How To Get More 10's

So to read this post, first let me ask you something, how clear are you on what your idea of a 10 is? A 10 of course is completely subjective, so it's something completely personal, you have to decide who your 10 is. Your 10 is your ideal girl, "the one" or a girl you would feel really happy setling with. So let's start with that, if you don't do that, you might not get anything from reading this post.

Who is the girl that if you started dating her, you would be willing to stop searching and you would be completely happy with. You would go out and you would not feel the need to stare at other girls because the girl you are with is soo attractive to you, you know she would be hard to replace.

Attractiveness at the ultimate level may or may not mean looks only. You will definitely want to count in personality and other aspects of her life that would have to be included in the equation of your perfect girl.

Btw, I've meet some guys that think there is no perfect girl for them (a la George Clooney), my advice is that you are hurting yourself going after girls you dont REALLY like, you may not even know what it feels like to legitimately be excited to hang out with a girl, and you may have fallen victim of the player's mantra of just getting satisfaction out of conquering any girl possible instead of only the ones you really really like, but more on that later.

For now let's try to name some types of girls that could potencially be your 10s. Try to think of a general type or category of girls. Here's some ideas:

A few categories/examples could be:
- The alternative type (piercings, tattoes, love music)
- The business executive (likes to take charge, smart, has her shit together)
- The yoga/ballerina (special type of body, posture and they take great care of it)
- The sexually open type (strippers, pornstars, love to explore sexuality, more open minded than your average girl)
- The Intellectual type (really smart, reads a lot, extensive studies)
- The emo type (misunderstood, feels alone in this world)

Some are just examples of the top of my head, if you have more types please post them on the comment section and I will add them.

It may also include a type of ethnicity. Like some guys will only like asian girls, or whatever ethnicity.

Other guys might only like certain features like blondes, or I know guys that will only date girls with huge boobs, if this is the case I still suggest you get more specific because saying I like asian girls really includes wayy to many girls, and for what I'm about to discuss in this post (aka, finding the 10 in your life) that may be useless or too vague.

So let's start with the obvious: if your type is the smart, sexy got their shit together girls, what the fuck are you doing going to strip clubs regularly? I'll tell you what you are doing, you're settling. You may be dating strippers consistently, but what the fuck is the point if you don't even REALLY like them, none of those girls would be your 10, so stop settling for sex or your lame need for cheap validation.

The shortest point from A to B is a straight line. Think about that. No need to stop at C, D, E.. you may just lose your focus and never get to B.

So step 1, get a very precise idea of your dream girl. What color is her hair, her eyes, can you see her face? What does she like, does she play video games with you, is she laid back, what kind of job would she have? Would she be the power executive type or is she more of the house wife? If she has a job would it be something girly like clothes designer or hairstylist, or does she do something different? Grab a piece of paper, write it down. Then find some girls on the internet that look like your dream girl, and print them. You asking the universe for her.

So let me bring up a separate thought here, and then we'll see why I'm bringing this up. Have you ever had the feeling, that you KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt that if you were put in the same room with ANY girl for a few hours you could make her attracted to you?

Have you ever thought that all you needed was any girl to really get to know you, to spend a day in your everyday life, and if she could only get a glimpse of that, she would immediately be attracted to you?

If the answer is yes, then the issue we are talking about here is access. You feel like you are attractive enough, and the only thing that's stopping you from being with your perfect girl, is only that you just don't really come in contact with her. Think about how many girls you have met in your lifetime, just met and have contact, with girls that you would marry in a second. I don't know your specific situation, but I think that most guys will only meet girls like these a few times a year, tops. It's not an often occurrence. So you have to go look for places where they are.

What really is going on is that let's say you are keeping your cold approach skills sharp, no matter how good you are, you are still gonna have issues showing your personality to these girls and how badass you are. When you see guys that are just lacking in so many skills you have and they have a stunner next to them.. you may ask yourself "what does he have that I don't?" And the answer to that question is ACCESS to her.

He is dating her, but chances are you never even spoke to her, you never were given the chance to date her. It's not like she had a multiple option quiz and you lost against that guy, you were never even in the equation. To think that she chose that guy, imagine what the other options where!

Sometimes, these girls are inaproachable in clubs, and definitely a lot of times they already come to the clubs with an agenda, like they need to respond to the promoter they came with, they need to look out for their friends, their friends may think she's a whore by talking to strangers, she may come with the ugly dude that already has comfort on her.

