed I am by Sterling...I read The Game over three years ago and although intrigued, the gimmicky element really put me off so much that I waited longer than I wish I would have to get involved...Sterling is trying to change this: his vision is to make all “game” into “natural game” and it’s something I am relieved to see...his teaching of the attraction material is revolutionary...he depicts it as a pyramid and the most interesting part is the two foundation bases: organic conversation and think that the first thing people are being taught in attraction is to have a normal/organic conversation with someone is really encouraging to see...what can’t be overlooked is the value of having strong subcommunications >> this is really difficult to teach in words and one of the only ways to get the proper value of this is to take a bootcamp...the upper elements of the pyramid are the classic attraction mechanisms that everyone knows: teasing, roleplays, push/pull and sexual escalation.

    Back at 230 Fifth on Saturday night and I really succumbed to my anxiety this night...not able to harness my energy and getting into my own head, I did not have any sets I would consider to successful and made an early night of it, definitely left a feeling of self-doubt in me...also something that I can’t overlook is how I felt I letdown the instructors (even if they might not have even seen me because there were so many of us running around)...these guys -- most notably Venture and Nick Hoss -- are giving up six plus weeks of their lives for NO COMPENSATION to try to make seven peoples’ lives f’in cool are they? Going to take a few lifetimes to thank them but have a feeling there are a few ways we can put smiles on their faces in the interim...I just want to commit to myself to put the maximum effort into this some may know, I was the last Rockstar selected for this program for a number of reasons, and I want to make the most of this experience to thank the instructors for having the confidence in me to accomplish my goals.

    Sunday, June 26 (Day 4/46)...last day of bootcamp...incredible to see the transformation in people over the course of three days...these students were so lucky to have Mr. M, Future, Venture, Nick Hoss, Sterling, Bullet, Laurent, J Intrigue and many others out there offering their wisdom -- it’s funny because I thought twice about the word wisdom but these guys truly are a somewhat selfish respect, it’s worth noting that the students of the bootcamp were given far more personal attention than the Rockstars during the bootcamp...why I mention that is because on an aggregate level, it’s fair to say the bootcamp students progressed at a far more rapid level than the Rockstars did over the course of the weekend...some the students were taken from a level of absolutely no experience to the ability to open > hook > and get attraction over the course of three days (others were definitely getting further into qualification and comfort) but just watching their growth was a testament to the skill and dedication of the instructors >> Mr. M has a personal investment in all his students and makes sure to put 100% effort into their development without any f’ing around.

    Good way to end weekend, had nice closing dinner at Balthazar. I sat by Mr. M and just have to say I find the guy fascinating...he’s obviously a very smart dude with alot of wisdom to share but what really strikes me is the way he listens as if you are the only person in the room and like he could sit and listen to you all a person he is a compelling person to speak with and I hope I get the opportunity to know him better on a personal level in the future. I try to stress his knowledge of game is bar none some of the finest in the world but he can speak on a whole range of subjects because he listens and wants to a sign of things to come, some tourist came up and wanted to know everything about our group: how do we know each other? where are we from? what are we doing? to say the Rockstar crew gets attention when we go out would be a huge understatement...I look forward to seeing where this goes down the line as we are just getting started.

    Monday, June 27 (Day 5/46)...first day of group gym workouts and first day of DAY GAME...well to say the least I was a bit nervous about day game...had a brief chat with Bullet about it the day before and his explanation was, if you’ve never done it before, it’s like: *takes hand to chest and does heartbeat of 200x/min*...well first of all, Nick Hoss gave us an awesome seminar on the basics, primarily mindset and opening...I don’t know whether it is funny, sad or just plain pathetic that speaking to random people -- be it a gorgeous woman or homeless man -- makes people nervous but for whatever reason it is a fact of life for nearly 90% of people...well I can say I went out as nervous as can be but had an absolute blast! Hanging with Bullet and Rockstar alum Laurent, we went through Union Square and had a great day...I opened over ten women, getting a few numbers on the way, but the real empowerment came from knowing that after a couple hours of discussing the why’s and how’s of the theories that this stuff could be put to use and actually be effective (not to get carried away, I have a LONG ways to go)...

    I had two number closes during this first day and I have to say it was extremely game is a funny thing because “closing” is really when you get a number, where as opposed to night game, when you close, well, yea you get the picture...I’m looking forward to running some text game with the numbers I’ve’s clear that the instructors here know what they’re doing and this is a part of my game that I have very little direction on, so will be interesting to have a more holistic approach...riding this high, I went out with a couple Rockstars (one of whom was meeting up with a girl he had met earlier in the day at Union Square) and met a really cool girl who I chatted with for a while and expect to see again soon...long story short, day game is awesome and I can’t wait to learn more of it, I can tell it’ll be up and down to learn it but am going to make sure to enjoy the ride.

