Right Action, Right Emotion

I've been doing a crazy amount of reading lately. Finished two books last week, then I'm halfway through a very technical 500 page book in which I need 100% comprehension, both which I started within the past week (and I'll be done within the next three days).

But I've been thinking a lot about training your emotions, and how it affects your life. How if you can train your body to feel good at all times your actions will be much cleaner and you will have much more motivation to do the things you are meant to do.

But I've also been thinking as well as how to put it in a simple way that people can relate to and I can use for myself as a reference all the time, and so far the best phrase I can think of is Right Action, Right emotion.

So I'm sure a lot of you have heard of the phrase "Right Action" before.

What that means is that in any situation you want to disregard how you feel, what kind of pressures you may be feeling from external sources, what expectations there are from other people, etc etc. and you want to ignore all of those and think of what is the correct thing to do in the situation based on your own values and your own criteria.

Some people may find this really easy to do, and some people may not be aware of this yet, but with just a bit of practice, you can apply this concept in a lot of areas of your life and immediately start seeing better results.

Simple example:
Youre at a club, you see a really hot girl, you want to hesitate and not approach her because she's with a friend, or she doesn't look approachable or whatever reason you give yourself to justify that you're scared.. you then look past the fear and you ask yourself what is the right action. Unless you are gay or you're in a relationship then the right action is to go talk to her. You then make that decision, commit to it and just get it done. The outcome you can't control, but you can control your actions.

So that's right action. It's the foundation. You NEED to be using this RIGHT ACTION concept in your life.

But also now for us that really want to nail it and take things to even a higher level, I want to talk about Right Emotion. I don't know if this concept exists from before, I've never heard this before.. but as I have mentioned in a previous post I believe this is a concept a lot of extremely successful people use in their lives.

The Michael Jordans, Mike Tysons, Kobe Bryants, Warren Buffets of the world all have succeeded because they not only do they do the right action (like many people in their field do) but they stand out because they have attached very intense emotions to their work. Not just any emotion, but the right emotion.

It's easy to have negative emotions. Frustration, anger, tiredness, laziness are all emotions that are easy to have. Even worse is having half assed emotions, where you don't care enough about what you're doing that you just become lazy and you don't go all the way. That is the worst in my opinion. It's better to have intense negative emotions than to have no emotions at all as long as you're doing the right action, but the best way to live, is when you live in a state of right emotions.

When you wake up and you know what you need to do, and you feel a surge of positive emotions just thinking about it so you are fueled and completely motivated about what you are going to do, and you can submerge in your field and you can get lost for hours doing it because it gives you so much pleasure you would not rather be doing anything else.

This is what makes the best, the best. This is what gives you that flow, where getting to where you want to be is effortless because you love it so much.

I believe however, that this does not come naturally. At least not for most. Which is fine. Most of us have to work at training our emotions to get to this point, but I believe that if you train your body to feel the right emotion when you are doing the right action, you will become unstoppable and you will be following an almost divine formula that will lead you to accomplish all your goals and much more than you even thought of.

So when you're doing the right action, think about how the best performers in your field feel when they are doing what they do. Read a book on them, read their blogs, ask them if you know any, and be aware of how they view the world. Find out what makes them love their job so much.

It might be reasons that won't make sense to you, they may use language that you don't understand, and you may even think that they are joking when they tell you their reasons because they are so alien to you, but try to view the world as they see it and every morning, visualize yourself feeling the way they feel towards your outcome, and you will start feeling the right emotion yourself.

Right action + Right emotion = unstoppable.

Peace out. Next time I write on my blog I'll be living in France woo!