BTW, think about this: A little bit of comfort and attraction from someone a girl already know is worth more than a ton of attraction and a bit of comfort from a guy she doesn't know. Meaning if she spent some time with some guy, and she is even slightly attracted to him (there's the slightest hint of tension), chances are she's not gonna ruin them (and the approval of her social circle) by hooking up with a stranger.

(This is no knock at cold approach game btw, even with the following strategy I'm about to suggest. To get a flow of your 10s in your life I still suggest doing cold approach because it will still make your game better than anyone around you and your life easier overall)

But if you really are at the level where you can be in the same room with your dream girl and she would get attracted to you on several levels if only she got to know you, then the problem you are facing is access. Consistent access to them.

The first issue is a geographical one. If you live in a conservative small farm town in the middle of nowhere in Arkansas, and your ideal type of girls are sexual, open minded blondes with fake boobs, you have two options:

1. Move your ass to a city where they have your type of girls.
2. Accept the fact that you will not get your 10 and stop reading this post because it's only going to be torture.

Obviously I'm writing this for the type of guy that is trully commited to their game and to their happiness in general, so if you are not where you need to be at, then don't even question it just rearrange your life so you can move.

I can't tell you how many students I have seen that have this problem and they never move because of some lame excuse, and it's soo sad cause in the end if you don't you're going to have to settle for less than your best, so I urge you not to.

So once we have the location established, let's think of what type they belong to.

Let me ask you something, if two guys had equally good social skills, top level best of the best game, and their types were the skinny tall beautiful face models, who do you think would date them more easily:

- A club owner
- A sales representative for a high end pharmaceutical company

It's pretty obvious right? The club owner. Do you think it would make a difference even if the sales represantive makes more money, or he is very powerful in his enviroment, or he has a long list of girls that would die to date him? In the end, even if their social skills weren't at the same level and the pharmaceutical guy had even better game, the club owner would still date more beautiful girls than him.


Because he has more access, mathematically his probabilities are 10 times if not a hundred times higher just because he deals with these girls much more often than the other guy. In fact to be more accurate mathematically his probabilites are directly related to the amount of times more he sees the girls vs the amount of times the other guy meets girls but I'm not about to get into the math here (as much as I really want to).

Let's do another example, if both guys again had equal game and their ideal girl was a really smart girl that has good parents and had a great education, someone they could introduce to their parents, who would have a better chance:

- A house DJ
- A guy taking a philosophy class at an ivy league school

A house DJ will probably have more access to girls that do drugs and party a lot, and while the guy taking a philosophy class may not sound so glamorous, given that both guys have the same top level game his chances of getting a really smart, well put together girl are much higher higher than the DJ.

So what am I suggesting? I am not suggesting that you have a drastic career change (unless you are unhappy with your current one and you think that would be a better idea), what I'm suggesting is that you develop a new hobbie, you will still have everything the same, but now you're going to make some extra time in your day, your week to start getting access to your dream girl. Think of getting your dream girl a little like a part time job. You have to put some effort, specially if you don't deal with these types regularly.

Unfortunately I can't tell you exactly how you're going to do this. There is no one single strategy that you can follow that will work for all types of girls. If you are into tattooed girls, figure out a way to get access to the tattoo subculture. If you are into christian girls with good values, go to church. If you are into emo girls, figure out how to get access to the concerts these girls usually attend to or the bars they go to.

The more value you have in this situation the easier you will make your own life. If you are a director/producer, you will have a much easier time than someone that got invited to a shoot (and also more consistent access). If you think that level of commitment is crazy, at least you can figure out how to get yourself into the actors conventions and award shows, and you will be viewed as an insider vs someone that knows nothing about what goes one in the industry.

This will give you higher value in her world, and more access.. simultaneously.

If you like club girls, become friends with the promoters and offer them some sort of value where they want to throw girls your way. You can offer your house for afterparties, get a bottle on their bottle service, just make sure you pick promoters that have access to the girls you like, otherwise you might end up hating the parties they throw in your house lol.

If you like the business type girls, find out the bars where they go to relax after work and go there. If you like latin girls, then go to latin clubs, or move to south america

My point here is to figure out someway, somehow how to get access to your ideal 10, and then figure out whatever it takes to attract them, not only once, but consistenly into your life, then your chances of finding your dream girl will go up exponentially. The more you see your type of girl, the more you will feel comfortable around them, the more you will be able to calibrate your game and the more you will ultimately date them if you put your mind into it.

The biggest things you can get out of this post are these:

1. get clear on your type of girl. Print pictures, write down her personality, get specific. Ask the universe for her.
2. Put some time, even if just 15,20 minutes a day, into finding her.