    Tuesday, June 28 (Day 6/46) game is awesome? Ummmm, errrr, well today was a bit of a’s funny because I saw a similar thing happen after the second day of the bootcamp when I was a bit overloaded with theory and then naturally over-thinking things...after Nick Hoss gave us another awesome seminar on day game with an emphasis for developing interesting conversational topics, we set out to implement some of these tactics...unfortunately for me I was having some real difficulty synthesizing all the information and got in my own head so much that my approaches were lacking the requisite sincerity to be affective...the instructors have all been really good about helping us focus on the positives and learn from them so that we don’t overstress the setbacks as there will be many more to the end of the day we all put together a press release to try to get some national media to help promote Project Rockstar.

    The basic structure of a day game interaction we have been using is: 1) what are you doing today? 2) what do you do for work? 3) what do you do for fun? this is more or less the standard blueprint to get a conversation going and then push it to a point where you can get a bit more...seeing that I am not currently working I am struggling a bit with the second question and need to put some time into thinking about how I believe I should go about answering that question...these inner game issues are something that we all deal with, to be honest I’ve even seen instructors deal with some of these differently on their own personal level as everyone has had different levels of success...the one thing that seems to resonate with all of the successful people is that they own who they are and are not ashamed of anything about themselves..I am going to do my best to adopt this framework as I came on Project Rockstar to become the best person I can on many levels and this is definitely one of the ones I need to put work into...I feel lucky to be here everyday and have enjoyed getting to know the Rockstars on a more personal level.

    Wednesday, June 29 (Day 7/46)...well another day at the gym, but unfortunately was genius and left my wallet in the upsetting as I could have let that be, it was a distant memory just an hour later because of how much we are doing...Project Rockstar is an intense mindgame, just a week in and can already tell how much of a grind this is going to be...back to day game after some helpful talks on “mastery topics”...mastery topics is something that is both so basic and so advanced at the same time that there is no way you can get anywhere in game without it...if you don’t have 3-5 interesting things in your life to talk about, then nobody will want to talk to you, nobody...I’ll save the why’s/how’s of that for another time but just goes to show the value of having an interesting life...back at day game with former Rockstar Laurent at the helm and another successful day... as Laurent says: the first one always hurts.. -- but set the tone for the day and made some of the following blowouts more bearable and humorous...gotta give Khan some credit as that guy throws it down and was closing left and right with some crazy, hot girls...out at the Standard Beergarten at night...felt the anxiety coming on real quick...first Nick Hoss spun me into a set with Rockstar Nick that we had a good time vibing off of some girls and then Venture and Sterling pushed me into a set with three cuties that I really didn’t want to do...needless to say I went in shy, anxious and begging for approval...the guys watched me and as I stood and took the social pressure of the situation, both Venture and Sterling came in and took control of the set...what should have been a monumental blowout, turned into a crazy opportunity, as after 15mins all three girls were begging for supplication across the plane...after rejoining the others, I went into a set right as the bar was about to close...the girl’s friend came back a little later which gave me the opportunity to see Nick Hoss really go into action as a wing and jeez is this guy good...only 5mins in this guy was able to convince the girls to come with us to another venue 20mins away...his stories are filled with passion and really bring out the emotion in the girls, awesome to watch...long story short the girls came to our apt buuuuuuuuut, left before coming inside...till the next edition...

    Thursday, June 30 (Day 8/46)....interesting day...woke up with a raging hangover after a long night...missed the Rockstar gym session but able to motivate to hit the spinning class at a local gym and get the gears in motion...went to the Rockstar lair and got an interesting talk from Venture...he explained his game and had us all explain what we’d seen so far, when asking us for explanations we heard: ESCALATION, dominance, abbundance mentality, “don’t give a f*ck”, and many other similar responses...the interesting thing was Venture’s explanation for his success: he loves women...he loves that they are sweet/caring/feminine/emotional the root of all his success has been his respect for this incredible species of people...with a little more on winging we went back at day game...a little slower in Soho than we’ve seen other days but we got back at it...lots of blowouts: the Rockstar mantra for blowouts has been “good talk” as in F anyone who doesn’t give you the time of day, plenty of those...number closed a cute girl at end of session: one thing worth noting is the high that comes from this kind of thing, you have a good interaction with a cute girl (mind you, we’re really just talking about a NORMAL conversation) but it brings such elation to the mind that it radiates through the whole body in a way that makes you almost feel like you’re floating...after day game today we met up with Sterling and started some fashion consulting, I’ll be the first to admit that I have a long ways to go in this department...heading out with some Rockstars we hit some shops and I number closed a girl at one of the stores...the real point of this story comes in the followup text game with both the day game and store girls...both were sending some strong vibes in our texts that really cemented the work I had done highlight of night, going to Big Business’ comedy show with Nick Hoss, great show! I can’t wait to hear this guy give us his seminar on comedy in’s something I’ve wanted to hear for quite some time and I’m really looking forward to it because it’s quite clear he has some serious game that we can all learn from.

