Designer Labels Proven

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    Designer Labels Proven

    Okay so I just found this article and will be updating this post when the full report is published but here's the little teaser that I found interesting.

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    Girl in the Louis Vuitton picture just realized, "Wow, I just slept with Braddock..."

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    Yeah, of course thatīs the way things work!
    I donīt think that is someting new... Expensive things suggest that you are a person who have made it, and that in return means that you are someone who know how to handle life, which also might let you seem trustworthy and reliable.
    I have for a while been thinking about getting me one of the classic Breitling watches or something similar. Thatīs not because I need it, but because I am in a job position that requires me to display some sort of trustworthiness and authority.
    I donīt like how this game works, but thatīs the way it is.
    However wants to play the game needs to play by the rules, I guess..

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    Dude, you don't have to say it like I'm an idiot. I just thought this was interesting from a psychological point of view. And interesting that it was actually the point of a psychological study.

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