Owning Your Sexual Desire

"Art thou afeard To be the same in thine own act and valour As thou art in desire?"
Lady Macbeth

Repressed Sexual Desire

If there’s one thing that I see the most in the students that I work with, it’s men with repressed sexual desire. I remember in my teens when I’d be sitting at my desk in school, my mind would stray from boring ass maths on to all the naughty things I’d do to the hot girls in class or even maybe my teacher; then the bell would ring I’m stuck with a massive boner and I’m thinking “Oh Shit...”. It’s like we’ve had to apologise for our Sexual Desire ever since we first discovered what it was.

The fact is we’re more accustomed to seeing displays of female sexuality as it’s constantly used to manipulate us and get us to buy into things.

Women just by the way in which they’re designed or made up, seem sexual all the time. The way they’re shaped, or the way they move, can cause arousal in us. Most women don’t even have to be naked or do anything sexual in particular and our minds will race, so we’ve become accustomed to that.

Her full red, lipstick enhanced lips symbolise her labia being engorged with blood. Her full breast and erect nipples are indicators of her fertility and are enough to send any mans mind diving into a number of sexual fantasies.

Woman’s signals carry double meanings which in many circumstances, protects them from the stigma attached to physically displaying Sexual Desire. We have basically created our own coffins by worshiping female sexuality mainstream, while repressing our own.

We associate a man’s sexual desire with an erection. Most men have repressed their desire and have failed to explore, understand and master it, most still have a very immature desire that may result in instant arousal if stimulated, regressing us back to being the teen in the classroom, ending in embarrassment.

Result = Repress desire to avoid embarrassment.

Sophisticated Seducers

Compare this to a Sophisticated Seducer – He understands that it is natural for him to feel sexual desire for a woman. He also unashamedly owns the fact that when he sees a woman whose body gives off mating signals, instantly his mind will trigger responses that have a very physical affect on his body.

What we who have become one with our sexual desire have learned to do is to live in the moment between Stimulus and Response – To slow down the process and to enjoy the chemical change in our bodies and to operate in this heightened state of being. The enormous feeling of power that a man has at his disposal when he lives in harmony with his desire is astounding. Napolean Hill in Think and Grow Rich wrote about Sexual Energy being the most powerful and effective natural force at our disposal when it comes to motivating ourselves

A question I often ask students when debriefing is “How many girls did you approach that you actually wanted to Fuck?” No bullshit, no social niceties, just pure red blooded I would bend her over this bar and do things to her that would make a hooker blush, Masculine Desire! “And how did you feel inside?” And almost every time the students reply “I felt natural, I didn’t really have to think”

Isn’t that interesting...

Being Indirect doesn’t mean you cut balls off and leave them at home. A Man should always have a sexual charge to him. There should always be an element of danger and unpredictability in your “romantic” encounters with a woman. A large part of this comes from you having developed your sexual desire and your Sex Nature – as Hill calls it. Nearly every student comes to me on the first day with a similar empty look in their eye, that look of repressed sexual drive almost as if they have logically decided that they want women but their bodies aren’t screaming for them.

We are learning how to meet women and most of the time going into battle without our most powerful weapon - Our Sexual Desire. Sex drives us to Action. It inspires us to do great things that we cannot even conceive through logical thinking.

Napoleon Hill – Author of Think and Grow Rich wrote:

“The desire for sex is the most powerful of human desires. When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times."

In the next post Harnessing Your Sexual Desire, we'll look at moving away from guilt to controlling your capacity to enjoy your sexual desire