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    Day 7 (June 29):
    Abierto Los Ojos

    We are in the midst of our day game crunch right now and should be able to start going through some of the highs and lows. I find myself really struggling with day game - I get a lot more AA, and I don't feel congruent yet. I was able to watch a couple of the other guys today (Edgar, you are a BEAST), and it helped me tremendously seeing how they hook into the conversation. I got some great feedback from Nick Hoss the previous day, so I'm trying to tone down my nervous energy some.

    After our designated time was over, I went with Edgar to go check out some sunglasses with him at sunglass hut. On the way, I had one of my limiting beliefs utterly shattered. I saw this stunning woman cross on the opposite side of the street in the opposite direction as the light changed. By the time I was able to get across the street (and it was busy, we were in SoHo at 6 pm...) she was already over a block away and I had to RUN for almost 3 full city blocks and cross the street back again in order to catch her. The street was completely silent except for around 8 people walking by us at the time. As I opened her I really had to project and everyone in the area stopped to listen. It didn't end up hooking, but two of the guys listening both came over to high five me and congratulate me for having such big balls. It reminded me exactly how I feel when I see a guy do something similar, yet I'd rather be the guy telling the girl than the guy watching. I want to harness this feeling.

    When I met back up with Edgar we began talking more about how to approach a set that was walking behind you. I think I'll keep practicing these as it doesn't force a weird situation because you are both walking in the same direction after the interaction.

    OK, that night we began to continue working on night game and went out to a beer garden. Fuck yeah. I love beer, was just in Munich a few weeks ago, and was able to just have a great night out. Sterling and his roommate pushed me into a couple of sets right off the back and they all felt great. I ejected from one with probably the most attractive woman I spoke to all night on a high note planning to come back in after I was more in state. Unfortunately, they left while I was # closing another girl. Timing re-entry is something I definitely need to work on and I spoke to Bullet about this some the next morning.

    Overall the night was fantastic, I think I # closed 4 girls including a girl I'd say was a 9. I was able to # close every set I wanted to, and had a great time with the instructors. Laurant gave me some really solid feedback about my energy and body language . I need to bring things down a bit more and give off more of a sexual vibe...always great to have things to work on.

    Day 8 (June 30):

    So last night Venture and Sterling pretty much ripped our fashion sense to pieces. We had an idea we'd be doing some day game and shopping after our time to the gym. The day game went alright, I only opened up a couple of sets because we were mostly in a few different stores and not out and about much. Feeling utterly exhausted didn't help. I need to take care of my body some, find a little meditation time, and get fully comfortable in all of the new clothes I'm gonna be sporting.

    Lots and lots of big things to work on in day game , and a few small things I need to tweak in night game still that I'm aware of. It's been great having the instructors there to look over my shoulder and give me feedback (often mid set..thanks Venture ). My biggest goal for the weekend though is to really watch all of the instructors in set and see what other things I can learn from just observation.

    Oh, and a quick shout out to Jake for pushing me to get a few pieces of new clothing I wasn't entirely comfortable with. Thanks for keeping me in the discomfort zone! I can tell I’m gonna enjoy this new sense of fashion, it fits my personality well.

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    Rockstar Blog - Peregrine

    Day 1 (Thurs):
    First day of Project Rockstar! I have been looking forward to this for the last few months now and I am finally here! We started off the day by doing self-introductions. We actually went into pretty deep stuff about each other, the challenges that we faced in our lives, and the successes. I could tell immediately that this was going to be an incredible bonding experience with everyone involved.

    Venture then taught us about Inner Game and emphasized that this was going to be the most important part of our game and who we are as a person. I believe that to be true. I have a feeling that over the next 6.5 weeks, a lot of our inner limiting beliefs about our relationships with women (and with other aspects of life) are going to be challenged.

    At night, we went to Brother Jimmy's on 32nd and Lex. We had a great meal and when we were done, we were supposed to show the instructors what we were capable of at this point. I thought I sucked big time! Granted, the place was loud (which makes it tougher for my game), but I definitely could have done better. I opened ok with a few sets, blew up with a few others, and didn't even know what to say after a opened a few other ones. I felt so rusty for not having been gaming for a while, and totally out of my element at the place. But hey, it's good to suck at the beginning!

    Day 2 (Fri):
    Lots of basic theory during the day, most of which I was already familiar with since I had attended two basic bootcamps before.

