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    Game FAQs

    This thread is for questions and answers about succeeding with women. We'll add a couple at a time and build this out. To keep this clean and focused, most of the answers will be links to longer posts or video that answer the question.

    Q. I have a question about [something that isn't here]
    A. Do a search of this forum . Do a search of the dating advice article database. Still no luck? Post it!
    Also remember to check out the Classic Writings. and Best of forum. for many more articles and theads from some of Love systems top instructors and forum members on all the most popular topics.

    Q. What does [DHV, IOI, Neg, etc.] mean?
    A. The list of common terms and acronyms can be found here.


    Q: I have Magic Bullets and want to go on the newbie mission. How do I do this?
    A: There is a great interview with star Love Systems instructors Mr. M and Rokker on “The Right Way to Learn Game.”

    Q. I just can't approach women. I'm completely unable to say hi. Is this Approach Anxiety?
    A. Yes it is. Every person's psychology is different. It's easy to cure at a bootcamp because it's in-person. But if a bootcamp isn't an option for you, there's an interview: Vol.1 - Approaching & Transitioning and Vol.44 - Overcomming Approach Anxiety
    Also read Daxx's classic article Annihilate Your Approach Anxiety.
    Read this classic LS newsletter, How approach Anxiety really works
    Read SeattleWilly's best of post, 3 Steps eliminating approach anxiety
    Read Harlequin's best of post Overcoming approach anxiety.
    Read LS intructor Carbeau's article Carbeau's Ultimate Guide to Approach Anxiety

    Q: There is this ONE girl I have [a date with, a class with, an interest in, a compulsion to meet]. I know her from [class, work, a bar/club I frequent] and she is really special, so I don't want to fuck things up. What do I do???
    A. Dating science is not about getting that ONE girl. It's about improving your skill with women in general. Individual women are irrelevant while building these skills. Two thousand women turn 21 (or any other age) in the United States every day. Obsession with one particular woman, before you have acquired the mastery skillset, is counterproductive. We refer to this mind set as one-itis.
    Read Future's classic article, Kill Beatrice
    Also read Braddock's classic article Oneitis

    Q. How do I DHV? (Demonstrate Higher Value)
    A. There are many different ways you can do this, too many to list and talk about in this thread. Start here: (you can listen to the first 10min, free!) interview series, Vol 16 - On Value

    Q. How do I generate attraction with a girl I like?
    A. There are 8 main 'attraction switches' for building attraction with a girl, the switches and details on them can be found in Savoy's Magic bullets

    Q. How and when do I do 'cold reads'?
    A. Read Savoy's classic article Cold reads

    Q. I keep getting flakes after I get a girls number what am I doing wrong?
    A. Check out the interview series Vol. 43 - Preventing Flaking with tenmagnet cajun
    Read Silverghost's article Flakes flakes flakes
    Read Soul's article Why Women Flake on You
    And also Savoy's classic writing article, Complete guide to flakes, how to prevent them
    Watch this video from Savoy on the subject Stop her from flaking

    Q. How do I get out of the 'lets just be friends' zone?
    A. Read Braddock's classic article Braddock's prescription to move out of the LJBF Zone.
    Also read _Cane_s artice LJBF get out of the zone 101

    Q. How do I game girls at work, collage and within my social Circle?
    A. Read Savoy's classic article Dating at Work, School, and Within Your Social Circle
    See Braddock's videos on the topic of Gaming girls at collage
    Also read Dubbsy's thread College Game Q & A

    Q. I don't like going to loud bars and night clubs, where else can I go to learn to talk to girls?
    A. Read Stallion's article Where to sarge if you don't like clubs and bars.

    Q. I know body Language is so important but any tips on how do I improve on this?
    A. Read Cajun's 3 classic articles Advanced Body Language , Advanced Body Language Part 2 and Advanced Body Language PART 3.
    Read Vercetti's article Body language tatics
    Also check out Beyond Words: The Art Of Body Language And Physical Escalation (DVD Home Study Course)

    Q. How can I get good with phone and text game?
    A. Check out the Love system product The Ultimate guide to text and phone game by Braddock and Mr.M.

    Q. I am [short, overweight, balding, some other physical characteristic] and that is why I cannot attract women. What should I do?
    A. Looks are definitely not as important as you or society may have you believe.
    Read Keychain's classic article The Truth About 'Looks Don't Matter'
    Also read Savoy's classic writing article You worried about your looks no woman out your league.
    Also read Nick Hoss's post within this thread Looks don't matter
    Also read Fader's classic article Last comment about looks.
    See this video from Savoy Do looks matter?

    Q. How do I make a good online dating profile?
    A. Read _Cane_ article Plenty of Fish - My Profile/Advice - How to use it Successfully

    Q. How do I deal with AMOGs? (Alpha male of the group)
    A. Read Sovereigns article ***Guide to Dealing with AMOG'S***

    Q. Confidence is Important but what can I do to work on this?
    A. Every person's psychology is different so there is no 'one' way to build it up however read Stallion's article Understanding and building up low confidence.


