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    Ok, time for a more detailed review of the Social Circle Mastery DVD Set: Live The Playboy Lifestyle. Cost: $297. Material is covered in 3 DVDs. (Plus you get 5 bonuses).

    I have most of Love System Products. This one is my favourite. Daytime Dating by Jeremy Soul is a close Second.

    Braddock covers an impressive number of topics in this seminar, including: Why go for social circle game?, How to Build a Dynasty, Braddock's Story, Farming vs Hunting, Social Circle and Inner Game, Mindsets of Social Circle Game, Chess Analogy, Boundaries, Thin Slicing, Reticular Activating System, Types of Connectors, in the INTRODUCTION. Other Chapters include, Building a Social Circle (including Domino Theory), Managing Your Social Circle (Including Dealing with Alpha Males of the Group), Phone Game, and Action Plan/Summary.

    Braddock is a master presenter/instructor and speaks fluently and with clarity throughout the seminar. The seminar is full of insightful concepts, and every few minutes you get an 'a-ha' moment. Probably my favourite part of the seminar was the 'MRB5' model. This was a revelation for me, and I now realize my own mistake while approaching new social groups, and why I had difficulty merging with them.

    So, without giving too much away about the entire content, I think this is an excellent product, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, and I am very keen to keep applying its principles in developing an exciting and vibrant social circle. :-)

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    Nice reviews guys. Cool video Grimbo. Glad to hear it helped you out so much. The content of that seminar completely changed my life from women to business. If you follow and implement you will not believe what happens.

    In summary..

    Buy my shit.
    TO Check Out More at the Love Systems Blog - CLICK HERE

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    If I could spam my affiliate link here I would! Braddock, I got one for your phone and text game guide to :P...check that out

  5. Im still busy with this course.

  6. Thanks a lot!

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    This 3-DVD set is pure genius! Synthesizing elements from a vast array of social science research, as well as perceptive first-hand observational skill by its presenter Braddock, this series teaches you both the theoretical underpinnings as well as concrete techniques in order to increase your social value and gain exposure to social circles where the highest value women are to be found. In many cases, Braddock is teaching things that many of us are vaguely aware of and have observed, but the skill of a good teacher is to make concrete those impressions by attaching specific concepts and tools to those impressions in order to allow us to clearly grasp the importance of consciously working with all of the vast complexity of interactions involved in human social dynamics. In other words...instead of just muddling through your social life hoping for flashes of insight or luck into meeting the highest quality women, these DVDs give you ways of planning and setting up your social life to achieve success, not just in meeting women but in life in general for we are social creatures. Without giving away its secrets, after you watch the entire series you will never look at your social life in the same way without using the concepts and phrases Braddock introduces.

  8. I just want to express my appreciation for Braddock's Social Circle Mastery. Cold approach is awesome, but social circle game is a vital part of the puzzle that is success with women. In retrospect, it seems weird that it has been so neglected by community. It's the way most normal people succeed with women (when they do succeed). And you have to understand social circle game to understand the make sense of why we do things the way we do in cold approach. That way, you can have a deeper understanding of social dynamics.

    Without that understanding, you're likely to draw the wrong lessons from what you learn about cold-approach. You might think have to be super-"alpha" and dominate every interaction. You might feel like you're a pussy if you don't hit on (after generating attraction of course) and try to sleep with every attractive woman you ever meet. You might spit routines or try to constantly pump state when your coworker introduces you to a friend. You might be unable to even have normal social interactions because you feel you're wasting your time if you're not "sarging". In other words, you might become a stereotypical pick-up weirdo.

    In addition to helping you understand the context in which different techniques are appropriate, I think it can help you to become a more balanced person. The only way to get good at cold approach is to do it a lot. There's no way around that. But having a social circle--having real friends--is vital to your inner game, your psychological health and happiness, and as of course you should know, is a huge part of what makes you attractive to women (social intelligence, being a leader of men, preselection, etc.). If you get into social circle game, having friends (including normal, non-PUA friends) and working on your game don't have to be totally separate and conflicting goals.

    So...great product. I highly recommend it. I feel like it's a piece of the puzzle I've been missing for years. I can't believe no one else is teaching this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billydsp View Post
    I ordered SCM as soon as I got the first email stating it's release because it was advertised as a way for guys who were (1) in a new city and (2) didn't want to do the cold approach game. I fall into both categories so I thought this would be perfect for me.

    From reading the advertisement on the website the program is described as being able to work for anyone regardless of your "game". But digging deeper into the program, you already have to have game before looking at this program.

    Pretty much from the start I knew I would be returning the program for a refund. I thought Braddock was a boring speaker, talked too fast and assumed too high a level of knowledge about game (and game terminology) on the part of the listener. He also seemed to be a "natural" at game, so I didn't feel like he really understood the guys like me who never had success in high school or college.

    But I did try watching all of the DVD's multiple times just in case I made a snap judgment.

    DVD 1 was pretty much a bunch of terminology and theory but no real steps on how to build a social circle. Yet DVD 2 starts off with "Phase 2, so now you know how to build a social circle..." After watching it several times, I still don't know how to go about building a social circle.

    The program is advertised as a home study course that has more content than a live seminar for a cheaper price, but it's really just a video tape of a live seminar that was put on a DVD, it didn't look like the company put in any extra effort into making the DVD. It just smacks of "this program was already recorded, so let's make some more money off of it by packaging it up and charging for it but not put any extra effort into it."

    It also seemed pretty obvious to me that the only way that this program is useful is if you are already good at Love Systems techniques and are already good at cold approach game. Especially on the 2nd DVD which was about building your navy seal team and gaming within your social circle. Every story/example that was given seemed to revolve solely around "game" and specifically dealing only with other guys who are in the community. It had absolutely nothing to do with social circles that didn't revolve around other single guys who were trying to pick up girls.

    On the 3rd DVD Braddock say that if you can't cold approach, you can't have social circle game and you're going to be waiting a long time before a decent girl pops up into your social circle. And quite simply that's not what I expected from reading the advertisements on the emails and the websites. I thought (based on the ads for the program) I could develop Social Circle game without having to be good at cold approach.

    Ok I've written more than I had originally intended to write. Hopefully this review helps out some other guys (and hopefully it doesn't get deleted by a moderator since it's a negative review about a LS product).

    Good luck to all, and I guess I'm back to square one with trying to find answers to my dating problems.
    Yes that what puts me off and the fact that the live program went on longer and would have been much better. braddock isn't even around anymore to answer questions etc. I did hear that he doesn't even explain what a navy seal team is in the program.

    and mrm doesn't appear in it like he didn't appear in other programs. If he was so good, what did he have to hide?

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