    At night, after stopping by 230 Fifth for a bit to hang out with others, I went with Nick Hoss to the Standard Hotel in the meat packing district. Once we got to the bar, I immediately opened a Norwegian girl standing by herself while her friend was being hit on by another guy. She was pretty cute, blonde, and we really got into it for about 10 minutes or so. She was laughing at my jokes, and I was escalating physically with mostly compliance (although not always). Didn't number close, but it was good progress from last night.

    We then went to Beer Garden, it was a great environment for pick up, a very casual setting, lots of beautiful women who were there with their girlfriends. The first set I opened were two beautiful Brazilian girls, I went in with 'hey, you guys look cool'. I could literally see in their faces - they were scoping out my body language for a milli second, and when I rolled back a little, they extended their hands out to shake mine, and then I proceeded to introduce Nick to them. The one girl that I was interested in, I got into a good 10 minute conversation with and ended it with (based on Venture 's earlier suggestion) "hey, I'm going to go hang out with my buddies right now. you go dance with your girlfriends. I like you, I think you're hot, so come look for me later tonight". And then at the end of the night, as the bar was closing down, she was talking to a guy that was clearly hitting on her. I walked to them, turned to him and said "sorry to interrupt, but can I borrow her for a minute." I think the guy was pretty shocked, and he said "errr...I don't know", and then the girl said "Yes!". That's when I said to her, "I think you're beautiful, let me have your number and let's hang out sometime", and she said "sure!" and took out her phone and we exchanged numbers. That was a major victory for me because she was absolutely beautiful. That was an awesome Day 2.

    Day 3 (Sat):
    On day 3, we learned an AMAZING amount of theory in the afternoon, the concepts of Attraction have evolved so much even from a year ago that I keep getting these "wow" and "ah ha!" moments. The stuff that is being used now is shockingly good. The part about Sexual Intent taught by Venture is really good.

    I was so excited to use all the theory that I learned in class, but the night in-field didn't turn out so well. We went to 230 Fifth again. I approached about 15-20 sets, and was blown out by many within the first 5 seconds. Those that I was able to open, my transitioning was still a little awkward, but if I can quickly move into talking about myself and my background, I can get them intrigued enough about me to keep listening. I need to be more playful, I need to be more dominant and sexual, and I need to be more persistent in set. If I can focus on those more, it will help my game significantly. I didn't number close anyone, but looking back, there was one opportunity in particular with a 7 where I probably could have.

    I'm struggling in set, but its not a bad thing that I'm struggling this early in the program. I just need to make corrections to a few things in my game, incorporate more of the theory, and then bring my game up to the next level.

    Day 4 (Sun):
    I'll submit a more detailed review of this NY bootcamp on the review section of TAF, but the thing to highlight is that this was easily the best bootcamp that I've ever taken (I've attended 3 other bootcamps before). My first bootcamp was last March, and the technology being taught in bootcamps now is totally revamped and much more advanced than even a year ago. Mr M (my first bootcamp instructor) is legendary in breaking down the technical aspects of Game, Sterling did an awesome job teaching us about Attraction, condensing and filtering the best information of all the LS instructors, and then presenting it in a way that is easy to understand. Venture 's section about sexual intent is extremely powerful, and was a big part missing in my game, and Future is just the best in the business at creating a range of emotions and creating Comfort with women. I really felt we had the All-Star team teaching us this weekend - so much of the information is new, and much of it enlightening. It was a lot of information, and it will take a while for me to figure out which parts best fit my game, but I have time over the next 6 weeks to do that.

    After these past few days, I've realized that a lot of Game is about overcoming Inner Game issues and Limiting Beliefs, and there are Limiting Beliefs that surfaced over the last few days that I didn't even know I had. And in the next 6 weeks, I'm determined to break through ALL of those Limiting Beliefs.

    Day 5 (Mon)

    Day Game ! This was my first experience running day game and it is a lot of fun! I think it fits my personality and background well (more conversation based, more story-telling). And I really like that we can approach the most attractive women around, without having to compete with other men all the time. And the typical worst case scenario (if you deliver the opener right) is that she smiles and says thank you before walking away. And the best part is, the sets that do hook are usually the hottest women I approach (because of the genuine feeling I have when telling her how her gorgeous she looks).

    Today, I was able to number close 2 girls, and one of them was a cute Asian girl. I am not usually attracted to Asian girls, but this one was interesting because I when I saw her, she was speaking fluent Spanish over the phone. So I opened with a situational opener “Asian girl speaking fluent Spanish? Where are you from?” Turns out that she was Chinese, but had grown up in Venezuela. She had moved to NYC to pursue a career in modeling and acting (which made her more interesting to me). This led to a very interesting conversation about travel and leaving home to explore new places (both of which I had done a lot of). Her girl friend showed up about 10 minutes into our conversation, and Nick immediately came over to wing for me. We kept talking and I started introducing light social kino into the set, I was high-fiving her, pushing her playfully, and giving her hugs for things that she did that I loved. She was really into it! I had her in set for more than 30 minutes just standing around in Union Square.