    Q. Should I use 'direct' or 'indirect' openers?
    A. Read Savoy's article 'direct' or 'indirect'

    Q. Should I "peacock" and dress kind of crazy?
    A. No. Read this.

    Q. How can my wingman and I work together to get the women we want?
    A. See this video by Savoy How to pick up with your wingman (VIDEO)
    Also read Savoy's classic writing article Whats best way to use wingmen to get girls
    And also read Malibu's best of article Wings of Glory - The Ultimate Guide to being a great Wingman

    Q. I wish to get better at approaching mixed groups (Guys with girls) how can I do this?
    A. Read Vercetti's classic article Approaching the Mixed Set - Key to success.
    Also read Savoy's classic writing article Approaching mixed sets tips and getting in state

    Q. How can I get good at Day Game?
    A. Read the classic writing articles from Jeremy Soul and also see his Daytime dating book.
    Also read Nick Hoss's classic writing article common day game mistakes
    Also check out his live, infield, day game workshops.

    Q. I'm looking for some good Suduction music for when I have a girl back at my place, where can I find some?
    A. Read this active thread by dynamiteDJ The Ultimate Seduction Music Thread


    Q. How do I get a threesome?
    A. Click here for how to get a threesome.

    Q. How do I become really good in bed? (Oral, sex, lasting longer, giving orgasms)
    A. There are many ways to improve on this area of your game, see the Sex forum for many great threads and also check out the widely-praised
    Ascension Master Class.

    Q. I approached, attracted, qualified, built comfort, and seduced her. Now what?
    A. Check out Love Systems Relationship Management DVD set.
    Also check out the Relationship sub forum.

    Q. I want to have friends with benefits, how do I do this?
    A. Read Braddock's classic article Creating Friends With Benefits. There's also the great Friends with Benefits interview with Braddock and Savoy.

    Q. How do I get same night lays?
    A. Read Venture's article Q&A Session with Venture: Same Night Lays.

    Q. How can I get good with gaming strippers and other hired guns?
    A. Read Bonsai's 2 classic artices 6 Signs Strippers are Really Interested in You
    and Stripper Game Routine - Fractured Sexual Identity. Or let stripper game expert Fader take you infield to pick up strippers - live.


    Q: What is The Lounge? How does it differ from The Attraction Forums?
    A: The Lounge, as showcased in Neil Strauss' "The Game," no longer exists. The current Lounge is a forum with the same goal and general structure as The Attraction Forums. The only difference is pre-qualification. You must attend a Love Systems bootcamp to enter. This ensures all posters are at a certain level in the learning process and helps to keep discussion at a very advanced level. The Lounge is not part of The Attraction Forums, and our team has no power to let you into The Lounge, no matter how much we like you. If this sounds like the resource you need, please take a bootcamp with LoveSystems.

    Q: How do you promote quality posters?
    A: The Attraction Forums Team moves high-quality posts to the Best Of The Forum section which aside from the Intructors classic writing sections is the best section for a library of the best articles the forum has to offer from past and present members.
    There is no formal process for doing so. Reply within the particular thread with a nomination and it will be considered into this "hall of fame." Conversely, there is a Facepalm Forum of Shame section. This is reserved for anyone breaking the Terms of Service or not reading the Attraction Forums FAQ. It really isn't hard to keep your posts out of there just this.

    Q: I can't afford Magic Bullets or a bootcamp. What can I do?
    A: First of all, you don’t have to spent money you don’t have. You're welcome to learn here by reading and posting, for free, for as long as you want. The Love Systems Free Publications Library is also a great source of information, as are the Love Systems Instructor Blogs.

    While no one gets involved in seduction for the money, we do expect people to take responsibility for themselves. For example, please don't write asking someone to buy Magic Bullets for you, or for discounted or pirated copies of it. It costs $68. If you don't have $68 in disposable income, your life is likely very much out of control. Even women who aren't materialistic are generally not attracted to men who can't take care of themselves. So, if you don’t have $68 to spend on something so crucial to success with women, then your problem isn’t with women, it’s with your life organization.

    If you are committed to improving your game, and want to attend a bootcamp, then it's time to prove how important success with women is in your life. You have to make it happen. Women are attracted to men who get what they want, despite the obstacles.

    First, you must decide what you can afford. Love Systems bootcamps are not cheap – nor is any service that can only be performed by rare and highly-trained professionals. And believe us, the criteria and training to be a Love Systems instructor are brutal. However, a day of 1-1 Individualized Training with an instructor is usually cheaper than a full bootcamp. Contact Jeremy, the LS program coordinator, to discuss your individual situation and needs.

    But say you are determined to improve your success with women, and you need more cash. Well, get off your computer. Spend less time with beer, porn, the internet, the TV, or doing things that won't change your life. Anyone can make $10/hr part-time. Heck, become a Love Systems Affiliate, and they'll train you how to make a lot more. Anyone has five free hours a week. So that's $50 right there, per week, at a minimum. Earn or save $50 a week, and we'll see you later this year. If it's not worth that kind of effort to you, you won't get the most out of the bootcamp anyway, and it's probably all for the best.
    Last edited by Stallion; 11-24-2011 at 12:55 PM. Reason: Done some editing and touching up, also Added more info

    Love Systems President, Program Leader

    1 - Read the Magic Bullets Handbook - it's the bible of the Love Systems community, answers 90% of the questions here, and saves you years of time re-inventing the wheel.
    2 - Follow me on The Real Savoy Blog, or my twitter account. And friend me on Facebook for exclusive dating advice I don't post anywhere else.

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