Metaphor to Magic and Validation

I'm writing this cause even though I'm supposed to be asleep I just can't seem to do it. I have to be awake in like 4 hours again cause I'm waking up at 3 am every day now it's nuts.

But I have been thinking of this metaphor that really is helping me, and it's the idea of magic.

I mean magic as in a magician and his show, and how all of that can apply for game. Think about how a magician looks when he's performing his tricks right in front you. They look so flawless and you really can't understand how they are doing any of the things they are doing. If you didn't know better you would believe that he has some sort of super power by being able to guess cards, put coins on the other side of the window, levitate, be underwater for ridiculous amounts of time, etc etc etc.

So all of this stuff looks so.. well "magical" and when you watch a special let's say on HBO and the show ends you are left with a feeling of wonderement and amazement at what's possible to do. I mean, you know it's magic, but wow how could that magician do that!

On the other hand, have you ever seen those shows where a masked guy reveals all the magicians secrets and how they do them?

When you watch that you're like, wow that's cool, but it doesn't really have the same effect, you're not impressed and you're not amazed by the persons talent, you just see a mechanical, logical pattern that was used and you kinda lose interest in that magic trick that once was soo fucking cool.

Even more, have you ever tried doing a magic trick yourself and realize how much goddamn effort they are to do? You have to have strings, special pockets, special jackets, a bottle of glue here and all kinds of complex shit and you're like wtf all of this for a 5 minute magic trick?

What am I getting with this?

This metaphor, is all somehow related to validation. Validation is the act of making something a fact. Like in the context of talking to girls, it's the act of letting them know for a fact that you like them. How is that related to magic?

Think about that guy that reveals all the tricks of how the magic is done and he just comes clean. It becomes robotic and logical and it ceases to feed the imagination, it stops having that amazing "supernatural" quality. Wouldn't it have been better if you never knew how the trick was done?

The same way, the way you want to create that magic with girls is to never reveal your tricks, never explained how they are done, and to always maintain that illusion that what you're doing could be in fact supernatural (even though she knows it's not, but she can't help but feel that way).

So for example in the context of a first day interaction, like a bar or a club or the mall, you want to be interesting but say things that will make her think you like her, but she is NEVER sure how much or if you actually do like her.

The same way for text messages, you never want to reveal anything of how you may feel about her but rather you want to keep the conversation focused on flirtatious things that are not necessarily facts.

The moment you start revealing your magician secrets and your thoughts is the moment she starts to feel validated and her logical mind takes over, which makes her change the channel to another guy that's giving her the magic without the explanations.

I will try to post specific examples as the days pass.