    Later that evening, after I sent a text “hey cutie, it was nice meeting you…”, she replied immediately “yes, it was! What are you doing tonight?”. We sent texts back and forth and arranged to meet up for drinks at night. I was meeting up with Jake and Zach first and the three of us decided to join this girl and her girlfriend for drinks at the lower east side.

    This is when things just started getting weird. Over text, she was extremely warm and expressed interest in seeing me. But once we got there, she was extremely cold. At some point, I was pretty annoyed and I left her to approach other sets (which may not have been a good idea, since I ended up getting blown out). And by the end of the night, after getting the cold treatment from her all night, I just told her “I came here to see you because I thought we had a great interaction earlier today and I think you are cool. I don’t really understand why you are treating me so coldly right now. I’m going to leave with my friends, and I will text you tomorrow.” And we left.

    Day 6 (Tue)
    In the last 2 days, I've number-closed on some of the most attractive women I've ever talked to, and it feels great!

    I've gotten more comfortable now engaging girls and bringing up my mastery topics in conversation. Through just the practice of 'he said, she said', I've found two questions that I can ask that can lead into my mastery topics. The first one is "How long have you lived in NY?", very normal generic conversation question, but I realized that regardless of what she responds with, I can go into saying "Cool, I just moved to NY a week ago, I moved here from Africa... ...and 20 of my closest friends have flown in from around the world to hang out here". At this point, I would have gone into talking about travel because of the initial question.. and when appropriate, I bring up the 2nd question "so do you like to travel?", she will almost always say yes (and if she says no, I'm not sure I would want to talk to her anyway), and then I can give her a high-five, and then "That's awesome, I love meeting people that love to travel, I don't think Americans travel enough...".

    Day 7 (Wed):

    Just had my first SNL in NY with this cute brunette Australian girl. She was obviously attracted to Nick, and she and her friend had shown up at Beer Garden to meet him. I had met them earlier in the day with Nick and so she recognized me. We saw her as she was leaving Beer Garden, she was slightly tipsy, and flirted with me heavily the moment she saw me. Within a minute of seeing her, I had pulled her closer and we started making out. There was another guy that was lingering around next to her, and I had to figure out how to deal with him. At one point, after I was in conversation with her I started walking with the rest of the group (including her friend) to another bar. The other guy then took her away to another bar. At this point, I had considered giving up, but then I realized that if I did and the other guy ended up with her, then I would have done everyone involved in Rockstar a big disservice. So with the encouragement of Sterling and Laurent, I sucked up my pride and went with her friend to go grab her. When we found her, I didn’t have to do anything to separate her from the guy, because her friend was pissed and started yelling at her for just walking away without saying anything. The next 15 minutes was just me standing aside while the two girls had a huge argument. I didn’t do anything, I just told them that they obviously had issues to sort out, and if they needed me, I would be there. After the fight, then friend left, and my girl decided to hang out with me the rest of the night. I then brought her to a lounge to have drinks, and then we went back to my place. The entire thing happened a lot easier than I thought it would. From the time I saw her at the beer garden, it seemed like she was already sexually attracted to me. One thing I have learned is that the better you are at game, the luckier you get…

    Day 8 (Thur):
    Day 8 was a game changer for me. Venture described the reason behind how good he is at game (and his game is ridiculously good) - and it stems from a strong love and passion for women, which is what allows him to be so dominant in set. That inner mindset allows him to take on the role of protector in a relationship with a woman, which then allows the woman to give him control. It is a very powerful lesson and one of the bigger 'Aha!' moments (of many) that I've had since rockstar started.

    In the afternoon, after going through some day game theory and infield practice, we all went out shopping for clothes, with the help of the instructors and one of the other rockstars. I've never been into fashion very much and honestly have hated shopping for clothes most of my life. Although some of the clothes I was asked to try on and buy are things I would have never ever purchased in the past (black leather pants being one of them), I allowed them to take control.

    And wow, what a difference fashion made last night. Whereas during the previous days I would get blown out of 75% of my sets within the first 5 seconds, I was able to open up 75% of my sets last night! And most of them happened just by leaning over to the girls and telling them that they are cute/gorgeous. My 'thin-slicing' had completely changed with the clothes that I wore, and I'm sure the confidence that I had with nice clothes on showed in all the sets I opened.

