Insights on how to always be interesting

Entering The Cave And Revealing The Treasure
By Vercetti

Ever feel like you’re boring and uninteresting? As if what you like to talk about won’t interest a woman?

We’ve all been there and there are times that I still get the feeling if I’ve been locked away working for long periods without socializing. While explore the reason I stumbled across something that really made sense for me.

There are cycles that determine the type of activities we should be performing at any given time. It's most aparent in nature and you can learn a from studying the parallels between the cycles in your life and those in the natural world.

Farmers have to be in tune with the cycles. Ask the farmer to come out and play during spring and you’ll probably be met with ridicule. He knows that spring is not for play, spring is for sowing. In summer you’ll find him protecting and nurturing his crop etc.

What does this have to do with game?

I came up with two distinctions that helped me optimize my effectiveness in both business and success with women.

Entering the Cave

If you’re going out on a regular basis you’ll need periods of renewal or you’ll burn yourself out.

I got to a point where after going out so much, I was looking upon women and social dynamics with scorn and disgust. I started to see all the little nuances of social behavior and how they can be manipulated.

The renewal period is when you Enter The Cave. This is the time for you to hone your skill, do your rehearsal, study a new subject, master something new. Fine tune an element of your life.

As men we need that isolation and separation from the world. It’s a time to think; to analyze and re-strategize or correct course if necessary.

Give yourself a time to develop, to improve your situation. If you’re broke, give yourself a time to learn how to develop wealth. If you’re serious about getting the hottest girls that are grounded and doing well in life, it’s rare that you’ll keep a good woman without personal resources. Not because they need you to take care of them financially but for what it says about you for not having them.

This isn’t so much of an issue in your late teens and early twenties, but during your late twenties and above, your ability to positively influence her lifestyle does carry significant advantage. When coupled with a decent level of game, it’s very powerful.

If you’re wealthy give yourself cave time to develop your health if that is lacking, maybe you can work on becoming more cultured or learn to cook, whatever, just find something that you’re interested in and take it to a deeper level.

Revealing the treasure

This is where your Cave time becomes an asset socially. Your new found knowledge or experience will be heightened once you share it with someone else.

It becomes the haymaker when you're in the ring. Continual growth and development are super important when it comes to building and maintaining relationships.

If in your cave you learned how to play a new song or wrote a new poem, share that. Talk about it with passion and enthusiasm.

If in your cave you read a book which profoundly impacted your perception of a subject tell her about it.

This will give women insight into the depth and forward progression of your life, which is very attractive.

I've started producing music, working as a story developer for Hollywood producers and learning a shit ton about marketing a business. All these things I've been studying in my cave and can talk about with passion.

Important Note:

Emphasize the human or emotional element in whatever you study. Remember that why you do something or how it makes you feel is what will build the connection with a girl.

So with story development, I talk about the impact stories have on our lives, myths and meanings etc. Marketing I talk about influence and how to understand people on a deeper level, why we do certain things and take certain actions etc.


So it’s ok to go into your cave and isolate yourself for a period of time as long as you reveal some kind of treasure upon your return.

Hope it helps,