3 best songs to have coitus

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  1. 3 best songs to have coitus

    Ok I'm working on a mix for a friend and lets also have some fun with this lol Post your 3 best songs to have sex to and the order you would play them in during copulation. I'll start it off:

    Nice and Slow - Usher
    Closer - NIN
    Who's Your Daddy - Benny Benassi

    let's see what others out there say, i think this reveals a lot about a person in an intimate setting lol.

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    We already have a thread on this topic here.. http://www.theattractionforums.com/g...ic-thread.html please keep seduction music tracks and albums to that thread so we have have lots of threads on the same subject floating around.

    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums mod or admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

    And remember, if all else fails in set just try this, works everytime.

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