    We started out at the Beer Garden last night, which ended up closing really early at 1am, and then Laurent and I went to the Gansevoort Hotel. And although I only number closed one girl (which honestly, is not a bad result), Laurent and I had a lot of fun just opening sets and winging for each other. The best banter came with a mother/daughter set who were in NY on vacation. I was hitting on the daughter, a really cute, tall blonde. It's great, I have almost zero fear of showing attraction towards a tall blonde girl anymore. One week ago, I would have never approached her and created that kind of banter with her. Amazing progress just after only one week in PRS!

    Day 9 (Fri)
    Day 9 - it's shocking how much all the rockstars as an entire group have improved in just one week. A week ago, we were still struggling to open up sets at night and keeping girls entertained, but last night, back at 230 Fifth, it was as if we were the focal point of the entire club. All the rockstars are very comfortable opening up sets and at a minimum keeping the girls entertained for a while, and we were all having a great time. I'm at the point where I am enjoying myself a lot more when I go out, and just having fun running game, and not getting myself overly worked up about the result - I'm confident that the results will come in time as long as I continue to work on each aspect of my game. At this point, I can confidently open sets, and engage in conversation with women. I still struggle with creating attraction and having playful banter with the girls, but I find that once I get through the attraction phase , I can usually do pretty well . So I will be spending more time working on creating attraction, and on better calibrating myself.

    Last night, the most memorable set for me was this perfect 10, she was a really hot, tall blonde girl and she was there with her two friends. I would have never had the courage before to approach her, but last night, opening the set wasn't an issue at all (SUCCESS!). However, once I opened up the set, I had a tough time building attraction and keeping her entertained. I played it too safe. I spoke to her for about 5-10 minutes and then they left to get a drink. On hindsight, I should have just brought them over to our table. But the fact that I was able to get the attention of a perfect 10 for 5-10 minutes is a lot more than what I could say a week ago (when I would have never even approached).

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    PR11 Blog

    DAY 1 THU

    The size of the city is overwhelming it is only when I lookup that I fully realise that I am in New York, there is a sea of people everywhere you walk. The TAXI drivers I am sure think they are driving in a non contact form of smash up derbie as they contend with the traffic.

    We had the opening address in Hell's Kitchen I was a bit hesitant but excited to meet the other Instructors and the other RockStar participants. We all gave our introductions and it was evident that all the guys including the instructions would be easy to get along with and were truly very interesting people. I knew after this point that the 6 weeks would be fun but also very challenging.

    The main focus for the remainder of the afternoon was about inner game.

    At the welcome dinner that night it was surreal to met the instructors who I have read most of their ebooks. It was like the star studded lineup Mr M, Sterling, Venture and Trigger I was feeling a little introverted when meeting so many new people it was challenging for me at the start to get into my normal extrovert mode. Approached a few people in the bar however could not keep the conversation rolling more then a couple of minutes. I would of talked to at least 6 sets during the night with most of them talking to me out of interest from my accent I did ask the normal touristy type questions. What local attractions should I see. Most of the New Yorkers I met that night had not see the Statue of Liberty. These things happen I lived in North Queensland for the majority of my life and had not gone scuba diving until 4 years ago.

    I am sure at this stage the instructors must of thought we have some serious work to contend with.

    DAY 2 FRI

    The first Day of Mr M boot camp was in a building where there were auditions of dance, singing, music there was at least 10 rooms per floor. I thought gee I might even be able to audition to be part of a musical whilst i was here..... even though I can’t sing but it may of been a possibility.

    The boot camps have progressed so much and the information is constantly evolving and after seeing the information presented again it had become clearer. The guys have really constructed the some of the best training techniques. It was amazing to the see the concepts finally mesh within my head The guys on the boot camp where really going to have a great time with the amount of instructors in NYC to help them. There where so many instructors for the boot camp. Mr M, Venture, Future, Bullet and approach coaches Trigger and Joe.

    It was good to break up the class with activities from how to tease, approach and body language. The teasing concepts are easy enough to apply with most of them stereotype jokes, I may have a little harder time with teasing since I don’t really know specifics about certain states in the United States but I am a little bit of a smart arse so it will be fine

    That night we went to a roof top bar in NYC over looking the the city skyline. There was a lot of Persian looking people.... turns out there was a Doctors conference being run........ stereotype i know but.... that’s what happened. I had some really interesting conversations and had a great time talking to a lot of people. Mr M did give me some feed back on my attire and suggested a few things that i needed to change.... It was a fair call.

    A gave it a little tilt that night with the booze may of got a little tippsy. At the end of the night I started talking to a girl from South America she did not speak English that well but we hit it off and next thing I know I am kissing her at the bar. I ended up leaving the club with her and walking back to her hotel. She had some friends staying in her room so she told the concierge that she need to pick up some laundry downstairs………We played around a little longer and then left. I think I am really going to like New York.

    Day 3 Sat

    The theory is finally starting to make sense Sterling has done an amazing task of combining the theory into visual models. The information in the second day of the boot camp was intense by really specific I was able to pin point where my issues are. I wish I had a memory like a video camera some of the physical techniques are hard to describe verbally. We did not have this many physical techniques shown when I did my boot camp. I know that I am defiantly lacking with respect to physical escalation.

    I have decided only to have 2-3 drinks..... exercising intensely and drinking don't mix. Spoke to some of the most interesting girls.... everyone has a story I don't think I have met a boring person in New York yet. Myself and one of the boot camp students opened a two set a very cute Italian girl from Jersey and her friend. We spoke for about 20 minutes conversation was good but that was as far as it went. I approached a few more sets that night and then moved into a set with Nick F and winged him for the remainder of the night about 5 hours.

    They where two girls from Taiwan one who lived in NYC and the other that was here visiting. We spent a fair bit of time in the club talking to them moved them downstairs and started to dance. The place is very very loud and you feet stick to the carpet. Nick was going great with his girls. After about an hour we where in the CAB back to our place. Nick done a great job of keeping the energy levels high for the trip back. I don’t think he stopped talking the whole time.

    The energy levels where getting a little low so I put on some Salsa music and taught the girls a few Salsa dance moves. Gave us the opportunity to get a little bit closer to the girls. They split up the girl from New York City slept in my bed. I went to sleep. I was woken by what sounded like someone having loud grunting sex. It wasn’t Nick it was a pigeon sitting on the ledge outside of the window. I woke up every morning to a loud sex grunting pigeon.

    DAY 4 Sun

    It has been a massive three days my energy levels where starting to drop off.... so much information and long days. The final day of the boot camp was upon us I was battling to stay awake but I held in there. If it was a documentary about global warming everyone would of heard me snoring.

    A lot of information was loaded onto the guys in the boot camp. Future gave a talk about comfort outlining the certain techniques.

    Venture indicated that my posture was really poor and that i defiantly needed to work on it...... I slouch forward. My physio indicated this a month prior however he was a little more direct telling my I was turning into a turtle. Focusing on my posture is one of my priorities at the moment.

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    Jun 2011

    Day 9 (July 1):
    Soul Crushing

    We had our first week evaluations today and I found it really difficult. I was called out in front of the whole group for several things which put me on the defensive. I ended up needing some alone time to sort things out in my head - had a call from my father about stuff at home as well that isn't going well. Thankfully, we had a few hours off before we went out and I went for a massage next door. Afterward, I had some meditation time, showered up and headed out to the rooftop club again with the guys.

    Had a FANTASTIC night. We were the first ones there and just started opening right off the back before the others arrived. Big Thank Yous to Laurent and Nick Hoss for two very separate things. Laurent gave me some excellent feedback after a couple of sets last night, he keeps doing a great job of breaking down what I need to work on and explaining it in a way that I understand. Nick pushed me into a hilarious set, he tapped my shoulder and said, "Go"...I turn around and its a group of 65+ y/o women. Opened them and had a blast talking, they were in town for a wedding and were really funny.

    Great time out with the rockstars, the change coming over us all is wonderful to behold.

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    Rockstar Rogue

    DAY 5 Mon

    Hooray Day Game ! Finally some day game ...yeah!!! This stuff is really fun and very enjoyable. I believe it is one of he most exhilarating activities on the face of the plant. The subtle techniques the instructors give you are sooo helpful. It feels great to have the other guys around really keeps the whole afternoon really fun. Looking forward to develop this further. Nick Hoss is a great instructor for day game.

    A great tip from Nick was to wear comfortable shoes. My feet did feel it after a couple of kilometers and three hours.

    The first girl I opened didn’t actually stop she looked behind and kept walking. The problem was that I was too far behind when I approached this sort of freaks girls out. Great tip from Nick Hoss to be in there peripheral vision for a couple of seconds before opening. The second girl I opened was wearing a long red dress she was very responsive we had a good chat but I now I am a little clunky with my Mastery Topics her phone was shoot and I ended up with an email address.

    We all opened a few sets that day with the last one for me a cute brunette girl with a Dark Side of the moon Pink Floyd shirt. I liked her spunk she was a little surprised and we only talked briefly I got a little bit nervous and the conversation drew dead. Everyone in the group was doing well we where all a little clunky but we did start to get better.
    Looking forward to more tomorrow....

    DAY 6 Tue

    Completed the remainder to the day game theory portion and having heard this again the techniques really started to stick. Opened a couple of sets during the day tried to incorporate some more material into the opening and it made a few of the interactions a little robotic. One girl said i was trying to sell her something......(yeah probably not what you think). I watched Bullet in set a few time and have started to adopt some of his techniques. The best thing about having so many different instructors is that they all have different styles some which are easier to replicate / model.

    My posture is improving and I have developed a technique or system to help me improve my posture and it is working extremely well. I have noticed that I am taller than the average New Yorker and the city has a hell of scenery when you walk tall.

    That night the guys where a little rattled and tired and none of the Rock Stars actually went out. Most of the instructors went to the Standard and where a little pissed off that none of us made it out. We should of all gone in…… As Venture said to me one Day “This is not project pussy…….This is project Rock Star” I did feel bad for not going in there are a lot of people who are giving up heaps of their time to help us. There was some fall out Venture and Sterling giving us all a three strike policy if we failed to incorporate and follow the guidance and recommendations. So three strikes and you are out of the program bye bye….. This did something for all of use to think about. They are right this is a once and a life time opportunity we all need to take the project by the balls and give it 100 percent.

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    Day 7 Wed

    I stuffed up some positioning with the day game approaches had issues with hooking sets the entire day. It was draining and nowhere as good as the first day it was if I was sliding backwards with the day game.

    Venture gave me some really confronting feedback about that expressiveness of how I speak and interact with people (lack of). It really rattled me to the core and I started thinking when did I become the this boring as shit person... It did introvert me for a couple of hours. Confused and a little in denial about not being very expressive with my voice and tonality. It was difficult to come to terms with this especially when I thought I was doing an alright job. So it made me think when did I become Professor monotone. However the benefits of being more expressive not only would improve my interactions with women it would also add more zing to my comedy and radio work. So I aim to focus all my energy in being more expressive. That night I made a really concerted effort to increase my energy and being more expressive it started working really well. My organic conversation is getting better I am having some really fun conversations.

    We rocked up to bar which was under a bridge very similar to the story hotel in Brisbane. The beer garden was large well set out with long tables in the middle, a few table tennis tables with two bars. The people in the bar varied from suits to travelers to locals very interesting mix and a great vibe to the place. I kept the alcohol to the minimum and went full extrovert I was only out of set 15 minutes in 3 hours. I really enjoy talking to people

    DAY 8 Thu

    We have been doing a lot of he said she said exercises and these are great to think about and incorporate concepts into verbal interactions. We also discussed how people get good at game and the mindset that Venture has for every interaction with women. It finally clicked that I need to make a large adjustment in my thinking. Seeing the overall mindset that Venture truly has a love for women prompted me to figure out what my mindset was when I talk to women. When I approach women I am more in my head and thinking about going through the exact steps / buttons to push to get a girl attracted to me. I was not approaching and thinking this girl is really cute. Thus some of the sets that I was opening had no drive or chemistry.

    After the previous day of multiple blowouts and few successes I did feel reluctant to open any sets. How ever after seeing Bullet open a few sets the previous day I mimic'ed his positioning and practiced opening a few sets in the mirror being cautious of my body language . The first set I opened......finally hit we had a great conversation I was back on the game. It is amazing how one good / positive interaction can really change your perception and thought pattern

    It was time to get some new threads, i knew my style and fashion was a little to be desired. Sterling , Venture myself and another Adam went for some seriously needed retail therapy. I ended up with some really cool clothes and completely changed my whole look. I had a bit of luck with the shoes they stuffed up and put them in the wrong box so got the shoes for half there price………….Sweet… I now am rocking the Lumber Jack ruggered man look. Truly thankful for the assistance from Venture and Sterling

    Time to unleash the new threads to New York would be a Friday Night adventure

    DAY 9 Fri

    The instructors gave feedback on the first week and most of us stuffed up the previous night by not going out. I may be feeling really tired but I need to push myself. The instructors have given us a three strike policy to ensure that we all go out ........fair call. I opened the first day game set by myself today. Nick F and I was on the way to the customized belt store when I saw this women in a Red Dress walk past, she had Blonde hair and was quite striking. I don’t know what came over me I just had to approach. We had a lot in common and conversation just seemed to flow really well. I like this girl and she told me that she was so relieved and refreshed about or conversation. Number Close

    Another cracking night in NY the girls in the bar are so lucky to have so many confident interesting guys approach them. I drank no alcohol the whole night I felt great in the morning. One thing I realised is that i can enter a very high state with out the aid of alcohol. This night was the most fun I have ever had without drinking. I was able to engage a two set of Swedish girls and when I was telling my stories I could see my feelings that I projecting in the story reflected back through the girls emotions. This was a magic moment for me I finally have realized the importance of projecting expressive and positive attitude.

    Posture still working on it and have been correcting myself. I have found that I am taller than the average New Yorker and can see over the sea of heads. The new clothes have given me a little bit of extra confidence when Adam, Nick F and myself walked we could see at least two groups of women eye fuck us. It felt good then we went over and spoke to them.

    This program is altering my perception on what is possible.

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